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» Comfy 112kg strict press with thin log (Go to post)01-01-2015 @ 01:26 
Do you ever put any effort into making your videos viewable?! It seems if anything the opposite is true
» albums to listen to while training?? (Go to post)29-12-2014 @ 11:31 
Benvie said:Any album by lamb of God
Machine head - burn my eyes, the blackening, unto the locust
Pantera - far beyond driven and vulgar display of power
Metallica - first three albums

Any lamb of god?!?!

Sacrament onwards is subpar...

Killadelphia live cd... For a cracking "best of"
» Sheiko Comparison of Magnusson deadlift and Sarychev Deadlift (Go to post)18-12-2014 @ 08:15 
I think it looks like he f**ked it up... Doesn't look like how he normally lifts..
» Coffee (Go to post)16-12-2014 @ 19:35 
VanillaGorilla said:
Well bugger me.

I'll take that as a full retraction of your first statement , likening whisk(e)y waterers to coffee milkers/sugarers... And as a full apology to those whisk(e)y wa**ers who water their whisk(e)y...
» Coffee (Go to post)16-12-2014 @ 08:59 
I love a bit of pedantry mr gorilla... I'm glad I know it can be spelt both ways now...

Re whiskey and water, not whisky and water, my first googleise found me at Jameson's website, where their master distillers recommend adding water to help release flavours
» Ray Williams hits 1,000kg total at 2014 AO... (Go to post)15-12-2014 @ 14:53 
Why are they both so gash (relatively) at deadlift...
» Coffee (Go to post)15-12-2014 @ 08:36 
Case closed
» Coffee (Go to post)15-12-2014 @ 08:18 
A real life scot told me once... He seemed to know what he was banging on about
» Coffee (Go to post)15-12-2014 @ 07:50 
VanillaGorilla said:Cafetiere for me. Sometimes preground, sometimes grind my own. Depends what mood I'm in and how much time I have.

Generally a French style blend, strong and dark with rich tones in the morning. Although something Arabian or Colombian with a more mellow buttery flavour for an afternoon coffee.

Without sugar or milk.

I think I might be developing into a coffee wa**er. Although I know a self professed 'coffee snob' who will only drink stupid frothy milk nonsense. To me this is akin to putting water in a good whiskey and makes them a c**t.

This is another excellent post from me this week I feel.

I agree with the coffee thing (milking it up) I'm generally cafetiere type coffee wa**er, although I was led to believe that a whiskey wa**er SHOULD put a wee bit of water in?

Anyone know anything about this..
» Chingiz Mogushkov Push Press 240 kg(All time Heaviest) (Go to post)13-12-2014 @ 21:19 
donnie said:Edd Hall wrote on facebook he will abolish log record, and I think he is right on the money according to his recent shape.

Is he allowed to do that?
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)10-12-2014 @ 20:41 
Is it weedcater or weedeater?
» Where can I buy uk size 2 oly shoes (Go to post)08-12-2014 @ 08:14 
Add a sole in fill, double sockage, pull tight the bootlaces... And Robert is your mums broseph..
» Tom Martin is big time... (Go to post)25-11-2014 @ 21:01 
Yeah thanks Adam... Wish I knew that before starting this thread...
» Tom Martin is big time... (Go to post)25-11-2014 @ 17:02
» free standing bench safety catchers? (Go to post)17-11-2014 @ 10:52 
I'd say blocks are a better idea

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