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» THE OFFICIAL WORLD CUP THREAD (Go to post)27-06-2010 @ 20:29 
speaking objectively as an irishman england were s**te but at least they were there.
» Old bearded guy beats up dude on bus (Go to post)19-02-2010 @ 18:35 
HectorBlunts said:Violence in such circumstances solves nothing. It's neither mature or logical and the potential outcome from such circumstances can be catastrophic. It's far safer and arguably as satisfying just to lob a huge gob of phlegm on the offenders back without his knowledge

Are you sure you wouldn't like to wait outside a shop for half an hour, seething at the inhumanity, poised....
» squat videos (Go to post)15-12-2009 @ 17:41 
That is savage, I'd love to see the 200 * 20.
» WDFPA 'World' Championship results (Go to post)17-11-2009 @ 13:32

This thread was started on the IDFPA website in relation to the competition.
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