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» 2011 under 90k Britains Strongest Man Final (Go to post)25-08-2011 @ 04:15 
You Pommy guys are crazy, that is a heavy comp!
There's no such thing as an under 90kg comp here in Australia unfortunately.
Look forward to seeing the results of this one!
» Arnolds 2011 (Go to post)06-03-2011 @ 04:01 
What happened to Big Z on the Circus DB???
» champ-pain !! (Go to post)22-01-2011 @ 13:11 
James said:good lifts there mate! it would be a pleasure to have you over and compete here

good luck with your nationals

Thanks mate, would be great to come over & compete with you guys one day & have a holiday.
When's your next comp?
» champ-pain !! (Go to post)22-01-2011 @ 12:37 
Yeah a wsm 90kg would be sweet!

Some of my lifts:

*300kg yoke x 20m in 13 seconds
*125kg per hand farmers x 20m in 11 seconds
* 291kg clean deadlift. 240kg x 8 @ last strongman comp
*125kg axle clean & press
*162kg stone over 1.2m bar

I've got our 105kg Nationals in 4 days that I'm hoping to win (not much competition in Australia)
» champ-pain !! (Go to post)22-01-2011 @ 10:18 
Nice journal mate!!! Had a look through to see how you Poms compare to the Aussie strongman scene.

Out of interest - what are your best efforts on yoke, farmers, stones, max axle etc?
» The Brandon McDonald debate (Go to post)22-01-2011 @ 07:17 
What about having an Aussie in your comps? Happy
I compete in 105kg over here as there is no 90kg comps. Have you got any stats/vids of your top 90kg guys so I can compare.

» Englands Strongest Man under 90kg. (Go to post)28-06-2010 @ 11:59 
Great comp guys! under 90kg strongman is pretty much dead here in Australia which is a shame.
What was the weight of the deadlift & squat in the comp?
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