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» EU vote (Go to post)29-06-2016 @ 14:45 
the young? only 36% of those aged between 18-24 actually bothered to vote
» EU vote (Go to post)29-06-2016 @ 14:35 
Robbo91 said:
My main gripe with all this is the lack of knowledge leave voters seemed to have (well certainly the ones regretting their decision now). A lot of the people I've spoken to personally who voted leave did so for one single reason instead of, in my opinion, staying for many. Their justification for their choice of vote normally started with 'well apparently the EU won't let us . . . Insert small complaint here. . .'

In this era when we all have a device connected to all the information we could ever need in our pockets, I'm disappointed at how well the propaganda and politicians sound bites worked.

I voted leave, its the right thing to do and at no point do I need to even mention migration to justify my decision. Most of the remain arguments I have seen are flawed, certainly the economic ones
» EU vote (Go to post)28-06-2016 @ 20:36 
aaron_lohan said:
would you agree that near zero or the possibility of negative interest rates is unrealistic? remember the idea of interest rates is to encourage people to save money the principle being you put money in the bank and you get a reward for the expenditure foregone and the bank has an asset from which to invest and derive a profit. it is clear that reducing interest rates hasnt increased demand yet economic theory suggests it should. to me the reality makes little sense.

the only real purpose of interest rates (well for the BoE) is to control inflation, they will have a knock on effect on currency (higher interest rates, high currency) and the cost of borrowing (if those changes in interest rates are passed on)
» 100 press ups in 1 go (Go to post)07-06-2016 @ 02:02 
Tom_Martin said:As many as you can in one go. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat until 100. Repeat every day in less sets.

this. my kind of programming.

you could put a plate of dog s**t under your face too as an incentive.
» EU vote (Go to post)07-06-2016 @ 01:53 
luki said:
SNP economics are in disarray after the oil price collapsed 60%. They will have a much tougher time convincing people Scotland can pay for itself in any further leave campaign.

Scotland always has a s**tty issue with chasing the boom and this is a prime example. It generally takes far too long for the Scots, who are generally a miserable, chicken licken, dont like change much bunch to take any proactive approach. They should have gone independent in the 1979 referendum which would have allowed them to profit from the oil boom. They didn't and now they're scrabbling about chasing a resource that's dwindling and in massive over supply.

The UK will probably leave the EU, Northern Ireland will probably leave the UK and Scotland, because of its stupidity didnt see this coming. If it had it could have taken a bit of proactive measures that would/could have made it the new Celtic Tiger, it could have attracted wealthy chaps by lowering income tax etc etc. but its Scotland, we hate the wealthy etc etc

If Scotland had left the UK, joined the EU as a separate country (and it would have) then it could have pinched a pretty large amount of the head offices of every fund manager to allow them to passport out of an EU country. At the moment Dublin will probably prosper from the UK leaving. Scotland will leave it too late again should we vote for BREXIT

As far as the city goes, its a mixed bag, hedge funds and boutiques would prefer BREXIT, the banks wouldnt although leaving would allow them to pay uncapped bonuses.

This isnt a decision the minions should take, its one thing deciding on a colour to paint your new living room, its a bit different if you start giving advice on building the bloody house to the architects and engineers that are qualified to do it.
» 300kg squats x 8 reps John Clark (Go to post)06-05-2016 @ 19:18 
thats incredible squatting, upright, quick, sexy
» What the fuck happened to me? (Go to post)06-05-2016 @ 19:16 
bench PureGym

40kg x 10
60kg x 10
80kg x 10
100kg x 10
120kg x 4
140kg x 4
177.5kg x 8
160kg x 10
100kg x 30 (drop set)

Incline Flyes
44kg x 12 then 10

Pressups for pump
50 then 35 then 15
» What the fuck happened to me? (Go to post)04-05-2016 @ 04:44 
few deadlifts
60 x 4
100 x 4
140 x 4
210 x 4
300 x 3 - not bad, pretty comfortable

260 for 10 secs
310 for 10
360 for 10

140 for 10
190 for 10
190 for 5

roll outs
standing rollouts - 60kg on bar 1 set x 3 reps
» What the fuck happened to me? (Go to post)29-04-2016 @ 17:58 
FAT_SAM said:Very strong mate

What are your bests ever for reps with 100kg, 140kg, 180kg and 200kg?

best ever? I ruptured my pec in 2009 so nothing has really been anywhere near my best since then (i think at best Ill be at 90% of where I was).

