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» Powerlifting presentation (Go to post)07-04-2010 @ 21:48 
Hi All

It's been FOREVER since I have posted on the forum here sorry! I disappeared a few years ago to have appendicitis and get married and most sadly of all get a job

Anyway I am doing a course next week which requires me to do a 30minute presentation and I want to do one on powerlifting. I want to give an example of a couple generic training programmes especially good for those training up to their first competition... any suggestions?
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)23-11-2008 @ 20:39 
hmm not been on the board for simply ages. Been starting to play with the weights again since my apendicectomy but i am as weak as a newborn baby (well probably a bit stronger...)

Anyway might start posting a log in a few weeks if i keep up my training...
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)15-05-2008 @ 16:23 
patience is indeed something I dont have a lot of but I am pleased with the progress in view of the fact that my training isnt what it should be at all!!!!!
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)12-05-2008 @ 12:23 
Welsh Champs - Swansea

Squats equipped
95kg easy
102.5kg easy
110kg - shouldering it felt heavy but the actual lift was the deepest of them all and didnt feel too heavy though it wasnt explosive.

Benchpress equipped
55kg easy
60kg easy
65kg failed - triceps not strong enough

Deadlifts - unequipped
125kg challenge
130kg tough
135 slightly hitched but passed. PB of 2008.

BW 59.75kg
Total 305kg

In context though: my UNEQUIPPED U23 67.5kg best total was 310 with more in the bag and my equipped best in Decemeber when I was already weaker than I should have been was something around 350kg.... so lots of room for improvement.
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)25-04-2008 @ 13:53 
Platform experience, the movitation of competition and enjoyment are my top priorities. I am still very much a novice in the sport and a baby of the sport and of course enjoyment is always the most important thing. Starting to enjoy training again Grin

With respect to my gear being too big - Wales squad coach has offered me tighter equipment for the British on loan Grin He recommends I stay in the 60kg weight class for now which means in training have a BW around 61-62kg and then cut down for the comps. He is also sending me a training programme he has used previously with great success when there is a short buildup to a comp. I aim to comepte in the Welsh comp 11th May and then Equipped British in June. So today he had me doing:

Warmup 3xbar, 3x40kg
6x3x50kg with a long pause at the bottom - these were supposed to be box squats but no setup for it in my gym. I did the last 2 sets with 60kg but no pause as I was knackered by the end of the frouth paused set

Warmup 2x60kg
8x2x90kg fast deads with a 2s pause at the top. He had told me to do 70% of my max which is currently somewhere around 130kg so that worked out at about 91kg so just did 90kg for convenience. Only allowed 2min pause between sets

Speedbench- 1min between sets
10x3x40kg. This was a bit heavier than he had told me as he had said 50% of my max - but 40kg is a really good working weight for me. Was awesome workout

50 situps

Swim 60lengths

Will be going for a *short* run tonight.
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)21-04-2008 @ 02:09 
Competed at SW counties vs Wales comp on Sunday 20th in Cheltenham. My inexperience with the gear, my lack of confidence, and the fact that my gear is too big were blatently clear but was good experience and also showed me how far I have to go yet and also was good to see there is more in the tank than I thought even with my gear which is all far too big for me.

Squat: 80,90 (1 red light), 100 (1 red light) all pretty easy
Bench : 50, 55 (not a nice rep), 57.5 (was too easy, 60 was there easy as I got the form right on this one)
Deadlift (raw): 125kg and then I passed on my 2 other lifts and legged it to the station to get back home on the impossibly unfriendly trains.

Girl in the same category outlifted me by about 20kg on squats, 5 kg with more in the tank on bench and I have no idea what she did on DLs but she opened on 110kg. Girl in much lower weight classes were matching or outstripping my lifts by far. Novice lifters (juniors) in higher weight categories were lifting only a litttle less than I did at the NW Equipped last December and weighed in at pretty much the same as I did then.

Thinking about the Welsh Champs on the 11th May now but otherwise will just trin for the British champs both equipped and unequipped.
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)15-04-2008 @ 13:46 
This Sunday I will be competing in Cheltenham at the Wales vs SW counties comp. So today I reluctantly donned equipment for the first time since December. I hate that stuff - even when everything is far too big for me because of my weight loss. The squat suit is barely any support at all and same goes for the bench shirt. Knee wraps are probably the most help. Anyway can hope for 90kg+ on squats, 55kg on bench and then whatever I can DL raw - maybe go for 130 or 132.5 this Sunday.
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)13-04-2008 @ 23:36 
NW Uneq Open was today:

was a good day out - as I met and surpassed my goals for this comp:

Goals were:

To match or beat my performance from NW Unequipped Open last year which were Squat 82.5kg Bench 50kg (or was it 47.5?) and Deadlift 125kg when I was a Junior 67.5kg category lifter.

This year I was competing as a Senior 60kg competitor.

I also wanted to qualify for British Champs (as both 60kg and 67.5kg competitor in case I decide to move up into the next weight class seeing as under 60kg is hard to maintain for me.

To make 9 out of 9 of my lifts.

