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» Strength Sports Conference - Request for Ideas (Go to post)20-11-2013 @ 17:36 
Very Interested in this
» Sourcing good quality meat / Fish / Poultry (Go to post)20-03-2012 @ 11:15 
My partners dad is a wholesale butcher and so we know the provenance of all the meat and how it was prepared, I don't mean organically raised on combed grass and stroked everyday by puppies, but the fact that it is not water injected or the mince is quality and not hooves.

Deffo makes a difference, if a local butcher is too expensive compared to supermarkets (although most are trying as hard as they can) try a reputable meat market, we have used Birmingham meat market in the past when certain things haven't been stocked and got some real bargains. Also lucky that we can shoot round here so picked up a lot of rabbit and pigeon.

Overall get a friendly butcher and you wont go far wrong
» Should British strongman have a federation? (Go to post)08-07-2010 @ 12:35 
Too many egos and vested interests, personally you would be better off with someone instigating a defined structure all tiered into a definitive BSM that lead to proper qualification to WSM. This will never happen because although no-one seems to want to say it, the so called 'pinnacle' of the sport or our 'world cup' is down to invitations and who you know, these farcical so called qualifying events that mean jack because guys that haven't even competed in the last 12 mths mysteriously get invites and turn up on our decreasingly viewable channels( From BBC1 down to CH5 down to Bravo, where next CBeebies??)

Any federation in this country, if it cannot have direct links to an overall worldwide structure then it should keep it's goals simple and be used to protect athletes and encourage the grass roots of the sport, engage in some standardisation of levels of ability and encourage a tiered structure that someone can aspire to and clearly understand where they fit in the sport and how they can progress. A published league/s at different standards that people could compete for over a defined season could be part of this.

Too many talented, energetic, hardworking people are neglected and underutilised in this sport and I have spoken to several event organisers that simply have come to the end of their patience (and cash) and will not do it anymore.

I have been closely involved in Super Series in the past from a commercial standpoint and if you look at SCL, Super-Series and even Giants Live these are aspirational for Strongmen but really a quantum leap above most competitors and there is virtually no qualifying just invites.

Just babbling now, but we all know there are fundamental fractures in our sport and no structure, but great people and potential to make it along the lines of WWF and MMA, I do not believe it will ever be as big but sits in that marketplace with all the requisite merchandising, sponsorship and publicity opportunities. The market value is great that is why TWI haven't let go yet, it would be even greater if the sport had a coherent message and structure that the general public could understand, follow and invest in.

Just my 2p worth
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