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» Muscleinc intermediate mens and womens comp 5th july 2014 (Go to post)20-06-2014 @ 17:35 
Post Edited: 20.06.2014 @ 17:39 PM by muscleinc
Bit late in posting this one , part of the Haslemere fringe festival so will be a decent public crowd watching .only got the nod on venue a few days ago. First comp we've hosted in a couple of years and with only a few weeks left we are looking for 10 inters men and 10 women , one weight each each class.15 entry 01428644032
venue is lion green Haslemere surrey opposite tesco's next to traffic light
, 0.5 mile from Uniqphysique (muscleinc)

Mens inter
Conans wheel 230 kg distance (rotations)

overhead medley 110 axel , 115 log , 120 apollons

farmers walk 120 per hand , drop and back 20 metres

yoke 280 20 metres drop and back 20 metres

stones over yoke 110kg 130kg 142kg 150 kg

conans wheel 110kg most rotations

yolk overhead press 40 kg reps

farmers walk 65kg drop and back 20 metres

yoke 120kg 20metres drop and back

18" apollons 135kg deadlift reps

trophys top 3
tshirts all competitors
» Muscleinc Strongman summerslam 22nd september 2012 (Go to post)28-07-2012 @ 10:03 
all details are now on comp page
» Muscleinc Strongman summerslam 22nd september 2012 (Go to post)26-07-2012 @ 13:07 
Running one novice class and one open class comp 22nd september, just posted comp section here, so should be up within a few days , 5 events ,no weight catogories ,nice and simple
maximum 12 competitors
overhead medley
tyre flip
car/truck pull
deadlift for reps
load and carry

usual rules apply - only full reps, NO DROPPING OF LIFTS ei deadlift/overhead medley. get a good set of straps too, too much farting about with straps in the past, holds everything up
12 competitors max each class
novice means not placed 1st in any previous novice class
17.00 entry to be recieved a fortnight before comp
tshirts for all competitors,trophy medals and sups for top 3

Ollie 07825093578
Andy 07769903029
» Muscleinc presents surrey strongest man 7th may (Go to post)05-05-2012 @ 13:37 
event will take place from 12noon at swan inn(witherspoons) car park haslemere Gu272hg.
nearest parking will be off tanners lane, you can walk past fire station and through waitrose to access comp location
» Muscleinc presents surrey strongest man 7th may (Go to post)01-05-2012 @ 21:45 
This event is taking place at the Haslemere charter fair from 11am , park off tanners lane and walk through waitrose car park where it taking place witherspoons car park of high street. charter fair normally has a few thousand so main high street is closed off, let hope the weather holds out
» Muscleinc presents surrey strongest man 7th may (Go to post)01-05-2012 @ 21:42 
Bit touch and go this one, had difficulties with insurance and local council getting this together hence the late post.We have 10 competitors already
This is an open comp , under 105s and over 105s , keeping it as follows-
under 105s
log lift for reps 100kg 75seconds
yoke 260kg 15metres
tyre flip 75secs
deadlift reps olympic bar 200kg 75secs
atlas stones

over 105s
log 110kg
car carry 300kg 15metres
tyre flip 75 secs
deadlift 230kg reps
altlas stones

15 entry
» Muscleinc Christmas carnage weekend (Go to post)12-10-2011 @ 16:34 
entries for the novice and inters are now closed, 20 in each class. still have room for the opens on sunday though
» Muscleinc dec comp (Go to post)07-10-2011 @ 11:15 
Novice and inters for dec are are now full, we have 20 unders and 20 overs , i will sort novice and inters apart from their past experience, all novice that have placed top 2 in previous comp are inters
still have room for the opens on sunday, contact me if youre interested
Ollie 07825093578
» Muscleinc Christmas carnage weekend (Go to post)30-09-2011 @ 12:23 
muscleinc ,unit 4 unicorn trading estate, weydown road , haslemere, surrey, gu271dn
» Muscleinc Christmas carnage weekend (Go to post)30-09-2011 @ 10:44 
Hi everyone, sorry havnt been here much to update you all , been preparing for my mma debut in november, straps is fine for axle, loading platform is 48' high, yoke is 56' high, 15 entry for novice ,inters , 20 entry for opens, prize money for opens 25, 50, 100. novice ,inters on saturday 10th, opens and 'pound for pound' on sunday . pound for pound is flat bench and deadlift reps with bodyweight
» Muscleinc summer challenge results (Go to post)28-08-2011 @ 11:41 
resonable turnout yesterday as there were so many other events on this weekend and we were blessed with the weather again

under 95kg novice
3rd gutsy performance by Gordon Fairey 2nd Karl Malarky chasing 1st place James Elliott who dominated from the begining.
over 95kg
1st place big Andy Allfrey , injury prevented 2nd place John Cook from completing the events
consistant performance by first place Dawid Waszkiewicz, Massive Rich Cooper in 2nd though slowed slightly on the car carry with a knee injury, Ashley Smith in 3rd ,perfect form in all events though obviously tired from the last weekends comp, 4th was Jon Bleach , made some big improvments from previous comps, especially the tyre flip
» Muscleinc Madness at midhurst festival , location change!! (Go to post)22-08-2011 @ 11:29 
What was MUSCLEINC MADNESS at midhurst festival is now muscleinc summer challenge, here at muscleinc haslemere.
The organisers of Midhurst festival changed and the current organisers left us out of the advertising and we ended up located half mile away from the actually event, THEIR LOSS!!
Events are the same and looking at the entries we have some top notch competitors coming Happy , it also saves lugging our huge new stone platform, conans wheel and metro car carry to midhurst and haslemere Grin
» Muscleinc madness at madhurst entries (Go to post)19-08-2011 @ 17:45 
Could all competitors drop me a text or email to confirm class, so I can get all sorted for sat, pay cash on day. Classes are under 95 novice , over 95 novice and opens . Event details were posted on comp forum on the 8th, we wil gather before we start just to make all are happy with weights. Ollie 07825093578 ,
» Muscleinc Madness (Go to post)05-08-2011 @ 18:41 
Here are the the class events for 27th august, sorry its taken so long, events have been pending on equipment being made and access to venue
novice under 95kg=
overhead medley =60kg db/105kg apollians/90kg axle/100kg log/80kg barrel
jeep deadlift
tyre flip 400kg 90secs
conans wheel
atlas stones 85/105/110/130/142
novice over 95kg
overhead medley=70kg db/115kg apollians/100kg axle/110kg log/80kg barrel
jeep deadlift
tyre flip 400kg reps
conans wheel
atlas stones 85/110/130/142/150
overhead medley=80barrell /80kg dumbell/120 apollians/110kg axle/ 120kg log
jeep deadlift
tyre flip 400kg
metro car carry 20 metres
atlas stones 110/ 130/ 142/ 150/ 172
call me 01428644032 07825093578
» Muscleinc bbq and novice comp thursday night 28th july 6.30pm start (Go to post)23-07-2011 @ 13:24 
Just like last year, im goner run a small novice comp alongside our annual bbq night, thursday works for us as weekends this time of year are normally very full, we wrapped the comp last year by 10.30pm and good fun by all.
capping competitors at 15 , may do and inters class to if i cannot get the novice numbers. 5 events nice and simple
inbox me or call me on 01428644032 or 07825093578


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