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» Tom Martin 410kg 18' (Go to post)19-09-2010 @ 12:12 
incredible lifting mate, well done!
» Advice needed (Go to post)16-09-2010 @ 16:10 
I'd get a rack as soon as possible mate, or find a decent gym and join it.

Squatting regularly usually has a good carryover to deadlifts but not the other way round, i have found in my experience but may be wrong.

Stiff legged deadlifts may help however.
» weightlifting shoes (Go to post)13-09-2010 @ 07:14 
Cheers guys, will have a look at those ironwork shoes. And I usually squat barefoot but the busybodies in my uni gym are pretty strict about footwear which is a shame as it is a decent gym.

Do you find that shoes alter your tech much?
» weightlifting shoes (Go to post)12-09-2010 @ 22:09 
Evening all, just wondering if many people here use weightlifting shoes for squatting? If so what ones do you use? I have been looking at adidas power perfect and they seem to be reasonably priced.

» Few PBs from todays session (Go to post)12-09-2010 @ 18:10 
very nice session! love the garden production videos.
» Funny parkour video (Go to post)05-09-2010 @ 21:11 
plyo-tastic! awesome! i wonder what their squat 1RM is?
» anyone else think adrian chiles is a (Go to post)03-09-2010 @ 21:01 
» elbow sleeves (Go to post)31-08-2010 @ 19:09 
Simon_T said:I bought some from buzz when I had some bad elbow pain when cleaning and pressing, they really helped support my elbows and definitely give you a little bit extra when pressing.

Which ones have you got mate?
» elbow sleeves (Go to post)30-08-2010 @ 23:47 
Been looking at some elbow sleeves on Buzz's site, do they give you anything when pressing or do they just make your elbows feel that bit more secure?

» Koklayev lifting (Go to post)26-08-2010 @ 17:40 
General_ill said:
Im going to try this tomorrow. (with an empty bar)

me too.
» What kind of car does everyone have? Just because I'm a car fan and nosey. (Go to post)23-08-2010 @ 22:32 
drew said:ive got an x reg yaris which is a 0.98lt. oh yeah

my mum and dad bought it for me and my brother to learn in and the insurance is dirt cheap. i just inherited it though

now im 25 and insurance will be even cheaper as ive radically matured and drive completly differently in the last 2 weeks Roll-Eyes im thinking about getting a new car


a saloon, c-class/3 series/ old jag/ mondeos are ment to be very good


a defender, kitted up to the eye balls. manliest thing in existance


a alfa romea giuletta. i think its quite a handsome car

any tips

next year when im older, im either going to get a jag xj6 or a defender. insuring the jag (2.9 litre engine) will be about 800 quid on my own policy and about a ton cheaper for a defender.

Where i work we share a yard with a car dealer who had a nice XJ6 with about 80k on the ticker, full MOT, tax etc for 1200 notes. the other day some arse came and bought it.

But in response to your post, look on autotrader and the classifieds section on pistonheads.
» What kind of car does everyone have? Just because I'm a car fan and nosey. (Go to post)22-08-2010 @ 19:41 
a big ferrari red london taxi. the light works and everything.
» lifting belts (Go to post)14-08-2010 @ 08:14 
General_ill said:Also just to add I've had nothing but execllent customer service and prompt deliver from strenght shop and where possible will use them for all my future needs

» fav sarnie (Go to post)10-08-2010 @ 22:16 
Subway Steak and cheese with the orange coloured sauce (name escapes me right now) on honey oat bread. a tasty treat indeed.
» fav sarnie (Go to post)10-08-2010 @ 19:44 
some tasty looking wedges here, inspirational work lunch!

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