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» Getting old.... (Go to post)12-10-2018 @ 08:57 
I find I suffer more injuries (i am 40). So need to be smarter with training. Haven't PBd in years but that's due to family and work. On the flipside I am stronger and in better shape than most blokes my age.
» Impossible to build muscle after 35 or harder? (Go to post)16-09-2017 @ 12:16 
Agree, I am 40 in a few months and haven't PBd in maybe 7 years. I find I get injured easier and injuries take longer to heal. My aim these days is to try and stay healthy, be stronger and be in better shape than the average 40yr old.

I find frequency and lighter weights help, especially for maintaining or even adding size. Train the same body part every 2-3 days, keep the reps up with a few decent working sets. I try not to go ball to the wall as it just fries my CNS and increases injury risk
» Excess synovial fluid. (Go to post)17-02-2015 @ 12:42 
I had fluid on my knee, from kneeling down. I had it drained and cortisone injected in and within a few days it was much better. within 2 weeks it had gone right down.
» Garage gym (Go to post)17-02-2015 @ 12:37 
I got stable grade rubber matting and its fine
» have you ever been stuck in a lift? (Go to post)05-08-2014 @ 12:36 
got stuck at the bottom of a squat before, luckly had spotters
» Adlington (Go to post)28-07-2014 @ 23:06 
Good session, good advice, cheers
» Adlington (Go to post)24-07-2014 @ 12:03 
driving to Preston Monday so was thinking of popping in on my way up for a session
» Adlington (Go to post)24-07-2014 @ 11:56 
Is it still open M/W/F 3-6 ?, how much or is it invite only ?
» Bulking (Go to post)02-01-2014 @ 10:51 
Post Edited: 02.01.2014 @ 10:52 AM by paul_richards
I went from 75 to 67 and lost 20% strength. After about a year I had gained back everything strength wise (and some on top) but had maintained bodyweight. Leaning out was the best decision I made with my lifting.

I found creatine helped and it doesn't require shares in HP.
» Pre-workout supplements (Go to post)05-04-2013 @ 14:23 
10 min power nap and then a can of monster/relentless
» 13mm vs 10mm belt (Go to post)28-02-2013 @ 12:19 
Think mine is 10mm but its really solid, no give at all, great support, its a lever one.
» Your first ever comp? (Go to post)28-02-2013 @ 12:17 
Post Edited: 28.02.2013 @ 12:17 PM by paul_richards
How did you get on?
Probably last I think, but PBed in DL and Squat.

What did you learn from it?
That a comp brings out the best, the buzz gives you more strength, makes you conform properly to a set of rules, no room for half baked lifts

Did it influence your training post competition or did you carry on as before?
Yep, couldnt wait to get in the gym and train for the next comp

Did anything else about you change (diet/tactics/programming/rest periods/mentality)?
Train hard and stick at it
» not sure if serious... (Go to post)26-02-2013 @ 16:35 
what about porn
» Any gyms in the Uk with Ivanko USA plates?? (Go to post)21-02-2013 @ 14:51 
hixxy1985 said:
in other words chris,
Stop being so picky and pick up some heavy s**t Grin lol

well paraphased Grin
» Any gyms in the Uk with Ivanko USA plates?? (Go to post)21-02-2013 @ 12:58 
Depends also where on the surface of the Earth you are as gravity varies. A 20kg plate calibrated at the equator would exert around 5% more force at the poles, meaning it would effectively be 21Kg, not much but when you are talking about a 300Kg deadlift it is.

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