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» The realization of SB DEATH ! (Go to post)31-08-2014 @ 21:00 
Cant remember who from but was a comment this week about how the trolling of forums, and internet use in general, has seen the decline of real lifters/strongmen participating in discussions or topics.

SB is just an example of this IMO - too many students with no experience and far too much time on their hands becoming experts Happy
» Powerlifting Bar between 300 and 500 (Go to post)30-08-2014 @ 18:12 
HeavySingle said:
Yeah I appreciate that mate, and until recently I haven't heard anybody with a bad thing to say about the bar. It'll most likely still be the one I end up buying

I had three bars sent over from the US and the VAT/tax, handling fees, storage fees etc were crazy. Makes it virtually the same cost as buying one from someone in the UK Happy

I actually prefer the Okie Power Bar really, and it's a little cheaper or used to be.
» Powerlifting Bar between 300 and 500 (Go to post)30-08-2014 @ 17:45 
Have you tried to get a 20kg, 7ft long piece of steel sent from the US to the UK?

That's why there is a mark up. Still the best bar you can get hold of for under 500
» Sbd knee sleeves & singlet for sale (Go to post)12-08-2014 @ 22:55 
I'll have the singlet mate. Add me on FB or private message me with details
» Stiff Bars (Go to post)30-07-2014 @ 22:39 
No worries. I have all three okie bars but just tend to use my okie power bar for everything instead. I like it just as much as the Elekio power bar I have used in the past.

I doubt you'll be disappointed with a TPB Happy
» Stiff Bars (Go to post)30-07-2014 @ 22:27 
Haven't a clue what people are doing with their bars!!

Anyone who breaks a TPB or Okie bar must be dong something wrong.

They do bend a little with over 300kg on it but so it should do.

Of you want a very stuff bar then a 32mm squat bar would do it if it's a necessity.
» My 200kg Deadlift (Go to post)24-07-2014 @ 21:22 

Did a bomb go off at the end?

Maybe try bringing your feet a little closer together too and see if it feels better.
» Deadlift World Record - Predictions (Go to post)23-06-2014 @ 21:28 
JamieG said:
tommyyg said:Bemny will wim that then shaw its a diffrent way of deadlifting strongman rules thats why andy bolton wont get it he has never train to get the bar up no matter what I mean hitichimg straps the rest of you will be close you got loz eddie what you hopeing to hit hixxy and as for benny injury he is already back deadlifting he be fine

I don't know about that. I thought Bolton always said his weakest point was grip? Should help him.

I hope he pulls out a monster pull!

I think a no straps PL'ing deadlift comp would have been more interesting in some respects - Bolton insists it is his grip that stops him going too fast with the heavy weights from the floor because it tears the bar from his hand.

I don't think he has had time to get the most out of using straps - something very alien to him.

A no straps comp would have been nice to see what the SM can actually hold onto as I guess there may have been some surprises.
» Eric 447 squat (Go to post)23-06-2014 @ 20:51 
DeanW92 said:
GATES said:Why max out a few days before a come? Won't be surprised if he gets injured spoon going so heavy all the time

Supper squatting though

He has trained like this all his lifting career, usually hitting a heavy triple, double or single to failure on the main lift, every other week.

Whilst still making great progress why would he change, and what do you think he should be doing?

If he is maxing out four days pre comp he is stupid under every method of training out there regardless of what you do in a normal week! Which is what Gates was thinking I guess?

But its four weeks out, which is a fairly normal time to hit a max or close according to most training theories.

Strong either way!
» DAN GREEN world record holder Manchester seminar. (Go to post)21-06-2014 @ 15:05 
I would be in probably with at least one more if not a couple.

I'd like to meet him before I take his squat record next year...
» GPC Euros .. (Go to post)05-06-2014 @ 02:27 
Just to put the record straight:

Del went 370kg deadlift third but missed it, however had already secured first place with his second.

I went 300/330/340 squat and tore my quad on the third at the bottom. Had to bench and deadlift with a torn quad but still managed 837.5kg raw total @ 98.5kg (8.5xbw) with a f**ked up leg.

Del got second overall and I took third place.

The other GB lifters had a great day all round and enough for sub to place second overall as a team in the raw lifting Happy

Thanks for the support to the guys who know what they are talking about!
» Deadlift specialist Programing (Go to post)01-06-2014 @ 16:50 
GPA - the Fed that Malanichev, Dan Green etc compete in.
» Deadlift specialist Programing (Go to post)01-06-2014 @ 15:56 
unit94 said:
I've got thp's and I'm really not looking forward to using them lol

They seem to be much worse when new especially the newer ones since they modified them. After a couple of sessions they soften up a bit so not as bad, but if your wrapping tight then expect some bruising Happy
» Deadlift specialist Programing (Go to post)01-06-2014 @ 15:45 
Post Edited: 01.06.2014 @ 15:48 PM by martin
DoubleD said:
I have a meet on august that allows knee wraps,
You don't except me to compete without wraps when everyone else have wraps.....
So it's THP or titanium?
Some People said me to get the titanium because the THP will be too hard on me, what do you say?

Go with Titaniums. They are more comfortable and still very good wraps. The THP's hurt and are very stiff wraps, if you have never had proper wraps before you wont like them at all Happy

Edit: I would use wraps. Don't see the problem at all. Personally I don't like squatting close to max without them after two major knee problems, regardless of if they add more to yout squat or not.
» Deadlift specialist Programing (Go to post)01-06-2014 @ 15:34 
DoubleD said:Hi

After my PL meet I want to put my most efforts on my strongest lift

You don't have a strong lift.

But whilst I'm being negative I will also save you 20 and tell you that you definitely don't need to by Titan Gold over THP.

I prefer the THP's because the gold's are too much to actually wrap properly. Use a cheaper/thinner wrap and apply it well and it will help a lot more.

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