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» Bench and CGBP (Go to post)08-08-2014 @ 00:22 
milsy said:
Now then mike long time no see how's the back?
I think the reason most people close grip and normal grip are around the same is not so much due to tricep strength but the effect bringing the grip in has on tightness at the bottom
If I close grip bench and bench in my normal line I get about 1 inch off my chest and could easily sit 60-100kg there using only the tightness in my lats it really hard to explain but if you can replicate that tightness with a wider grip your on for a good bench I find its down to how I set my lats and how I tuck my elbows I know when I have it right when it pops off te chest

Yes Milsy its been a while! back is fine now thankfully, it took about 6 months doing virtually nothing to get right but lessons learnt and things are back on track again. How are things with you? you doing the brit classic?

I think your spot on in fairness - my back is definitely more engaged and tight during CG as my normal bench is a poor set up, I think maybe I'll try and work on it after the brits. Is there anything specifically you find is helping your bench?
» Bench and CGBP (Go to post)06-08-2014 @ 18:14 
Hi all,

Does anyone find that they can CGBP similar weights to a normal bench press? I'm guessing yes from what I've seen and read of people, so if this is the case are there any tips for improving normal bench press? as it would suggest triceps isnt the weakness. i.e. i can CGBP 200kg v a 230kg normal bench raw. I havent been doing them long so am expecting CG to go up even more soon, hopefully this will translate to some carryover.

I've heard good and bad things about wide grip benching etc so would be good to get peoples thoughts.

» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 11:51 
terryhollands said:
milsy said:
If you need abs to f**k b**ches your doing it wrong ahaha

Possibly my favourite quote ever on this forum and so true

x2! haha
» Balance strength training with health (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 11:50 
Post Edited: 13.03.2014 @ 11:52 AM by Michael_Jones
» To pause or not to pause? (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 23:32 
Post Edited: 12.01.2014 @ 23:34 PM by Michael_Jones
Power_nash said:Does it matter big mike ? what ever you do defo works ( 217 Happy )i allways do small pause on all work sets.

Cheers mate Happy the aim is to get it bigger! I'm hovering between around 220-230 at the moment basically just depending how stiff my shoulders/pecs are from the volume i do. So i was thinking maybe mix in TnG to relieve the stress slightly. Do you ever get this problem? Shoulders n pecs get really tight after a while

I'm guessing there are probably good stretches that can be done, does anyone recommend any?
» To pause or not to pause? (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 23:28 
Cheers guys, it seems the general consensus is pausing which makes sense. Do you get shoulder/pec stress from this? I know most benchers will experience this as it just goes hand in hand with what we do.

Lately I've been leaning towards Martin's comment that pausing, especially as i do quite high volume in 80-90% range, puts a lot of stress on shoulders and pecs and maybe it would be good to mix with TnG to relieve this stress every now and again. I think I may give this a go and see what happens, its a fairly trial and error sport!
» To pause or not to pause? (Go to post)11-01-2014 @ 22:34 
I was just wondering how people trained the bench? particularly if they lift in comp. i.e. do you train mostly with pauses to practice for comp and throw in TnG now and again or vice versa - TnG until just before comp then pauses leading into it. Just curious as pausing seems to put a lot of stress on shoulders and pec if done for a while, and TnG allows you to do extra rep or 2 which might get your body used to slightly heavier weights or basically what you're trying to improve paused repping to.

Any thoughts?...
» Rob's Powerlifting Journal (Go to post)11-05-2013 @ 00:44 
rob0210 said:
Cheers Mike! Plan is to train each lift twice per week, once at 5x2@70% and one a bit heavier with some linear progression. Not too certain if I can get much stronger by grinding out some limit sets at this point so I want to focus on staying fresh and working on bar speed/technique to make the most of the strength I've already built. Multiple low rep sets basically!
Looking for 740+ on the day so something like 250/180/310. What about you?
8/5/13 - Bench
Bench (paused)
Warm Ups
140kg x 3 x 6 sets
Neutral Grip BOR
5 x 12
Short and sweet. Will be pausing all reps from this point on.

Sounds like a good plan with some big numbers aiming for mate! I'm having 5 flat out weeks trying to get stronger as I'm still getting pretty fast post-injury gains and its pretty tight in my class so every kg may count! looking for around an 880kg total which will be something like 325/225/330 so we'll see how it goes!
» Rob's Powerlifting Journal (Go to post)07-05-2013 @ 22:48 
Strong lifting at the squads mate! whats your plan for the last 5-6 weeks to Russia? you got any numbers in mind you wana hit at the comp?
» squat pb! (Go to post)07-05-2013 @ 22:46 
Top squatting mate! i think if you carried on going up the weights you would have been on 320kg by 4:30 haha. whats your plan for the last 5-6 weeks to Russia?

Did you have chance to put those deadlifts up after mate? just wanted to see the slight mistake i made and iron it out as i havent done it before
» The road to Russia..... (Go to post)15-03-2013 @ 12:52 
milsy said:
now then michael hows your training going? didnt realise you were on the team aswell sounds like we are taking a solid team over
as for aims 280/190/280 for a 750 total squat and bench are on track its just the deadlift I am worried about what you aiming for ?

yeah its going good again thanks mate after the injuries I had, pretty much near full strength where i got to Post-British. Its looking like we have a strong team!

strong numbers there - the deadlift is a back issue is it? I've got 900 in the back of my mind so we'll see. Got a comp in around 6 weeks so will be a good indicator of how the strength is coming back!
» The road to Russia..... (Go to post)14-03-2013 @ 22:27 
Looking good millsy - good to see you joining us in Russia! what numbers you aiming for?
» what would you consider 'strong' (Go to post)15-10-2012 @ 21:57 
I'm just going to say what would make me take notice if I read a comp result or seen someone lift in the gym or comp etc.

200+ bench
300+ in both squat and deadlift.

regardless of age, weight etc and may be a little powerlifting biased.
» WSM 2012 updates/results (Go to post)03-10-2012 @ 13:26 
ursus said:Z really has asserted his dominance , people said he could be beaten overhead and he dominated with more in the tank. He cant deadlift for reps only max ,then he produces crazy reps .Its amazing how hes kept improving with the standard . The best heavy dumbeller in the world ,best deadlifter,best squatter,world record yokes,220kg log,tyre deads @ Arnolds, metal block world record,axle world record reps and max !! Weight for height,Farmers . Its just amazing , may we have many years to come of him cus it will be a sad day for strongman when he retires !!

Totally agree !! the guys amazing
» Adam Gemili (Go to post)15-06-2012 @ 12:02 
anyone notice he probs had the worst start of everyone also? if he works on that he's sub 10, crazy.

I remember Harry AA running 10.8 at 16 when I was doing shot and discus for Wales a few years ago and thinking it looked ridiculously quick, but how times have changed!


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