I have done 200kg for 10, 210 for 8, 180 for 14 (thats what Im aiming for this year but I wont go heavier than 200 again in case I rupture the old pecaroo), 140 for 27 (I would have done these after a 180 for 14 set) and 100 for 50ish (again as a set after my heavy stuff).

bodyweight at the time was around 110, I have been as heavy as 135kg but in terms of strength I didnt get that much from it, more "torque" but I think Im strongest at around 103-108kg
» What the fuck happened to me? (Go to post)29-04-2016 @ 02:32 
forgetting to post

bench and triceps on wednesday, at PureGym again

flat bench
60 x 10
80 x 10
100 x 10
120 x 4
140 x 4
175 x 9 - little tired so stopped
140 x 15
100 x 35

incline flyes
24kg x 10
44kg x 8

50 then 30 then 20

ez bar
10kg a side x 10
20kg x 10
37.5kg x 16
20kg x 19

me for 30
me for 25
» Powerlifting in the Pub or a Fun comp! (Go to post)27-04-2016 @ 18:34 
get 50 or so lifters, charge them 20 to enter, find a decent local venue (not a pub but somewhere like the corn exchange) give a bit of prize money for the winners but don't try to attract the top guys through payment, if it picks up and the competition is good fun, lifters will come (not to quote Kevin Costner).

if you can organise a seminar with Benni/Terry Hollands/Misha etc on the same day and comp after then you can generate revenue from that, attract a few lifters, charge a premium for people attending the seminar and at the same time have a good fun comp.

Dont run it with Scottish Powerlifting, they are the dreary presbyterians of powerlifting and their no fun Calvinist approach will just ruin the thing, unless you want to run it in a prison.

The GPC do some great comps, Tattooed and Strong has a great atmosphere and the GPC British is excellent.

also I would say to decide if you want juicy or non juicy lifters or a mix. dont let the s**te "been lifting a year and think Im a powerlifter" enter either, they are crap to watch. just invite people with loads of instagrams or whatever that means

or run a puregym bro comp, winner gets a free sleeve and 30ml tren.
» Powerlifting in the Pub or a Fun comp! (Go to post)27-04-2016 @ 00:50 
I wouldn't split it 20/20. Surely far more men out there at a better standard
» What the fuck happened to me? (Go to post)25-04-2016 @ 16:35 
Post Edited: 25.04.2016 @ 16:35 PM by baldt
IrishMarc said:We should do a bench session together fancy a chat and doing some redic repping. What pure gym do you train at?

We should matey. I'm normally in the one at Dalry but times can be sporadic (I benched last week at 3am on a sunday morning). Ill have a proper routine in a week or two as Im up and down to London sorting work out.
» What the fuck happened to me? (Go to post)25-04-2016 @ 16:32 
edi86 said:Repping 280 deadlifts in pure gym... best the pts love you!

lol Im trying to go when its quiet, after 10 or 11pm last night was packed though, full of "Bros". I wouldnt normally deadlift there but Ive been busy and getting to the gym before 8 to get a workout in is holding me back.

Ill build up the weight next week to 300 for 3 then 320 for three the following. I normally deadlift 3 weeks on one week off for CNS/recovery issues.
» What the fuck happened to me? (Go to post)25-04-2016 @ 01:28 
bit of back tonight at Puregym

deadlifts - not done anything heavy with these for a while so easing back in
60 x 3
100 x 3
140 x 3
210 x 3
250 x 3
280 x 3 nice, very comfortable

250 x 10 secs
300 x 10 secs
350 x 10 secs

100 x 10
140 x 10
190 x 10

bent over rows (under arm)
100 x 10
140 x 10
160 x 10 (straps)
210 x 9

chins in smith machine
me for 7
me for 6
me for 4

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