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» big V's makeover (Go to post)02-04-2013 @ 20:49 
V getting on the pump wagon with me?
» big V's makeover (Go to post)01-04-2013 @ 19:54 
Strong numbers them mate Happy
» Spams video journal of fun! (Go to post)01-04-2013 @ 19:31 
Samthepigman said:I hope all that drinking last nite isnt going to affect ur training! Lol

Mate, rough as fook! Bad throat and chest made worse by kindza gainz.
» Spams video journal of fun! (Go to post)01-04-2013 @ 15:12 
wjmxm21 said:
Bsm u80kg + Dragons/Oswestry's Strongest Man?

Pretty much, dunno if Oswestrys is on this year tho cos theres that static comp happening?
» Spams video journal of fun! (Go to post)31-03-2013 @ 17:29 
chaos said:What with the bbing?

Just had a dodgy back and trying to lose some weight, hoping this approach will work for me, whenever i try and keep my lifting heavy and lose weight at the same time it kills me!
Give it a month i hope ill be down to around 80kg and can strart a long steady build up over the summer, only comps infeel interested in are in september anyway i think.
» Spams video journal of fun! (Go to post)31-03-2013 @ 08:20 
More cardio/bbing.

Seated Db shoulder press
20kg x 12
24kg x 10
28kg x 5
28kg x 5 ss20kg x 5

Push press
50kg x 8
50kg x 8
55kg x 8

60kg x 10
70kg x 6

Front raise
12kg x 12 ea
16kg x 6 ea
16kg x 8 ea

Kb Upright rows
32kg x 12
32kg x 12
32kg x 12

Pull downs/curls ss's.

» Chaotic Strongman Training (Go to post)29-03-2013 @ 09:23 
Nice pulling!

and get a landrover.
» First time trying this exercise any pointers? (Go to post)29-03-2013 @ 06:25 
Samthepigman said:Its for practising to shag tall women

LOL must be this.
» Spams video journal of fun! (Go to post)29-03-2013 @ 06:22 
General_ill said:No video !

Lol, run out of giving a f**kness for doing vids at the moment.
» Spams video journal of fun! (Go to post)28-03-2013 @ 19:57 
Rodger said:lots of work. didnt reAlise you were getting down to 80kg bud

yea may as well, only about 4 or 5kg to lose and i reckon i can lose that in fat if im careful, if it goes well i might train for bsmu80kg if they let me in.
» Wayne Cowdrey presents................. (Go to post)28-03-2013 @ 19:30 
» Spams video journal of fun! (Go to post)28-03-2013 @ 19:19 
Very Small rests between sets, making the whole session like a cardio/BBing style one trying to burn fattage away is top priority next few weeks so numbers will be even gayer than usual but more reps/less rest etc.

60kg x 12
100kg x 10
110kg x 8
120kg x 6
130kg x 4 belt

60kg x 12
60kg x 12
60kg x 12

Leg press
1/2 stack x 8
3/4 stack x 6
Stack x 4

Calves x 4 sets of 12 240lbs.

30 mins in at this point, feeling sick. Regretting taking so much of my new pre workout...

- 10 mins rest

DB Bench press
30kg x 12
36kg x 8
38kg x 7
40kg x 7 ss 30kg x 4

Incline smiths
50kg x 12
60kg x 8
65kg x 4

Threw up lots...carried on a bit tho cos its rush hour traffic time.

Seated cable fly No 14.
4 sets.

After training, lowish carbing all day, spewing and s**tting im 84kg. Not too far off really thought i was a few kg more tbh.
» Spams video journal of fun! (Go to post)26-03-2013 @ 07:20 
60kg x 10
110kg x 5 doh
150kg x 3 doh
150kg x 3 doh
180kg x 3
210kg x 1
230kg x F wtf? &rt;Unhappy was going for 3 reps...
190kg x 6

Think i need some more volume on the deads next week, hopefully this is just one of them days cos i should not be failing 250 at the moment never mind 230 Unhappy

Push press
60kg x 7
60kg x 7
60kg x 10
Tricep seems ok now.

Pull ups
X 10
+5kg x 6
» Spams video journal of fun! (Go to post)24-03-2013 @ 08:42 
chaos said:loads of graft, brilliant stuff! I mean on the drinking frotn of course!

Cheers mate, deffo hit some big drinking PB's the last few weeks. Best was my pint PB on last game one day tab told me i did 22 pints that day Embarassed
» Favourite Easter Egg (Go to post)23-03-2013 @ 10:47 
cadburys! all the way. specially creme egg ones can destroy loads of them.

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