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» England's Strongest Man u105kg 2014 (Go to post)08-06-2014 @ 09:40 
good luck to all today, gutted I can not be with you..

hopping someone is going to do the updates as the day goes on.

enjoy the day and no injuries please.

Karl AKA squirrel
» u105kg Strongman 2014 (Go to post)18-05-2014 @ 16:15 
Hi Guys

Sorry but I'm out....well good news for some I expect Happy

Got a bad injury to my left bicep this time. Doctors are not sure what has happened so have ordered an MRI....but they are already sharping their knives.

Good luck to all on the day.

Karl (squirrel)
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)09-04-2014 @ 09:49 
late post but this is the first time I've been home since the weekend.

First off Thanks to Marc and all the ref's and helpers for a good comp, well run and fun to do.

From my point of view the standard this year was much improved all round. Tom & Will must noticeable, I think in another year or two they both will be top athletes. An clear example of this was in the first event. I was first out, luck of the draw, but I won the log last year with 6 reps so I did a steady 7 and thought that would be god done. But there was a number of guys knocking on the door with 5's and 6's but I then finish 3rd with a 8 and a 9 being done!!

My farmers where as crap as ever....even thou I have been working on this! but 4th in yok and I have not touch that since this event last year! maybe there is a lesson there??

maybe worth increasing the weights next year by 10kg here and there just because people were literally just running out of time on some events and as I say the standard of athletes says they could handle it.

good to see all the guys again. and I look forward to the next comp....English I think.
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)04-04-2014 @ 20:20 
No, that's brilliant Marc,
It was not clear this new time was extra and not a change. I was not alone I've had 2 calls telling me the weight times have changed. Now it's clear this is as well as, as I say that great.

I will see you tomorrow I hope.

Good luck to everyone for Sunday and.... No injuries
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)04-04-2014 @ 17:06 
Are you serious Marc?
You change the Saturday weigh in times on Friday

I can't do that, I'm now working until 3 in the canterbury area all planned around a 3-4 weigh in.
I bet I'm not the only one.
There must be someone else there who can just weigh people in?
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)31-03-2014 @ 21:34 
ya, me making weight, that will be a result, you put some sort of a curse on me Dan. checked my weight this morning 109kg HOW DID THAT HAPPEN I was 106kg last week.
looks like its salad for the rest of the week that and I may need that Saturday weigh in after all, what a b**ch.Happy
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)26-03-2014 @ 20:34 
No, sorry Dan

I have not need training much, once a week, twice on a good one, by a good one I mean my knee are not telling me to f' off so I can train....age mate, your time will come. I have also been trying to get over a back injury, 90% there now I think. but all in all.....weight is not a problem I'm well in..well pretty much 105 spot on.

I just want to know because I live a 3 hour drive from the venue so its 6 hours of my Saturday done just to weight in.

cheers buddy

» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)26-03-2014 @ 17:01 
on that subject, any times etc for the weight in mate.
» England's Strongest Man u105kg 2014 (Go to post)22-03-2014 @ 18:13 
me and you head to head in a max axle was or the order the record will go..

I've just got to make the finials backs f'ed. come on, I'm bloody 44! this year, next at the most and that's me done mate.
» England's Strongest Athlete Under 105kg 2014 (Go to post)22-03-2014 @ 18:08 
MarkClegg said:I don't care what you call it !

I'm 100% In !!

in that case mark, this lazy arse will join ya. 381 it is then.
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)18-11-2013 @ 23:00 
And Jc and all I have to say again I have never said all lifts should be max lifts have I ? Yes I believe all SM events should have 1 max lift event in it ( to mix it up) but I just feel no one what to see someone doing 20 reps on anything.... I certainly don't want to do them.
Moving events great but the static ones should not be a cardio challenge as well.
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)18-11-2013 @ 22:54 
JC said:
Is static strength the only measures of strength?
The best strongman won worlds this year
Strength imo isnt about just standing in one place lifting s**t
If you want to do comps were the strongest guy stood in one place wins then PL is place too be

Jc you said it, the best strongman won not the strongest..... So why is it called worlds strongest man then? Riddle me this.

You asked if I would like heavy yoke and farmers? I would much rather have heavy farmers that i do not have the grip strength to do ( hence you have to be strong to do them) than ones so light everyone, even me, can do and it's just a foot race

Still the events are the events and so be it.

I just don't want strongman to become the place to go if you are not strong enough to do power lifting
See you soon buddy
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)18-11-2013 @ 21:04 
craigmanc said:
British Log lifting and Deadlifting Championships will be in April 2014. It will be an evening event at The Grosvenor Casino in Reading. Just confirming dates this week

Good stuff Craig I'm in. Weight classes or just balls out?m
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)18-11-2013 @ 21:03 
seankamo said:Ok karl u want a heavy deadlft and heavy logs etc? Would you be happy with 140kg farmers a 380kg yoke, a 180 shield carry ?


This is not a dig at all just everyone has there strngths and weaknesses and a qualifier is to give people who come into the sport a chance

The strongest man always wins

Just my opinion probaly a load of s**t but thought I'd throw it in there.

Well if I can defend myself, I would have no problem with heavy farmers, yoke or shield , always happy to be pushed myself.
I was not suggesting max lifts on all the static stuff was I ? Still reps but just reps on a heavier weight and it is quicker and easier to do the 2 weights option on these events.

As for the strongest man still winning ...... We all know that is not the case. Who won the worlds strongest man this year? It was not the one man in the field with the heaviest overhead lift, log, dead lift and squat was it.
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)18-11-2013 @ 08:09 
hilliker said:Good points made there James and squirrel but sometimes it's about competitor numbers and making some of your money back. The first two years I ran this comp I made it heavy and no one wanted to do it and I lost hundreds of pounds. Last year I dropped the weights and the competitor turnout doubled. I still lost money but nowhere near as much and the strongest people still won.

that's why you have the 2 weights so the newbees and hobby trainers can still have a go and enjoy the day. and still does not explain not a single max lift in the whole comp ( BTW who am I kidding we're all hobby trainers, but you get the point)


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