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» Body builders after photos (Go to post)11-06-2015 @ 21:23 
Cuddles said:
On a serious note, this s**t winds me the f**k up.
As a young (15-16) gym rat I knew at lest 3 people who would sell me any gear I wanted, in any quantities.
I was 15, and pretty bright, but what the f**k did I know about taking gear. I saw a lot of teenagers do a lot of stupid things.

Do you feel the same way about recreationals?

I agree with you, but im just interested in if you see the 'pushing' of charle, speed, chronic, e, to be any different
» Doping Positives in the UK (Go to post)11-06-2015 @ 21:19 
dr_hazbun said:Who here thinks that Mo Farah is being doped by Salazar?

I honestly think Farah is clean...maybe im naive!?

with regards to the RL positives, as Bish has alluded to, a lot have been for recreationals...certainly the high profile ones (Hock for example)
» Body builders after photos (Go to post)09-06-2015 @ 17:26 
AdamT said:
I have followed your log and know you are a strong guy. How have your powerlifts been since you came off??

I think ill probably total 700+ belt only, but I suppose time will tell

With regards to gbpf, those who are banned for 2 years are not tested in the interim, so as long as youve been clean for a good time, and will test -ve, i dont see how they can have a problem.
» Body builders after photos (Go to post)09-06-2015 @ 14:23 
kirkynick said:
So, the question is: Is it worth it?
You obviously seem to think it is (well, I presume you do). What are you going to do when you eventually, presuming you do, come completely off.for good? Still go to the gym? Take up marathon running? Surely it will be a mindf**k?
I think a person has to be pretty narcissistic to go that way. But I'm not judging. Each to their own and all that.

Its worth it at the time, yeah

Iv been off for a while and plan to continue along that path and compete gbpf in the future
» Renegade Robson's Ridiculous Road to Ruin (Go to post)08-06-2015 @ 20:34 
Good to see you back hunk...hope you are well?

I couldn't imagine you at 90ish were a pretty big 105
» Body builders after photos (Go to post)08-06-2015 @ 20:30 
kirkynick said:
Care to go a bit deeper in regard to everyday life?

General well being

Having an unnaturally elevated testosterone level makes you feel f**king great

The antithesis of having f**k all testosterone for the six months or so post coming off (if on long term) is pretty terrible lol

I know a guy who, a good 3-4 years of being clean, still doesn't think his libido has returned to pre usage levels (obviously getting older will have a part too play in this)
» Body builders after photos (Go to post)08-06-2015 @ 20:10 
Boar said:on a personal level, im delighted to be well out of the game and feel bad for anyone caught in the trap of having to keep using to stay big and/or strong

Good fun while it lasts though

I wish more would be as open and honest as this. I have had many private conversations along these lines which helped me make the decision never to go down that path. not many people are willing to post openly about it though.

I think the problem is, very few come off totally, whilst a lot don't come off at all - so don't have the experience to relay as bore has

The biggest and worst part of coming of totally is the psychological aspect, both with regards to training and every day life.

The latter being the most important aspect, and one which should be discussed widely
» UKSC midlands strongest man - 260kg axle squat for reps (Go to post)20-04-2015 @ 11:43 
KevC86 said:Well done john, great performance, and here i thought all you could do was deadlift.

I noticed Mikey lane finished in fourth, so must have been a very competitive field! Good luck for Englands.

He failed the squat though

A few years ago the squat was 300 for reps, so at least the weights a bit more sensible

Looked a good heavy comp (although, as always, an over emphasis on overhead lifts)

Nice squatting John
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)20-04-2015 @ 11:39 
Benfrancis1993 said:
Kettle bell Conans and stones to go. Aslong as kettle bell doesn't f**k him he'll cruise it

should win stones (double points) so he should be fine now
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)20-04-2015 @ 10:43 
MarinaMandzuk said:HEAT 4 (unofficial results)
«Car Deadlift» (370kg)
1. Mark Felix (GB) – 8
2. Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland) – 7
3-4. Jerry Pritchett (USA) / Dainis Zageris (Latvia) – 6
5. Gerhard Van Staden (Republic of SA) -?
6. Alexander Lysenko (Russia) – 0

“Circus Barbell” (weight is about 160-170kg)
1. Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland) – 4
2. Mark Felix (GB) – 3
3-5. Jerry Pritchett (USA), Dainis Zageris (Latvia), Alexander Lysenko (Russia) – 2
6. Gerhard Van Staden - 0

But look at the Mark Felix! Some years ago he had a big problems with the overhead, and now he is one of the leader in these events! End he is progressing and compete at the highest level, despite the fact that he is 49 years old! Unbelievable! [url=] [/url]

Immense from Felix

All but nailed on for final now as with those placing's would be top 3rd place points guy barring a disaster, even if wasn't top 2
» Hulks Team smash competition (Go to post)19-04-2015 @ 19:54 
How do we join/pay Ross?
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)19-04-2015 @ 19:51 
Post Edited: 19.04.2015 @ 19:51 PM by JC
unit94 said:
Could it not be the "other" thing or is that me being silly?

People like to highlight supplements as the main factor, but in my mind, while a contributing factor, it isn't the main one.

Whichever way you cut it, WSM has just got too heavy IMO.

160KG tyres in what has always been a speed/conditioning event

A third and last Hammer that someone who normally pisses 5 fingers has to absolutely grind out! Not too mention the pick up of the things is a recipe for all kind of injuries!

Some of the athletes are almost literally falling apart.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)17-04-2015 @ 16:58 
God dam! Your dealer is getting you stronger crack than ever before!

Toke on that pipe!
» Scotland's Central 105 qualifier for SFN EXPO 2015 (Go to post)17-04-2015 @ 14:30 
Pavel said:On a car deadlift is going to be normal(front bar) or side handles?

I text Stuart Pav, this comp is only open to Scots unfortunately!
» diet/diabetes/health (Go to post)06-04-2015 @ 19:37 
Post Edited: 06.04.2015 @ 19:38 PM by JC
which an hour down the line requires more insulin lol Grin

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