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» What's been the happiest moment of your life so far? (Go to post)12-11-2018 @ 09:08 
Sneaking Sheiko past customs.

2nd time I saw (after successfully stalking) Lithuanian ex.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)03-11-2018 @ 11:40 
Boar said:you still collecting milfs ? or moved on to gilfs ?

Is your part of the world good for backpacker types ? Got my son a passport for his 18th , he is off to Germany + Austria, im looking for other places to send him


Today, whilst fishing, I thought to myself for the past 4 or so years, I have ONLY been with single moms. My current girlfriend is mum to a 6 year old girl.

My part is AWESOME for backpacker types. Woods, mushrooms, fishing, plenty berries/fruits to pick.
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)01-11-2018 @ 15:22 
420/240/420 - 1080kg?

Maybe a tad more, but DEFINITELY not 450kg deadlift without straps. I think it unlikely he would hit a 450kg squat.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)30-10-2018 @ 18:14 
Probably done some other stuff since, I do remember doing a biceps session and a tricep session, plus I recall having sore legs the other day.

Bench today
65kg x 25 reps
85kg x 20 reps or was it 15?
95kg x 10 reps
100kg x 6 reps. Same as last week, but did more before so progress

Worked up in triples to 110kg x 3

Dumbbell hammer press with slight incline
35s x 15, fatigued

Tricep ext on cable, 3 sets

Prone db ext on decline
3 sets
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)29-10-2018 @ 18:31 
As was mentioned above - why is everybody assuming he died from too much gear? Getting stabbed also shortens your life-span considerably.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)23-10-2018 @ 13:44 
Worked up to a heavy (160?) triple on squats, followed by few sets of leg ext and leg curls the other day.

Biceps and triceps with gym bro, followed by fishing. Was kinda romantic, we even shared a tent together.

Monday 23rd October
60kg x 25 reps
80kg x 20 reps
90kg x 12 reps
100kg x 5-6 reps, fatigued by now

Up to a triple with 110kg, felt tough
» 900kg and 1000kg Raw totals in Britain (Go to post)12-10-2018 @ 09:56 
Can we stick Sam in a suit now and turn him into a performing monkey?

500/300/350 for a 1,150kg total seems pretty possible.
» Deadlift suit (Go to post)12-10-2018 @ 09:46 
Post Edited: 12.10.2018 @ 09:50 AM by Funky_monkey
You have a competition next month and need a suit - have you considered the fact that it's not something you can just pop on, and it is something that needs to be learned?

On a more helpful note, there used to be a ton of 2nd hand stuff for great prices, I THINK on powerliftingwatch, but they have since changed the website and I can't seem to find any 2nd hand stuff for sale. I have sent you a friends request on the book of faces, and sent the classifieds section to you as a message on there.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)11-10-2018 @ 15:36 
Did shoulders - roughly same as last workout

Sets with 20/15/12 reps

Leg press of death

Back/deadlift sort of day
Lat pulldowns
Stiff legged deads
110kg x 3 x 10
Probably some other stuff
» What fruit/veg have you had today? (Go to post)03-10-2018 @ 21:25 
Breakfast was 4 big slices of bread with olives, spinach, and halloumi in it.

Lunch was spinach with minced chicken

4-5 o'clock I had the same

Bunch of figs I picked off the tree when I got bored, maybe 10-15 of them.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)03-10-2018 @ 16:05 
Flat bench
60kg x 25 reps
70kg x 20 reps
80kg x 15 reps
90kg x 10 reps
95kg x 6 reps

Incline DB press
25s x 15
25s x 10
25s x 10

Incline flyes
15s x 10
15s x 10
15s x 10
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)02-10-2018 @ 16:47 
Tuesday 2nd October

Tricep pressdowns
40kg x 20
60kg x 20
80kg stack x 15
80kg stack x 12
80kg stack x 10
80kg stack x 10

OH db ext
20kg x 5, too light
25kg x 15
30kg x 12
30kg x 8
30kg x 8

Think that was it. Gym is starting to get busy in the evenings, plus air-con no longer needed. Would pay 50% of a person's minimum wage just for aircon, plus another 50% on pension.

Looking at getting some Iranian blonde stunner in a couple of nights a week just to look pretty and do some promotional work.

Need to get someone to do pilates and kids stuff, but their rates are so extortionate that it's not worth the headache to make a pittance.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)01-10-2018 @ 16:27 
Monday 1st October

Preacher curls
10kg plus bar x 20
15kg plus bar x 15
15kg plus bar x 12
15kg plus bar x 10

Hammer curls
15s x 15
17.5s x 15
20s x 20
20s x 20

Prone cable curls
4 x 10-15 reps
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)01-10-2018 @ 16:26 
Someone told me I had lost weight, and I wasn't feeling in the best of moods, so this only made me more depressed. Forced myself to eat, then forced myself to train, but ended up enjoying it

Barbell shoulder press, no back support
40kg x 25 reps
50kg x 15 reps?
55kg x 12 reps?
55kg x 10 reps?

Front raises
12.5s x 15
15s x 15
17.5s x 15
17.5s x 15

Upright rows
60kg x 10
60kg x 10
60kg x 10

Side raises
4 sets of 10-15

80kg stack x 4 sets of 20
» Clean living (Go to post)26-09-2018 @ 15:49 
Fakeinjury17 said:
Apologies if it came across wrong, wasn’t claiming to be clean now just not as stupid as I was. Sides when stupid included feeling ill all the time, wasting all my money and having a stroke.
I came 3rd at a novice competition though and won a 15 quid bag of protein so it was all worth it.

I used to have a stroke 3 times a day when I was on, but that is more of an "off" period for you!

PM sent asking a curious question.

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