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» Manimal's training log (Go to post)30-01-2011 @ 20:25 
Yeah, you probably have seen me doing them before - long time ago. I only want to do them with superstrict form now, hence why I'm still feeling the effect of 2x2 from Thursday night.

I've hardly benched at all in the past 2 months, so gonna start making a point of benching on a Tuesday after squatting. The last few times I've done some bench I found I can still get 5 or 6 with about 112, so I'm not too concerned about it for now.

Was hitting the deads a bit harder - twice a week and got my sumo up to almost the same as my conventional. Starting to train up for the next comp as of Tuesday, so will be starting to focus on ranges and weights a bit more.
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)30-01-2011 @ 20:18 
Ross_Harkins said:nice core work, can you explain the dragon flags what are they and how to do them?

How you fitting in with the roiders at the commercial gym, bet they are staring daggers at you when they see you squat lol!

It's funny - there's a roider there who is about 110 - 120 (I think) who wraps up for 160 half squats - he doesn't even get close to parallel. I was doing some deads and rather than ask me to spot he went for someone else who obviously had no idea how to train - biceps biceps biceps. LOL Think it might have been since he'd seen me squatting the week before.

There are a few geared up guys who are actually pretty sound, though I tend to train alone in there mostly. There are two of them I know I can count on for spotting now if I go heavier - one is an ex lifter from years ago who turned his attention to bodybuilding.
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)30-01-2011 @ 20:14 
Cheers Ross.

That link is the best video representation I've seen so far. The guy is the only one I've seen so far keeping good form throughout. I thought I should restrengthen my core again - having not been doing as much work on it since I've not been taking classes, I felt that it was starting to weaken slightly.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing some small bits and pieces. Now though, I'm contemplating setting aside one session a week to concentrate on core with a few other exercises thrown in for good measure.
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)30-01-2011 @ 18:10 
Didn't train yesterday so had a short session today instead - mostly core.


1x10@20, 1x8@24, 1x6@28, 1x4@32


4x10 - 2 in each direction (Had a PT come and ask me what I was doing and what the exercise was for, and even asked for pointers from me LOL)


3x negative portion - my abs were still dead from the ones I did on Thursday and couldn't push myself back up. Once a week for these for now I think.




1x12 - Managed to get out to full arm extension, so next target is to get to point where it's only my fingertips making contact.

After that a stretching session followed by a swim where I did 4x50 at 3/4 speed. Body starting to get back to normal now - VERY hungry so time for a scran.
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)28-01-2011 @ 23:04 
Steel and Wiege - cheers guys. Been feeling those dragon flags all day - abs are tighter than they've been in a long time. I'm glad I went with technique rather than reps for them though.
» Wiegieboard gets his grunt on. (Go to post)28-01-2011 @ 10:10 
Wiegieboard said:NOTE TO SELF:

Man up, stop being a faggot.
Rest better.
Sleep earlier.
Get a f**king job you scaff.

Gunney Highway is coming for you. He's gonna sandbag you all to hell before wrestling with you topless in a muddy puddle! You know why?? Because his sandbag is the biggest and heaviest sandbag of everyones.

Your post relating to your preworkout ritual was a lot funnier than when you told me about it on Wed night bwa. Good show. Wink
» SuperSteel101's Training Log (Go to post)28-01-2011 @ 10:05 
Page 69 dude! (Shouted as Bill Preston Esq)

Alcohol seems to be detrimental mentally for you but not so much physically based on your numbers Wink

Strong looking session there mate. Happy
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)27-01-2011 @ 23:00 
Antibiotics = no appetite so forced an oats and nesquik shake down during the session to complement the incredibly low amount of food I;ve had today.


warm ups then 6@160 - all reps raw sumo


2x12@60 2x8@70 1x8@75 - all nice and easy Happy


2x6@40 6@42.5 6@45


DRAGON FLAGS - 2x2 (Feeling them now!)


2x12@32s 1x8@38s 1x6@44 1x4@50s. The 50s the first time I tried them I couldn't get one - found that once I got the bells onto my chest I couldn't arch and had to drop them so kept it totally flat on second attempt which did nicely.

AB FOLDS using cable - 1x15@15 1x12@25 1x6@35 - all very strict with no arm movement throughout.
» Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling (Go to post)27-01-2011 @ 09:26 
Welcome to the site (a bit belated) and good luck with your gains.

Nice to see someone starting out completing volume sessions as well as the main strength ones Happy
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)26-01-2011 @ 00:25 
SuperSteel101 said:Solid looking session there dude!

Cheers buddy. Looked back to last year's numbers and I've started out higher than I needed to with that tonight seeing as it's my first proper session geared towards the comp. LOL Still, start as I mean to continue I guess Wink
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)26-01-2011 @ 00:23 
Wiegieboard said:Think I've been going from about 72.5kg and now on 82.5kg feeling better than I did with the 72. This would be week 4 or 5 or something. If you end up at the palace, I may join you for a 90kg for 30 and push the boat out a bit. Can't see myself keeping up with you week to week though. You'll probably end up going up 5k a week or something and I'll have to stick to the 2.5 haha.

Nah mate - 2.5 per week. I'll start Tuesday coming at 90 and see where I can get to from there... That's good that you're on target from your starting point though - I know how much of a mindf**k the 30s can be...
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)25-01-2011 @ 22:17 
Wiegieboard said:
*away to check phone as it's plugged into pc for data storage*
If I kept continuing at the rate I've been progressing lately, 9 weeks would see me with 105 for 30 :O
If f**king only!! lol
*has checked phone*
Nice work my frien. nice working yes!

Which week are you on now mate?? Right, next week I restart my 30s! I reckon I could probably push it up to about 120 - 127 now going balls to the wall. That'll be many many weeks away as week one for me (next week) will only be about 90k.

My workrate post training was good yes! More to follow...
» SuperSteel101's Training Log (Go to post)25-01-2011 @ 22:13 
SuperSteel101 said:
I bloody well hope not, I weighed myself and have lost 2 kgs in bodyweight from not eating lol, feel so flat and tired it's unreal!

SMACKY-D's! Wink Ya drunken bum ye. Good squats if you were feeling crappy mate Happy
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)25-01-2011 @ 22:07 
Cheers mate. Bootie - you not get my text yet I take it?? Wink

Yeah was 30 at 105 I got to. I was tempted to add in a 30 repper tonight but realised I was gubbed so declined.
» Manimal's training log (Go to post)25-01-2011 @ 22:04 
Was feeling like s**t all weekend so no training. On antibiotics so the session tonight was tougher than it should have been and short for that reason...


Warms ups then 5@150 raw followed by 5x5@162.5.

Concise and compact tonight.


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