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» Sugdens very own competing at WSM (Go to post)27-04-2018 @ 22:50 
How did Terry and Felix qualify ? Personally would prefer to see new blood come through. Neither of those two are anywhere near strong enough to make the finals or ever will be now...
» weightlifting when 14weeks pregnant (Go to post)02-09-2015 @ 10:29 
Don't risk it, anyone that has children and knows how special they are would never take any kind of risk - no matter how small.
» Babyslayer 362kg x 8 deadlift.. (Go to post)12-05-2015 @ 17:08 
Hes scary strong, but i can tell hes loads of sandwiches short of a picnic!

I also find his voice so f**king mono-tone!! plus he actually looks like an ape in various ways lol!
» Grants New pl/sm training journal (Go to post)28-04-2015 @ 08:24 
27/4 chest

Its been a long time.

8'' close grip bench

60 x 12
60 x 10
100 x 1
100 x 1
120 x 5
130 x 12
120 x 15
125 x 12

oly bar skull crushers

45 x 15
45 x 15
45 x 12

1 arm dumbell extension

22kg x 10/10
22 kg x 10/10
24 kg x 10/8

push downs

3 x 10

starting to piece back some strength, so will log to try to keep motivation up.

have a shoulder injury at the moment so everything is close grip. strength overall is way down on the big 3 but strangely high on the UN-important stuff like pull ups, upright rows, arm strength etc.

I think its confidence thing. Once its back i should gain quickly!
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)26-04-2015 @ 20:08 
Who are the few names that will overtake hall? They must be monsters lol ed has improved enormously over the last 3 years faster than Brian shaw or anyone. If that continues there's no way he won't be WSM within 3 years.
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)25-04-2015 @ 08:48 
Post Edited: 25.04.2015 @ 08:48 AM by granty
Worth remembering that shaw and Thor went after ed and z so had targets to chase with can make a hell of a lot of difference id say.
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)24-04-2015 @ 22:42 
Post Edited: 24.04.2015 @ 22:42 PM by granty
I think it's safe to say shaw is at least 205 kg probably more like 215
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)24-04-2015 @ 21:16 
rian1987 said:
he holds the hitched deadlift record yes and is very strong. But malchinev has squatted 460 raw and has the world record total.. Benni did an easy 460 without straps.. ed is extremely strong but in a powerlifting meet would probably dead around 420 raw with no straps and hitch..

420 lmao.. Get real
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)24-04-2015 @ 10:13 
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)19-04-2015 @ 17:12 
First time I've ever watched current WSM videos and felt uninterested. Looks a boring un-spectacular venue, and pathetically heavy aswell as dangerous. Should the heats not be lighter then final heavy? Terrible for loz, he seems to be heading towards a lbstone type retirement.
» George Leeman 909lb american record (Go to post)22-03-2015 @ 20:22 
Strong as hell, but such a wierd un- balanced guy. I've read that there's alot of hatred between George and his girlfriends family ( urbanks) since this I've noticed many underhand statues goading them. The statuses he writes are a sandwich short of a picnic... Id be s**t scared if I was the urbanks as I really do think the guys un-hinged lol not the sort of guy you envisage dating your sibling or daughter.
» Eddie Hall pulls 462kg (Go to post)15-03-2015 @ 00:03 
ursus said:Ive watched this maybe 20 times now and it really truly is a monumental feat of strength and really pushing the barriers of strength. Arnie ,Colin going crazy ,Frampton cheering him on .......absolutely incredible.As a fan of strength for thirty years to find a young man with what appears to be such limitless all around power is staggering . Bench ,squat ,deadlift,overhead .

I actually think if ed wanted the bench record he would get it, same with squat and he's 27! Crazyness
» Eddie Hall pulls 462kg (Go to post)14-03-2015 @ 23:02 
I think ed needs to speak to Andy Bolton and get a suit that fits just right, that'll give him 475+ ! Ed hall strongest back in history, don't they say deadlift is the biggest test of strength? If so eds got Z by a country mile (in before Z has pulled 465 in training)
» WORLD LOG LIFT CHALLANGE..(LIVE STREAM)..14/02/15 (Go to post)14-02-2015 @ 19:15 
Wow so close to strict pressing 220 kg I think he has the strongest shoulders in the world.
» Log record (Go to post)03-02-2015 @ 07:02 
unit94 said:
Saying he was shaking with nerves and that the pressure will get to him is abit unfair to Benni I reckon seeing as he did the best deadlift of all time in comp when it mattered

he did, nerves don't effect deadlift as much as overhead in my limited experience! I'm not knocking him , I just think it will, I hope he does well!!!

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