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» TRAP BAR FOR SALE (Go to post)17-09-2013 @ 18:07 
Yo emjaydubya... Check inbox ..
» 200kg squat at 15 years old (Go to post)16-09-2013 @ 08:18 
Very nice... Lovin the comedy oversized belt/comedy undersized rack combo
» British Natural StrongestMan 2013 (Go to post)09-09-2013 @ 20:58 
John rudgard in (2nd place last year)

Not in the best of shape... 10 days in USA... 4 of which in Vegas... Just got back... Will give it my best though..
» World's Natural Team Strongman Championship 2013 (Go to post)15-08-2013 @ 10:41 
Are you sure you want the yoke to be 400k??
» Natural southern qualifier (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 07:51 
Page89 said:.....?

I've kind of given up worrying... We''re all gonna be in the same boat... Little preparation... Possibly done people missing it due to not being able to get time off work... For those coming a long way... I've actually booked a holiday now.. So I may miss it because of that... Does seem a shame that it's not being given much priority after the last two years being so well organised.... Any info would be good... Other than "it's happening"
» UKs Strongest Man Under 105 2013 Final (Go to post)04-08-2013 @ 19:35 
Straps allowed on deadlift?
» Anyone speak swedish? Eleiko performance centre, halmsted (Go to post)30-07-2013 @ 15:13 
it is... but not sure on the in and outs of membership etc... it was booked out for our course 0800-1700 everyday... then peeps came in after to start training...
» Anyone speak swedish? Eleiko performance centre, halmsted (Go to post)30-07-2013 @ 14:33 
Don't need to speak Swedish... They all speak fluent English... Ring em up hombre
» Anyone speak swedish? Eleiko performance centre, halmsted (Go to post)30-07-2013 @ 14:32 
I've been there it's nice
» Casual 400kg dead (Go to post)29-07-2013 @ 11:44 
Mr savage has a point about grip though... Everyone knows its strong.. Doesnt mean it can't be criticised though
» THE DRAGON 2.0 (Go to post)27-07-2013 @ 17:42 
You swam for a whole hour??!
» Films to avoid (Go to post)23-07-2013 @ 20:59 
cloverfield.... really really terrible... shaky hand held cam... mostly peoples feet running... bit of darkness... 45 mins before the aliens even turn up... then you never even really see them
» Tyre for sale (Go to post)21-07-2013 @ 22:18 
I think they're pretty easy to get for free mate
» Smolov Jnr (Go to post)20-07-2013 @ 22:10 
It broke me
» Britain's Strongestman under 105 final (Go to post)20-07-2013 @ 12:59 
Anyone know when weigh in is from tomo??

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