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» Training for first comp 2010 (Go to post)12-06-2010 @ 22:21 
Post Edited: 12.06.2010 @ 22:26 PM by itsyourround
" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">[/youtube]

This was the 250kg grip hold, the videos are huge, this took nearly 30 mins to upload, try to get some more up later.
» Training for first comp 2010 (Go to post)12-06-2010 @ 21:39 
Post Edited: 12.06.2010 @ 21:47 PM by itsyourround
MrSmall said:You would have been tons better if you didn't dehydrate so viciously mate, get that weight in check and things will fall into place. I know from my own personal experience uni is a terrible place to be when building up to a comp but you do what you can, if you shoot yourself in the foot by mega-dehydrating on the day and during the week then it will only lead to disappointment.

Well done on your first comp though, solid grip especially!!

Cheers mate! Suprised myself on the grip, was all downhill from there though, absolutely drained. Yea uni is a disaster and it being my finals i was doing serious work and i was a rep in our year group! Need to be positive! With everything that happened me it went as best as i could expect probably. Love this sport and this has really got me interested in it, had such a good day, wish i coulda been fresh though.

Think my gf got some vids, will try and post them up on here.

Have you a competition in the pipeline smalls?
» Training for first comp 2010 (Go to post)12-06-2010 @ 20:02 
Post Edited: 12.06.2010 @ 21:56 PM by itsyourround
Just back from the comp, wow what a day, quick report here (ni 105kg strongest man)

Got to the venue at 10am, weighed in and was 107kg, couldn't believe it and was genuinely in a state of shock, had been fasting since 6 the day previous and drinking zero fluids. Against all advice i headed to the sauna and sat for a hour and got down to 105.2kg and was allowed to enter. Felt like dog s**t and my stomach wasn't accepting how much fluid and oats i was trying to get it to hold in a short period of time.

First event was a 250kg grip hold, hung on for 47 seconds and got third, was suprised as i havn't trained this event. Second up was the tire flip and it was a deeply treaded tire i wasn't used to flipping holding the tread, struggled but got the 3 flips then ran out of time on the 350kg row which felt easy. Had a belt on for this and it was too tight and went and got sick 4 times. At this stage i was considering pulling out as i was so dissapointed with myself and how i was feeling and was annoyed about how my preparation had been so abysmal. But stuck in there. Next event was max log and i bowed out after 100kg. Log is my worst event and was still annoyed after the tire flip.

After the interval was the farmers walk, 130kg each hand, got 12m up the course but dropped the right one as it shredded my right hand, lifted lump of skin size of a box of matches out of my hand, got bandaged up and deadlifted the car twice, ain't ever done a car deadlift and my hand was aching, then lifted 3/5 stones.

Overall gutted with myself. Prep has been terrible with uni finishing and having to drive 60 miles to the gym. Was thinking after the stones i havn't trained them in over 2 months. Met a good fella though who is local to me and has his own kit so going to start training with him. Don't think too many people read this but 2 weeks ago after my finals at uni i wrecked my leg on a jet ski and havn't lifted a weight in 2 weeks of any form.

Not making excuses at all, my poor prep was my fault but i will be back at the next comp with bells on and weighing in on weight. Starting full time work now and training near home and with the knowledge of the lads on here i hope to get on better in my next comp. Cheers for reading. I love this sport and am only young fella as of yet!
» Training for first comp 2010 (Go to post)12-06-2010 @ 08:26 
105.4kg this morning, it's showtime!
» Training for first comp 2010 (Go to post)11-06-2010 @ 23:42 
Just after last physio session on my bust leg, coming on good. Weight is coming down nicely, nervous but excited about my first comp! Can't wait to get going! Hopefully it's good weather.
» The Return of The Bull (Go to post)03-06-2010 @ 16:24 
Great vid, well done! Solid work!
» Training for first comp 2010 (Go to post)03-06-2010 @ 12:25 
Post Edited: 03.06.2010 @ 12:28 PM by itsyourround
Monday 31st

Rack pulls (below knee)


speed deadlifts


hyper-extensions and loada core work

Tuesday - disaster s**t day

Log (strict press)


log clean and press up to 105 for singles

tire flip 300kg

10 flips x 3

some overhead dumbbell snatches

Went out on the jet ski that evening and hit about a 2 storey wave at 60mph, went vertical about 10ft off the ski and landed on the bas***d. Both knees killing me, shin swollen up and bruised and a dead leg like nothing i've had in my life on my left leg. Disaster. This was supposed to be my big 2 weeks before the comp. Been icing and elevating it and taking diclofenac. Going to see a top physio 2moz to get it rubbed out and get the swelling down.

Absolutely gutted atm this happening 10 days before my first ever comp.
» Tire Flip Machine (Go to post)01-06-2010 @ 09:59 
Nice bit of kit! Suppose the big advantage is you can easily add the weight. Old tire would be lot cheaper tho!
» Koklayev (Go to post)31-05-2010 @ 21:36 
Post Edited: 31.05.2010 @ 21:37 PM by Boar
» u/105 'the inbetweeners' (Go to post)31-05-2010 @ 16:32 
Well done everyone! Get some pics & vids up asap!
» u/105 'the inbetweeners' (Go to post)31-05-2010 @ 12:03 
Good luck everyone! Hope it's a good day for it!Cool
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)31-05-2010 @ 11:18 
Sent you pm there buzz.
» Beer kegs (Go to post)31-05-2010 @ 11:06 
MarkClegg said:
f**kin Hell Boar ! Its NOT a Clitoris JUST SMASH THAT MUTHER f**kER OFF !

lol this made me chuckle
» FAT SAM 2010!! (Go to post)30-05-2010 @ 20:31 
Well done in the comp! I'm a newcomer to this strongman sport as well, doing first comp in 2 weeks. What have you being doing to lose the bit of weight?
» protein (Go to post)30-05-2010 @ 20:18 
I've always been one for brands etc but times are tough and i'm finishing uni soon so ordered 10kg of unflavoured whey off the whey consortium, looking forward to it.


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