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» EQ nutrition 2010 Natural British strongman (Go to post)03-09-2010 @ 18:30 
No one looked like they were on anything to me. In my opinion the biggest people there in the way of muscle mass were me and Ben Kelsey, i weighed in at 103kg and i think he was around the same.

Then again i do rememba lookin at one of the over 105's and thinking christ how could you get that big, but not in the way you'd want to be big, haha.
» EQ nutrition 2010 Natural British strongman (Go to post)28-08-2010 @ 23:42 
I wasn't happy with what happend with me on the deadlift, the weights wernt even on properly on the right side so the left side was coming up first, threw me right off, deadlift is my greatest strength aswel.

No excuse for the farmers walk though, i was shocking, tht's what you get for not practising stuff and jst assuming you wil be good at it, i was in 1st place until i messed up on tht last event to.
» Strongman training in Hull or surrounding areas! (Go to post)17-05-2010 @ 22:44 

Does any1 know of any gyms or places in or around hull that have strongman equipment to train with?

I'm entering my first competition in a few months so gona av to start doing some specialized training for it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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