Today I didnt go into my comp with the best preparation and definitely not well-rested, well-fed or well-trained. I weighed in then scoffed a whole bar of chocolate and a large can of caffeine drink.

Squats: 70; 77.5; 82.5kg The first two were really deep and then I really cut the third attempt close on depth and got one red light - last attempt was the easiest because of the lack of depth!

Bench press - usually at comps I struggle to get into the bench press "groove" and my form is all over the place and traditionally I fail my third attempt but today bench got better and better after some shaky warmups. I havent made 50kg in months but it was a pretty easy rep today - maybe its because I usually train heavy bench on fridays by which time I am already tired.

Deadlifts as usualy my favourite competition event. Warmups were not good but the platform did some magic though I had to actually work on getting some adrenaline and aggression for them. Was pelased with 127.5. Like my other two lifts, there was more there probably at least another 2.5kg lifts.

For a first comp of the year and having gone into the comp with a lot of doubts - I am really chuffed. I really enjoyed the day and of course I loved being with the "normal" crowd. Next Sunday I will be competing again - equipped this time for the Welsh squad; and then I will be looking to training for the British Championships both Equipped and Unequupped.
» BWLA NWC Unequipped Powerlifting championships 13-04-2008 (Go to post)13-04-2008 @ 23:35 
another fantastic NW comp - thanks Bryn and Martin Grin Thanks all to the refs Grin And of course the hardworking loaders also for their support Happy

I had a really good day - I exceeded my own expectations and came away with a huge smile Happy Will be divising a training strategy for the British now which I will be posting on my log for feedback soon. Meanwhile I have a comp next Sunday equipped so its squat suits on on Tuesday and then 3 rest days.
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)17-03-2008 @ 14:46 
Last week

30 minute run
1hour swim (2.2km)

Friday I did my second powerlifting session of the week:

Heavy bench press

Light squats
2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2 x 60kg

1,1 x 105kg not perfect form

50 situps

1hour indoor climbing wall

1hour badminton in the evening.

Weekend was a rest weekend so nothing but sitting around and eating LOADS of unhealthy high fat and high sugar foods.

Monday 17th march
Powerlifting ("Heavy week")

Light bench - speed and formwork
10x20kg warmup
3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3 x 45kg (first 3 sets were paused)

Heavy squats
1,1x80kg quite hard

Strict overhead press 3x8x20kg
Clean and press 5x30kg; 2,2 x 40kg
Widegrip pullups (full BW) 3x5
5 Dips alternated with 5 chest-to-floor (head up) pressups (3 times)
50 situps
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)17-03-2008 @ 14:43 
MattGriff said:
Fruitbat said:
so the 44.4km walk was hard work and yet I felt a whole lot less tired on Sunday when we got home than when we set out Saturday morning. Monday therefore was not a rest day out of tiredness - just sheer bone-idleness!

I had to read that twice to make sure I wasn't going mental, but then i decided it was not I who was mental. 44.4km walk! wtf! Was hard work! I am not surprised!

it's not that far! Would like to be able to do a lot more than that in two days...
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)12-03-2008 @ 13:25 
Wednesday 12 march 2008

OK so I have missed 2 days. On Saturday after the Friday squat and badminton session, I was really DOMSed in the glutes and fatigued - so the 44.4km walk was hard work and yet I felt a whole lot less tired on Sunday when we got home than when we set out Saturday morning. Monday therefore was not a rest day out of tiredness - just sheer bone-idleness! Tuesday I did a 20minute indoor climbing session but skipped my swimming session out of laziness also.

Today I have resumed training Happy This week is supposed to be "medium" week.

2,2,2 x 75kg

Bench press:
3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3 x 40kg Bench speedwork

Strict overhead press

Clean and press
5,5,5 x 30kg

Wide-grip pullups full body-weight 3x5
50 situps
20 oblique situps
30 dorsal raises

I will go for a run tonight.
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)07-03-2008 @ 15:00 
Post Edited: 12.03.2008 @ 13:22 PM by Fruitbat
Friday 7th march 2008


Bench press

1x110kg (felt heavy)

5 widegrip pullups

50 situps

1hour in indoor climbing wall.

Later in teh day - 1hour badminton

Weekend- walk 44.4km over 2 days
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)05-03-2008 @ 10:01 
I knew I would get "in trouble" for doing too much Roll-Eyes
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)03-03-2008 @ 14:06 
Monday 3rd March - Week 1 of NW build-up = volume and re-acclimatisation week

BW = 59.7kg

Powerlifting session at noon

5min rowing to wake me up

1,1,1 x 70kg
1x75kg (this was naughty but 70kg was feeling pleasantly easy - 75kg was however close to my max I think)
5x60kg really nice form

Bench press:
f,1,1,1,1,1x50kg touch and go
5x40kg paused - felt good

2,2,2x90kg quite explosive but back not as flat as I would have liked - strong lockout.
2x100kg messy but similar to the form on the 90kg

Wide-grip pullups 3x5
50 situps
50 dorsal raises (hyperextensions)

This was a really positive and feeling-good session - thoroughly enjoyed it


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