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» USN & elite strongman's Britain's under 90kg final 2010 (Go to post)08-09-2010 @ 19:52 
Hello Ben. Didnt know you were on this sight. Its Jamie by the way. I take it your helping ref and run the comp. Dave said he would like everyone whos loading car parking, setting up marqee ect.. to have a meet so everyone knows exactly whos doing what before the day. Do you know if there is any trainin at the barn before the u 90 comp day?
» Under 90kg Finalists (Go to post)07-09-2010 @ 17:18 
Just spoke to Dave Meer on the phone. He asked me to state his internet is still down and pass on some info. He is getting in touch with Alex who finished 5th in englands and if he is not available then it goes down to who finished 6th and so on, thats if Kenny cant make it which seems to be the case. He has asked me to ask Chris Jenkins. As there was no welsh comp, due to his performances in Pl and this weekends dragon you have an invite to the comp. If you want to confirm your entry can you either get hold of rob frampton who said he was contacting you today or private message me and i will pass on Daves number to you.
» Under 90kg Finalists (Go to post)06-09-2010 @ 22:38 
I spoke to dave at weekend about the 90kg final and agreed to help out with loading putting up marquee ect. He seemed to think Chris Jenkins has been invited, but i will contact him tommorrow to see if wants me to post an update as his internet is down at the mo. Know its late but anyone got any questions they want me to ask.
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