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» Close grip incline bench (Go to post)18-10-2010 @ 17:28 
hixxy1985 said:close grip hurts my wrists! but incline close grip sounds more beneficial to me than flat.

Likewise and thats what i thought! Did incline tricep bar presses today, f**king tough like!
» Where's andydanjosh? (Go to post)18-10-2010 @ 17:25 
Thing said:to much bench love!!!!

i think someone said hi computer is f**ked from to much benching Grin Grin Grin Grin

Some say its f**ked from being used for 1-board presses haha
» Close grip incline bench (Go to post)18-10-2010 @ 12:41 
Do you do this before or after flat bench? Do you find it has much carry over to overhead work?

» Link to fame (Go to post)18-10-2010 @ 12:22 
Thing said:
Rico - he was a nice guy
Davy you wrong there met him down in edinburgh at the Highland Show years and years ago.

My bad, just going on what others have said!
» Link to fame (Go to post)17-10-2010 @ 16:47 
dankelby said:
Hes been a hero of mine since i can remember.
Where did you meet him?

Apparently hes an ar****le.
» Northern Regional Masters Weightlifting Comp (Go to post)17-10-2010 @ 15:53 
The last montage bit of the second vid is strangely hypnotic. Bar goes up bar goes down bar goes overhead.
» Link to fame (Go to post)17-10-2010 @ 15:38 
ive met damon hill not once not twice but THREE times.
» grrr traffic (Go to post)16-10-2010 @ 15:00 
Pompy said:Tried to piss in an empty bottle of emerge but the width of the hole was not compatible so I waited.

Aim not too good?
» Pictionary (Just some fun....) (Go to post)15-10-2010 @ 08:22 
Post Edited: 15.10.2010 @ 08:23 AM by Rico
the grinch?
» another 'bodybuilder' hooked on 'steroids'... (Go to post)14-10-2010 @ 22:15 
Post Edited: 15.10.2010 @ 17:26 PM by Boar
linky winky woo
» Super Log of Joy (Go to post)14-10-2010 @ 21:32 
Todays session. Went a lot later than I usually do but I had uni work and s**t I had to do.




Push Press:


Strict again:


Behind neck strict: never done these before!


f**king hard after all the previous pressing!

Tricep rope push down

Forgot weights but worked up to full stack for 3x8

» I'm In Love (Go to post)14-10-2010 @ 21:19 
PAGAN said:
I simply wont have Nigella being pigeon holed as 'my type' , she transends any labeling, she is a goddessEek

haha YES! only 30 odd years older than me but f*ck me i would
» Rebirth of a cardio monster (Go to post)14-10-2010 @ 10:30 
Just read this journal from start to finish, a great read and superb numbers. Keep it up!
» Interesting Facts About Argentina (Go to post)13-10-2010 @ 19:59 
drew said:There's a place called sandwich islands


Yeah you have to take a subway to get there.
» Subhumans with their 'pitbull bodyguards'. (Go to post)13-10-2010 @ 13:08 
No one has mentioned labradors, imo the best breed of dogs.

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