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» British (BDFPA) Unequipped Powerlifting Championships 2011 (Go to post)27-03-2011 @ 20:04 
Lurkio said:Thanks for the reply carl, however 'WADA approved labs' and WADA approved testing' may not necessarily be the same thing.

As Finch has alluded to above, the maths simply does'nt add up! I applaud BDFPA for promoting drug-free powerlifting, but how can any organisation spend more money than it has coming in on anything?

I'm not a member of the BDFPA and it could be said that it is nothing to do with me; if I were, I would be asking to look at the accounts!

I assure you the sums do add up! Drug testing up to National Level is paid for by membership fees and International testing for WDFPF events is paid for out of entry fees, hence the discrepancy in your calculations.
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