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» Phil Richard passed away (Go to post)30-03-2024 @ 15:25 
Just read that Phil just randomly passed away last night. Today was his 53rd birthday. Spoke to him a few weeks ago and he had zero health issues.

Rest easy, Phil.
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)24-03-2024 @ 18:55 
Post Edited: 24.03.2024 @ 18:56 PM by Funky_monkey
A friend asked me how much work I actually do. Today I worked out that I have done approximately 12 hours of work in about 6 weeks.

Such a shame the contract looks likely to end in 3 weeks and I will have to find a job that forces me to do some proper work Unhappy

Also, I bought some premium bonds the other day - it's like a lottery ticket but you can sell the "tickets" back when you need the money! Have been and afaik always will be 1 each, and you can get up to 50,000 of them! Not as good a rate as an ISA but it's all good fun until I can put more into said ISA again.
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)11-01-2024 @ 14:05 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:I work with challenging young people in a care setting. I've been doing it for 21 years. It's not as challenging as it used to be, but we still have our moments.

Do you challenge them with Zercher squats? If you're ever after a job working with adults with special needs (chiefly ASD) in London, definitely give me a shout. It's mainly adultsitting, but there's one property that has a woman who has known to bite. 12 other places where they're harmless. Days out in nature, dance classes, gyms, sensory days out, activities etc.
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)10-01-2024 @ 21:37 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:
I'm amazed that people have "jobs" like this. And there's me on basically Minimum Wage getting attacked with weapons...
I'm going wrong somewhere.

They once gave me a job that they thought would take me a week. I handed it in the following day, and they were amazed. It was pressing three buttons. They seem to think anything and everything is a v-lookup.

What do you do? Weapons tester or security/prison guard?
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)10-01-2024 @ 17:28 
I took my friend out to a pub because he's over from Cyprus, so thought I'd treat him to a full English. He saw a fruit machine, stuck two quid in and got it up to 15. I hit the "collect" button while he was ahead and he ended up shouting out food. Introduced him to unlimited tea/coffee refills as well.

He almost threw up when he sniffed gorgonzola, then proceeded to scoff half the packet with gay abandon upon tasting it.

Ended up getting paid more than I spent whilst on work time. I have done exactly ZERO official work today.

A consultant called me and asked what I'd need to quit my job. I told him I am getting paid to do zero, why would I move? Only way I'd leave is if I were offered 100% pay rise. I was offered 50% more for one job but nah, they're gonna make me actually do work!
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)10-01-2024 @ 09:50 
Post Edited: 10.01.2024 @ 09:51 AM by Funky_monkey
I spent Christmas bored because I was on enforced holiday for two weeks and couldn't wait to get back to work. Now I'm forced to be near a laptop and even more bored because I can't go anywhere. Getting paid for it, but literally NOTHING to do. Even doing this on my work laptop.
» Fury Ngannou (Go to post)13-11-2023 @ 10:48 
Fury Ngannou would be another bumper payday that people will want to watch.
He's probably genuinely worried about losing to Usyk and giving up (losing) his belts.
How many times has he retired now?
» Purple Aki has died (Go to post)25-10-2023 @ 20:05 
scruffmcbuff said:The urban legend and long time conversation piece on sugden has died.

Scruffy, message me please! I DM'd you my number, looks like you've changed yours.
» Training Log - 4. The long road to 2018. (Go to post)28-05-2023 @ 23:57 
Glad you're not dead, Finch!
» Have you ever broken anything... (Go to post)28-05-2023 @ 23:55 
billynomates said:I got a hearty chuckle reading back through this thread today Grin

I miss Sugden. There's a strong chance the lady I broke has actually read this!
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)10-05-2023 @ 22:15 
The_Lone_Wolf said:
I will be pushing hard

Or not Wink

Hope it goes/went well.
» Got a Prince Charles 50p the other day! (Go to post)04-03-2023 @ 00:13 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:You mean King Charles!

Beat you to it! We have 2 in our house Cool

I'm foreign, may I use that as an excuse?
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)03-03-2023 @ 13:34 
Incline bench
20kg dbs x 20
30kg dbs x 20
40kg dbs x 13?

Flat 47.5s x 5

Barbell flat
60kg x 20
80kg x 5
90kg x 5

Triceps to stack x 15
Plus 20kg x 15
Plus 28kg x 10?
Plus 20kg x 12

Rev grip triceps x 4 sets

BW plus 20kg x 12
Plus 20kg x 8
Plus 30kg x 7

Parallel grip pullups on thicker handle plus fat grips
BW plus 20kg x 6 easy
BW plus 25kg x 5
BW plus 30kg x 5?

Probably did some other stuff too
» Got a Prince Charles 50p the other day! (Go to post)24-02-2023 @ 11:41 
Made me think of you lot!
» Grip gyms in London? (Go to post)20-02-2023 @ 20:44 
Post Edited: 20.02.2023 @ 20:44 PM by Funky_monkey
matthewvc said:
Alperton hmm.. that's the stop for Genesis. I'd go back there in a heartbeat if I was in London, prob cheaper on tube + 5 entry (whatever it is now)

13 peak oyster and was 7 last time PAYG. Yeah Alperton is Genesis gym. Still rather pay that than 20 (will have to pay same amount for tube anyway). That and my relationship with Dave is great. I'm sure anyone who goes there knows what he's like.

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