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» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)05-07-2010 @ 14:27 
151k.... not really a bench fan.. thought i'd go heavy... mistake.. was going up quite nicely as well until about 4 inches off my chest Roll-Eyes cheers for comments fellas Happy
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)04-07-2010 @ 22:15 
well i saw the shoulder surgeon already... he just wants to have a look before he operates.. yeah i've no doubt deadlifting is off for a while Unhappy but for now it just doesn't seem to hurt much... and i guess i can't make it worse... so...
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)04-07-2010 @ 20:27 
Cheers fellas...

Anyway.... so tomorrow will be two weeks til surgery unless my mri scan shows up some sort of surprise....

so the last week the injury has been feeling better.. and isn't as restrictive as you might think..

can do rows.. light bis/tris and light db overhead pressing....

and front squatting is fine and deadlifts are pretty much as good as normal... shoulder feels a bit tight on lockout when i go heavier...

but anything slightly chest is off the menu as the majority of my pec isn't there anymore...

so thursday...

Front squats/standing leg curls

i'm a atg olympic style squatter for both front and back squats..

front squats

1x135 pb
1x140 pb!! f**king tough though.. came up and it turned into a frontsq/good morning hybrid Grin

pretty pleased though

ham curls.. good.. stack for 7x5....

saturday... deadlifts/ gaybodybuilding upper body circuit..


1x260f would have been pb.. think i would have got it but felt the injury twinge slightly as it got to my knees...


single arm overhead db press


inverted barbell rows


standing rope extensions/preacher curls... can't really remember weights just burnt the guns out!!

so gonna try similar stuff until surgery over the next two weeks...
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)02-07-2010 @ 05:47 
Cheers craig...
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)01-07-2010 @ 22:59 
Ok.. so been lurking here and there and made a few s**tty posts...

started strongman about 2 1/2 months ago.. used to play rugby....

was loving it, and have done two competitions.... 2nd in the first one (narrowly pipped by joni) 4th in the other...

strength has been going up really quick since starting the sport...

then last week thought i'd go heavy on flat bb bench.... pop... seeya later mr pectoral attachment....

bloody rubbish... so surgery on 19th july to re-attach... which will be 3.5 weeks post injury...

so this is my road to recovery and hopefully back stronger than ever.. ( except benching of course)

Anyway plan is to recover super quick, with a s**t load of supplements.. (anti-inflams and other tissue re-building supplements) once decided i'll post what i'm taking and keep it updated....

as for now.. can still train some upper body with high reps.. and can do front squats also for now....

joni had a similar injury and has given me some good info.. and i'll be checking out his log of his recovery in more detail.... anyway i'll post more s**t closer to my surgery....
» Squat alternatives (Go to post)01-07-2010 @ 16:56 
elevate your heels... for both front and back squats... start off with higher reps for your knee joint to get used to them first...
» u/105 'the inbetweeners' (Go to post)31-05-2010 @ 21:41 
No worries joni, and thanks mr small, was quite pleased as i had only started strongman at jt's place 3 weeks ago... very much enjoyed my first comp.. been a bit rubbish telling everyone i didn't actually win...

but yeah can imagine this happens sometimes especially in such a tight comp.. so got to look at the positive, prob gonna give severn valley u105 a go rather than the first-timers event i was gonna do...
» u/105 'the inbetweeners' (Go to post)31-05-2010 @ 21:12 
Well done Joni... screwed over by maths.. (both of us) i still have the whisky though... Grin good luck at Englands ,

regards.. a rather crestfallen John Rudgard

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