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» sam - my first journal (Go to post)24-08-2010 @ 09:19 
vausie said:you goin to watch olympic dragons ?

im gonna try and make the u90kg on 5th of september, is that the one you mean?

im lookin forward to it, shouldnt be any reason i cant make it. will be the first comp ive ever been to watch.
» Well At Least I Tried (Go to post)22-08-2010 @ 21:48 
great deadlifts mate, you should be smashing your 192 very soon!
» sam - my first journal (Go to post)22-08-2010 @ 21:42 
vausie said:nice bench dude 80x70 Grin keep the updates comin

haha! 80x7 i think that was suppose to be! never realised till you pointed it out!
» sam - my first journal (Go to post)20-08-2010 @ 19:29 
Post Edited: 24.08.2010 @ 12:15 PM by spam_up
friday 20/08/10

bench press

add elbow sleeves
80x10 PB
100x3 PB (+4th rep slightly assisted)

next did some rope+bar tricep pull downs, kick backs 22 1/2kg x8 each arm.
also a couple or sets of hammer curls 15kg x 20, 17.5kg x 16.

i was wondering if anybody has an opinion on if/how much you believe elbow sleeves help you bench and does it class as equipped lifting?
ive started using them as i always get "golfers elbow".
» sam - my first journal (Go to post)19-08-2010 @ 20:47 

Deadlift day!


(add belt)
(start using straps)
150x3 PB

wide pull ups:
body weight - 6/6/5.

Standing dumbell shrugs.

32 1/2kgx12
40kg (using straps) 2x8 reps

did a little bit of forearm work to finish but nothing special.

Knackered at the end of this, quite pleased with the deadlifts but need to get some chalk soon to be less reliant on straps.
» sam - my first journal (Go to post)18-08-2010 @ 21:40 
vausie said:your rite m8 500 total is way off yet but hey i predict il hitting it this time next year easy where u based m8?

alright mate, i live in chester, i train at a bodybuilding gym called total rebuild, its not ideal for this kind of training but its the only one close enough for on a daily basis.

» sam - my first journal (Go to post)18-08-2010 @ 17:40 

today was mainly for practising my squatting technique, every squat was done as low as i could go. tried different wideness of feet, a few narrow a few wide and some middle-ish but all below parallel.

bar 12

Calf raises machine- best set: 6x390lbs
finished with a set of leg curls + leg raises 3x10

squats feel better now that i keep my hands closer in and have my feet facing outwards slightly. still need some more practise for confidence with heavier weights.
» sam - my first journal (Go to post)18-08-2010 @ 13:16 
vausie said:welcome dude im gunna be readin with interest seen as u seem to be similar strength to myself Grin

yea, ill race you to 500 total! (although we have a way to go!)
» sam - my first journal (Go to post)17-08-2010 @ 20:42 
Post Edited: 24.01.2012 @ 15:30 PM by spam_up
As were into the new year I would just like to say thanks very much to everyone who has posted encouragment/banter/advice etc in my log since i started it in August 2010. Happy Happy
I was pretty clueless at the start and there's been a few hard times with training/minor injuries as well as work/life etc so its all helped keep me going!

from 08/2010 - 01/2012(today)

Bench press: 105kg - 125kg

Deadlift: 182.5kg - 240kg

Strict overhead press: 65kg 85kg and 72.5kgx5

Push press: 75kg - 85kgRoll-Eyes (Working on it, lol)

Squat: 135kg - 145kgx4 and 150kgx2

Im still training 100% natural and feel that ive still got a fair bit of gains to come.
Not gonna be too specific with goals cos they never work out exact, but this year but i would love a 260 deadlift, a 180 squat and get 100kg over my head this year as well as putting in better performances at comps than i did last year!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy
» warming up (Go to post)10-08-2010 @ 15:20 
PeteHodgson said:if I was working up to 140 for triples I would probably go
60kg x10
100 x5
120 x3
at the most.

Think ill give this a try tonight, sounds good.
» warming up (Go to post)10-08-2010 @ 14:38 
i was wondering how many sets everyone does when warming up to the ”training weights".
For example, my workout later is 5 sets of 3 140kg deadlift.
for this i will prob do about 20*60kg, 8*100kg then onto 140kg.
Am i a far way out from what i should be doing?
» Hi I haven't competed yet, got some questions if anyone would like to help? (Go to post)09-08-2010 @ 18:34 
Big_Gray said:
im doing the uk north open final in northwich at end of the month which i had to qualify for and there is a novice the day before but dont know of any under 90kg comp mate. my comp is at moss farm which is less than 10 mins from the station

ok cool, just realised noone actually mentioned a u90kg comp in northwich!.. Roll-Eyes
» Hi I haven't competed yet, got some questions if anyone would like to help? (Go to post)09-08-2010 @ 15:41 
definitely need to start getting involved soon.
Does anybody know if the northwich competition (u90kg northern final) is anywhere near the train station? or what the place is called? car is off the road atm Angry .
» Hi I haven't competed yet, got some questions if anyone would like to help? (Go to post)08-08-2010 @ 23:12 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:You have a decent squat number for a guy of your bodyweight, but I'd suggest that you'd need to put at least 20/30 kilos on your dead lift.

Practising on the kit is very important too.

yea i was thinking of starting to compete next spring-ish so hopefully lifts will keep getting better till then.
at the moment i lift with no suit wraps or shoes (just a belt when squatting), any guidance on that subject would be great as i dont know much about that aspect at all?
» Hi I haven't competed yet, got some questions if anyone would like to help? (Go to post)08-08-2010 @ 22:52 
Boar said:you should come to the u90kg dragons comp in december .... only a trip along the M56 .... also a trip up to the olympic gym for a training session

I think ill try and come up for a nose when my car is fixed! Does the gym have a webpage i could take a look at?
i could do with having a go on some strongman equipment and maybe watching a comp in the flesh to get more of an idea of how it works an so on.

Thanks for the reply's!

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