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» Manimal's training log (Go to post)11-01-2011 @ 21:35 
SuperSteel101 said:Gutted dude. How come the floor was so slippy?

Looked like some fanny had been in with talc. We chalked the platform and it helped a bit, but nowhere near enough. Not exactly confidence inspiring or safe for that matter.
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)11-01-2011 @ 19:52 
First session back in the PoA in weeks and it was s**tE! I had a target of 16 raw at 150, but a slippy platform f**ked with my chi.
I made 11 (had to keep resetting my feet and adjusting my balance during and after every rep) then did a second set of either 10 or 11. Was gonna take 172.5 for 5 belted but it turned into 2, again due to the floor and my right foot slipping. Squats therefore got cut short, which was annoying as it wasn't a strength issue.
Deads were just as bad - was going to double 190 and didn't feel I got a good grip on the floor, so it became one and a half. Tried again and after one threw in the towel. By this point my back was feeling things as well.
Did some benching (just to keep my hand in) and did some 6s with 110 but I dislike the red bench - distance from bench to top of racks is too far for my wee stubby arms.
If the floor isn't better in there next time I may not be back in for a while.

On the plus side, Wiege got a rather tasty squat pb which is a 7.5k jump and only 10k off his goal - well done again! Happy
» New journal (Go to post)11-01-2011 @ 19:43 
The squat video - I would agree with Steel (partly) I'd say the first one was high and the 2nd was parallel, but definitely plenty of strength there. Your deads tonight were nice and fast Happy

Good gains mate!
» SuperSteel101's Training Log (Go to post)08-01-2011 @ 17:48 
Looks like a productive day buddy Happy
» New journal (Go to post)07-01-2011 @ 22:44 
Nice to see you on here bud!

Good deadlifting Happy Also, some good front squatting - those buggers aint easy. I'll be reading your progress...
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)07-01-2011 @ 22:42 
Back to basics tonight and had myself a cheeky wee session where I did some exercises I haven't done in a while (again) as well as a few regulars.


Warm ups...

2x8 with the 26k bells

1x6 with the 32k bells - be taking it heavier next time.


6 with 20k bell, 6 with 22k bell, 6 with 24k bell, 2x6 with 30k bell - not done these in a couple of years so wanted to make sure I started light and got the stretch that the exercise is designed for.


Nice easy 3x10 - start adding weight next week


3x20 - again, will start adding weight next week


Horizontal cross body holds - forgot how tough it is to keep the arm in line with the body and opposing leg.
Plank - a comfortable minute and a half.

Did some developmental stretching for the adductors then a very relaxing few lengths in the pool.
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)07-01-2011 @ 22:33 
likesadeadkf said:Thats some good sumo deadlifting. Sounds like youll be getting the 500lbs in the not too distant future if this prgress continues. 150kg x 15 is mental squatting!!

Thanks bud. The sumo is working pretty well now. Still not quite as strong as my conventional, but not far off. Deadlifting twice a week and going 200+ same as you (although it's closer to my max than yours) and not feeling fatigue from it either.

The squats - I WILL get 20 reps at 150 raw before my next comp (and maybe even 15 at 160 Wink ) I've done 10 at 160 before but I really want to start hitting my squats harder again - been taking it pretty easy the past wee while. Stopped using the wraps after those 2 sessions - didn't feel they gave me a huge benefit - 10k maybe.
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)07-01-2011 @ 08:59 
Wiegieboard said:Great looking session tonight dude. Wish I was there to see it. That sumo is fair going up. I'm pretty excited to see just where it'll take you.

Cheers bud. I'm hoping that the sumo will exceed my conventional, or at the very least that it forces both of them up a bit more - I want that 227.5k deadlift this year! My neck is a bit stiff from the ab work but only because I haven't done them much of late for more than a set or two. Gonna make them my main ab work for the next few weeks and see how I can progress them...

Looking forward to a MANIMAL style squat session on Tuesday Happy
» SuperSteel101's Training Log (Go to post)07-01-2011 @ 00:18 
SuperSteel101 said:
Unfortunately it wasn't planned as a light day, the set of 6 with 122.5 felt very hard today. Shoulders are tight and sore, but I don't think a serious injury (damn you bedroom cardio haha Grin). Ovi one of the problems with benching with a max width grip is that it is quite shoulder intensive and if they are fatigued you are scuppered. Ultimately I just wasn't strong enough on this particular day, need to make up for it next time lol.

Yeah, know what you mean about the wider grip being shoulder intensive. I did a single with your set of 6 tonight and the shoulders were already tired by then. Never damn the bedroom cardio mate - just use a different form the day before / of benching Wink
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)07-01-2011 @ 00:15 
Wee session tonight that ended up with me being in the gym for about 4 and a half hours - giving commands and tips, training and spotting once I was done.


Warm ups then..

5@ 160 raw


1@207.5 - new sumo pb Happy It's creeping up towards my conventional pb now...


3x6@ 100

1x6@ 112.5

1x1@ 122.5

First bench session in about 6 weeks where I've gone above 90k - had spotters tonight LOL


4x6 headstand ab folds. These are starting to get easier again - haven't done them enough in a long time.
» SuperSteel101's Training Log (Go to post)06-01-2011 @ 15:04 
For a light day, that's pretty heavy there! What's up with your shoulder mate?
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)06-01-2011 @ 14:55 
SuperSteel101 said:
Closer but I don't think close, you are definitely a better squatter dude.

Stop fishing for compliments LOL. You're catching up VERY quickly and I don't think you realise what your real potential top figure is as yet. You're certainly making me work harder at my squats again which is good Happy
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)06-01-2011 @ 13:32 
SuperSteel101 said:
I'm not surprised your legs were creamed after all those reps haha!
Sounds like a solid plan you have there, huge squat coming in the next comp no doubt about it!

Haha -here's hoping. As long as it stays 2.5k ahead of yours... Wink Hell, even 1k would do me Wink Think the squats in the new 83s will be a tightly fought competition this year...
» SuperSteel101's Training Log (Go to post)05-01-2011 @ 15:41 
SuperSteel101 said:
Cheers for the comments lads, much appreciated. I think I will skip 200 as a target now, should get that quite comfy so need to set my sights a little higher to push myself.

220 is the race with Ben...
» Wiegieboard gets his grunt on. (Go to post)05-01-2011 @ 09:18 
Squats are looking strong and deep. Easy 100 there in the not too distant mate Wink


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