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» Hixxy 200 strict log (Go to post)01-02-2015 @ 19:19 
Fine , I rescind my critique...
» Hixxy 200 strict log (Go to post)01-02-2015 @ 19:10 
Knees bend knees straighten... I fail to see how it's not visible...
» Hixxy 200 strict log (Go to post)01-02-2015 @ 17:57 
Great lift but there clearly is some leg drive..
» GIANTS LIVE BRITISH OPEN!! (Go to post)31-01-2015 @ 08:54 
What are the events of the actual comp... Or is everyone too busy wanking over max log to worry about it?
» Framers and other Terminology ? (Go to post)29-01-2015 @ 20:56 
People who say (typically Americans) "I could care less" when they mean couldn't...

Obligated instead of obliged also... Also haitch instead of aitch... It's in the dictionary you can't argue... Plus many many more...
» Big Z (Go to post)18-01-2015 @ 19:33 
When big Z eats a box of maltesers, its actually a box of planets, some of which are earth, with him on.. eating said malteser/planets...

then he does all the press ups ever done with two hands and one hand at the same time, without actually doing them..
» Mixing your strength training with spor (Go to post)13-01-2015 @ 11:36 
liljohn said:How have you found it? Enjoyed it?

Enjoyed it, just started training again for this season... Who ya playing for... Easier to manage training than rugby... But with rugby we trained twice a week and then a game... With "football" it's either training or game once a week..
» Mixing your strength training with spor (Go to post)12-01-2015 @ 22:07 
I started American football last year...
» Midlands u105kg strongest man (Go to post)10-01-2015 @ 11:48 
Does log from blocks mean chest height blocks??
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)07-01-2015 @ 19:08 
i like the same same approach... however it is not the 8th
» Midlands u105kg strongest man (Go to post)06-01-2015 @ 11:01 
hacksaw_warrior said:I know this is a organised and well run comp
But am disappointed this has 3 static lifts
same as last year .ps i do understand reason being warehouse has lack of room now .

Agreed, chuck in a 6th event mr ursus... Either way I think I'll still give it a go this year..
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)05-01-2015 @ 12:12 
Wiegieboard said:
I'm sorry. Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like

This doesn't help me...
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)03-01-2015 @ 15:09 
Wiegieboard said:How much bag would a carpet bag if a carpet could bag bags?

Good trainings good sir.

you're confusing your plurals... is it bag or bags? you've used both, i'm livid.... i want answers!!!!
» Ooooooh... Eddies comeback (Go to post)02-01-2015 @ 22:45
» Comfy 112kg strict press with thin log (Go to post)02-01-2015 @ 07:31 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Can't do much about the darkness! But, yes, I do enjoy being a terrible videographer Grin

Turn a light on?!

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