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» breaking in pl belts (Go to post)23-11-2012 @ 15:06 
Twisting/rolling it did the trick for me.
» Sale of Youth Weights (Go to post)23-11-2012 @ 13:29 
Mark - contact

He may be interested, depending on whether or not they still run the Shokk gym. They use the same plates and may be interested.
» WHY ? (Go to post)23-11-2012 @ 13:28

The guy got caught.
» high pull vs. power clean (Go to post)23-11-2012 @ 11:47 
I think cleans or at least power cleans will develop a greater deal of explosive power. High pulls could be done with pure strength but no explosive power - just an upright row with a narrower grip to me.
» The SMALL Workout log. (Go to post)23-11-2012 @ 11:32 
MrSmall said:Bah y'all some haters Grin
Famagusta? No, sorry mate. Never been! Do you live in Cyprus?

North London. Near Palmers Green (a.k.a Palmers Greek) and Turnpike Lane (often referred to as Turkpike Lane).
» Jimmy laureys 400kg Dead (Go to post)23-11-2012 @ 00:49 
0:50 - if you pause it you can see a clamp ping off about 6 feet.
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)22-11-2012 @ 21:14 
Nice PB, Mr San!

Any more comps lined up?
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)22-11-2012 @ 21:09 
Post Edited: 22.11.2012 @ 21:11 PM by Funky_monkey
Shoulders/triceps/chest stuff

VG Press

Bar x 5
35kg x 5
60kg x 4,4 - progress since last session

CGBP Paused on pins
55kg x 3
75kg x 3
92.5kg x 3
102.5kg x 3 - progress since last week

DB Push press
30s x 3/3
35s x 3/3
40s x 8R 5L Rep PB (for right arm at least)

Regular bench TNG
55kg x 8
80kg x 10 - progress since last time i did these - more weight and reps. Might have had more in the tank but left it there

Few triceps and single handed dumbell press

Overall, pleased with this session, especially considering how poor my diet has been.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)22-11-2012 @ 21:06 
Tues - deadlifts (no belt)

60kg x 3
100kg x 3
140kg x 3
160kg x 3
170kg x 3
185kg x 0 WTF

Hams, rows etc.
» Any private tutors on here? (Go to post)22-11-2012 @ 15:39 
Post Edited: 22.11.2012 @ 15:39 PM by Funky_monkey
Gingy said:Yep, Small shop adverts in all the local villages' newsagents and coffee shops are the best. Totally free/ pennies and last forever. After that it's just word of mouth.

Thanks for jogging my memory.
I'll put an advert up in Morrisons. London is a bit of a big village. I know the newsagents charge around 50p or so a week, so I might try that one too.
» Any private tutors on here? (Go to post)22-11-2012 @ 15:23 
Just been looking at advertising myself as a private tutor for Biology, Physical Education and Sports Science. Wondering if anyone else does this - roughly how many students do you get in at the beginning? Best methods of advertising? (Already gone on gumtree and UK Tutors)
» fastest way to get ? (Go to post)21-11-2012 @ 21:27 
Premier hand them out pretty quickly. ACSM may do an accelerated course if you've done something similar beforehand.

I studied for 3 years at University - NOT the quickest, cheapest or easiest way.
» Them red ones (Go to post)19-11-2012 @ 03:00 
What's wrong with Do-Wins? You seem to have an unhealthy appetite for read oly shoes.
» bakers (Go to post)18-11-2012 @ 12:45 
Victoria sponge is probably one of the easiest things to make. Just make sure it's cooled down before you add the cream/jam otherwise it'll melt everywhere.

Banana Cake is good - 5 ripe bananas, 250g sugar, 250g butter, 500g flour, 1tsp bicarb. Cook it until it's cooked - use a sharp knife to see if there's any uncooked batter in the middle. Yummy.

I'm not much of a cake/pastry person but it's a handy skill to have. I prefer Sunday roasts (and Monday roasts, Tuesday roasts etc.)

WHSmith have got 2 books for 10 at the moment, including hairy bikers cookbooks - you might want to get yourself a couple of them.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)17-11-2012 @ 16:49 
Vanilla Gorilla Press
Bar x 5
45kg x 5
60kg x 4,3 - gave up

Push press
60kg x 2
70kg x 2
80kg x 2

BTN Push press
80kg x 2
90kg x 0 - wtf

CGBP Paused on pins
80 x 3
90 x 3
102.5 x 2

Dumbell push press
40s x few doubles. Very easy

More of a messabout session, need to learn to sit on my ass.

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