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» Stones of strength (Go to post)18-10-2015 @ 09:26 
Peter Martin passed away suddenly last month. His dad co wrote Stones of Strength.

Peter (jr) had continued researching and documenting traditional stone lifting and gaelic strength culture.

With the permission of his family, the articles he had shared are being uploaded weekly to a website dedicated to him and his work.

There is an accompanying fb page which you can connect to from the bottom of the website
» New Highland Games blog (Go to post)01-09-2015 @ 11:28 
I have been doing some research with Peter Martin and have compiled a decent list of his legal woes in Scotland, USA, NZ and Oz.

Hopefully people will find it interesting. He has a massive history of physical assaults and wherever he went and a lot of other dodgy dealings i was previously unaware of.

It paints a picture of a very different man then his normal image
» Article on Donald Dinnie Stone walking (Go to post)05-08-2015 @ 04:48 
They are with Aboyne HG committee for now when the potarch hotel is being refurbished.

I saw some people had a go last week at Aboyne Games.

Not sure what it takes to have ago outside of the HG comp these days.
» Article on Donald Dinnie Stone walking (Go to post)04-08-2015 @ 03:22 
For those of you who have been reading the articles by Luke Reynolds and myself - this is the latest one on Dinnie-style stone walking in.
» Natural Stone lifting article (Go to post)29-07-2015 @ 05:02 
Here is the article

The videos will show the heaviest stone at the end. A horrible flat/shelf like stone
» Natural Stone lifting article (Go to post)25-07-2015 @ 01:46 
Post Edited: 25.07.2015 @ 01:46 AM by james_grahame
Scorpian. Well done on the welsh stone, that was an amazing video.

In Australia, the biggest natural in competition for loading is about 177kg and is the 5th stone in a series.

In Scotland, there are a couple (not weighed) thought to be in the 400lb region ( or bit less).

We have another article coming out on Monday where you will see the 177kg stone. Will update this thread on Monday
» Natural Stone lifting article (Go to post)21-07-2015 @ 05:22 
Me and another forum member (Luke Reynolds) put this together. It covers some stones from Scotland and also Hawaii.

Hoping people will find it interesting.
» New Highland Games blog (Go to post)01-06-2015 @ 04:10 
I should have written about Hobbits or Wizards I think!

Sales are pretty slow.

I should send Kim Kardashian a copy and ask her to promote it for me.
» New Highland Games blog (Go to post)30-05-2015 @ 08:24 
I have started to blog about the Heavy Events.

I have a half dozen articles up about Caber, Donald Dinnie etc. Will soon have some articles about stone lifting in Australia and Scotland as well soon.

Hopefully some people may find it interesting
» New Highland Games Book (Go to post)20-03-2015 @ 02:19 
The book is now print-on-demand in UK(Europe) and USA through amazon.

Hopefully these links work!
» New Highland Games Book (Go to post)08-02-2015 @ 21:28 
I took the Donald Dinnie information I had, and made it in to a stand-alone amazon dowload
It covers lots of new information from Donald Dinnie's time in Australia. Including, some controversial comps he competed in, his 3 assault charges, and his weightlifting contest against Prof Miller.

all the best

» New Highland Games Book (Go to post)22-01-2015 @ 02:26 
Cheers guys, I am relying on word of mouth etc to make people aware it's out there.

I was hoping kim kardashian would review it but she hasn't replied to my emails yet.

I have some advance copies for sale. Selling those for cost price ($25AUD) + shipping.
If weighs 0.6kg so it's probably a small parcel size.

Previous world champions, Matt sandford, matt vincent and Dan McKim are/have received copies for review so I am hoping they say nice things.

It's a combination of Scottish and Australian information so it's a pretty broad audience I hope.

FB page for the book...

Blurb about the contents...
» New Highland Games Book (Go to post)30-12-2014 @ 03:09 
Still plugging away at this!

I had a lot of delays due to a rubbish printing company but seem to be ontrack again.

Will have 25 draft copies available by the mid/end of January for review/promotion. Hopefully I can get some high profile Games athletes to review it and say something nice on forums/fb about it.

In the meantime I created a website to try and promote it a bit
» Drug testing WSM rumour (Go to post)07-11-2014 @ 23:19 
like the others might relate to this thread
» New Highland Games Book (Go to post)16-06-2014 @ 23:50 
To be honest, I don't think it is straight forward to get equipment. I struggled. If you have cash burning a hole in your pocket then Gregor Edmunds on FB will make it all for you.

Shot putts are relatively straight forward to get but other things need a friendly welder or metalworker and a bit of imagination unfortunately.

There was a bit of discussion here about it...


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