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» ???proteins???? (Go to post)11-08-2012 @ 17:14 
MattD90 said:
Why ?

Because whey protein is made to break down quickly. If you mix it with less water soluble proteins such as casein, or with fats or fibre, it slows down the absorption rate. The whole point of whey is to get an influx of amino acids in your blood stream quickly (like when you've got an increased blood flow to quads after doing loads of squats etc). Slowing it down is just a waste of money.
» What's your resting heart rate? (Go to post)11-08-2012 @ 00:12 
59. And I smoke. GF is much fitter than I am (I don't/can't be bothered to do any direct form of cardio, whereas she can run for 30-45mins no problem) and hers is about 70ish and doesn't smoke.
» ???proteins???? (Go to post)11-08-2012 @ 00:05 
Whey with water for quick amino spike in the blood stream (along with an energy drink if it's pre workout or haribo tangfastics if it's post workout) or if it's a mass gainer/meal replacement, i'd go with something cheaper. Not much point mixing whey with milk, oats, peanut butter etc.
» Can anyone help me before i explode (Go to post)11-08-2012 @ 00:03 
A lot of the "larger" population seem to forget what they're taking in. Forgot a few biscuits here, a packet of crisps there, adds up to 20% forgotten, or 700kcals+ a day. When you consider you need a deficit of 3,500kcals to burn a pound of fat, that's one pound of fat every 5 days the O.P could have lost.

Basics -
1g carbs = 4 kcals (we could argue about this all day, 3.75, or different types of carbs, but we'll go with 4kcals a gram for arguments sake)
1g fat = 9kcals
1g protein = 4 kcals.

A gram of protein uses 25% of it's own energy to break itself down, so for every gram or 4kcals, you'll use one of them just to be able to absorb it. Carbs can be 5-15% I think, and fats are somewhere in the region of 1-5%. It's much better to get full up on lean animal sources such as chicken, beef etc. than it is to eat pasta and cheese.

Another factor to consider is that carbs (simple ones such as sugary drinks, white bread, white potatoes etc) produce an insulin spike, This helps store fat, so a portion of chips, crisps, chocolates etc. will be perfect for helping you store fat.
If you're hungry/bored, make a sandwich with some chicken/beef in it.

As a general rule, try to do roughly the following - write down EVERYTHING you've eaten yesterday. If we ask you to write down what you're eating today, you'll be conscious of it and eat differently. I'll try to break down the protein, fats and carbs for you, and give you a rough idea of you kcal intake. Try and do the following:

4-5 meals a day, each one MUST have some form of protein - eggs, milk, chicken, beef, lamb etc. Switch to low fat alternatives - if you MUST have mayonnaise, get the light stuff. If you can't stop halfway through a giant tube of pringles, buy one 25g packet of crisps. Try to eat more fibre - oats, beans, pulses etc. Chicken curry with chickpeas and a small portion of rice (75g raw weight) would be ideal.

It's a bit on the late side for me to get into a lot of statistics, but give us an idea of what you're eating. If you do want to go for a takeaway, there are healthy options - chicken shish instead of lamb doner.
» Chocolate Hobnobs (Go to post)08-08-2012 @ 22:51 
Jacko - I was about to mention the custard cream. The working man's biscuit, only a little bit more special. Something for the weekend as a treat from the basic McVitie's Digestive. Lots of other biscuits are just pretentious, trying too hard to wow people whilst forgetting what makes a biscuit a biscuit - simplicity, ease to eat and dunkability. Anything with chocolate is just plain dangerous - need to carry a pack of babywipes if i'm going to go anywhere near anything with chocolate.
» Snatch Grip Clean (Go to post)06-08-2012 @ 22:07 
I thought i'd give this a go today - much easier for me to nail the technique. i've competed as a powerlifter for ages, and have long arms. It felt pretty natural for me, wasn't too bad at all.
» Scotlands Strongets Jnr 2012. (Go to post)03-08-2012 @ 20:15 
Brain is frazzled.....
» Scotlands Strongets Jnr 2012. (Go to post)03-08-2012 @ 18:19 
Post Edited: 03.08.2012 @ 18:20 PM by Funky_monkey
Stuart_Murray said:This is going to run at Burns Gym in Dumfries on 12th August. Comp will start around 12pm, all competitors please arrive for 11pm.

You're going to have them wait for 13 hours! Seems a bit of a late arrival. Will they be travelling through back through time after weighing in at 11pm, then lift 11hrs earlier?
» Olympic lifting gyms in London? (Go to post)14-07-2012 @ 10:58 
The Heavy Weights Room, Crystal Palace - SE19 I think.

White Hart Lane Community Sports Centre (formerly Wood Green Weightlifting Club)
White Hart Lane London N22 5QW
020 8881 2323

Joining fee is about 31ish I think, concessionary rates too. PAYG is about 4, or 29 a month
» Knee Wraps (Go to post)13-07-2012 @ 15:27 
Have used a lot of wraps - Inzer red and blacks feel too flimsy, but Andy Bolton uses them. I have tried the Inzer all blacks and they're my 2nd favourite - they're a little too soft for me. I like to bleed (literally) when i've finished a squat. I love the APT Convicts - they leave a lot of brusing and add a lot of poundage to my lifts. I'm getting about 9 revolutions from a 2.5m wrap.
» Watfords Strongest Man Novices under 105kg and Open Comp (Go to post)11-07-2012 @ 21:49 
I sent my form a couple of days ago - you should have received it today or will get it in the post tomorrow.
» deadlift suit (Go to post)10-07-2012 @ 18:32 
Have you added the belt with straps up? If so, can you get down to pick up a bar? If you can, then it's probably not tight enough. If you can put the straps up with no problem, add a belt and get down to pick something off the floor with ease, then it's too loose. If one or more of your nuts have popped inside your abdomen, then it's a good fit.
» Cissus wheres best to buy. (Go to post)10-07-2012 @ 17:53 
Post Edited: 10.07.2012 @ 17:54 PM by Funky_monkey
I don't get what's so rank about it - I bought some for myself and the GF for joint problems - she's got some dodgy arthiritis thingy (she's 25, not 85) and I messed up the tendons in my finger. Put a scoop on your tongue, have a swig of water on top. Job done. I was expecting it to be like C.E.E but much, MUCH worse. You guys should quit complaining and get on with it. It doesn't taste like Ben & Jerry's but it's medicine, not ice cream.
Using about 800-1,000mg a day and I think it's started to work after 10 days.
» Pec injuries while deadlifting? (Go to post)10-07-2012 @ 17:42 
I'm pretty sure some guy from Iceland (Benedikt Magnusson or something) who is OK at deadlifts warned that overtraining deadlifts had an increased risk of pec injuries. I think he may have torn his pec doing deads.

Could you not do some double overhand stuff when you're warming up or try to use DOH for max attempts?
» Big Gay bash2 (Go to post)09-07-2012 @ 20:16 
I'll pay an extra fiver for my plus one to have a romantic takeaway curry months in advance.

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