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» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)09-09-2010 @ 16:12 
More rear delt/lower trap/scap work/ external rotation.... pretty much every two days

Gave squats with the straps another go today... ok but bar starts to roll back a bit.... still banged out a few sets of 100

1 arm db row 30k did an isometric pause at the top with hand pronated and neutral.. to try and get my rear delts firing again...

30k db shrugs+ farmers walk+ 2 sets db Romanian deadlift...

did some supported arms length chin holds... felt good....

+ some press holds for time as standard...

2 x 30 secs with 2k isometric hold at 30 degree on a cable machine...

feeling pretty god, get the odd sharp pain in the pec here and there but its getting fewer and further between..

SO my second follow up appointment is on 7th oct..... brilliant nearly 11.5 weeks post... when i'll be pretty much back to doing everything (be it light) anyway..... useless... i'll go anyway just to get the all clear.... rubbish
» The Return of The Bull (Go to post)08-09-2010 @ 14:38 
Joni said:thanks guys! Was f**king happy last night but today was thinking, f**k 500lbs, should have gone heavier!
but will at least *try* to stick to my plan i only wrote last night Grin
no no no mate, not even close, at least that how it feels when guys are nailing pbs left right and centre. And because my deadlift is stuck in a mighty rut!

Have you tried cluster training?
» Personal Training Qualifications (Go to post)08-09-2010 @ 10:20 
Did mine with innervate.. cheap and quick, 2 weekends for level 3 same for level 2 + plus s**tty home study stuff....

They spout the usual bulls**t myths, but they all do, you'll get the ticket though
» Tendonitis/Inflammation (Go to post)08-09-2010 @ 10:13 
Fish oils.... with every meal (omega 3) not cod liver oil.... depending on the EPA% 20-40 grams a day
» The Return of The Bull (Go to post)08-09-2010 @ 10:11 
You're all over it at the moment Joni, highest PB per session ratio on sugden currently?
» Craig log (Go to post)06-09-2010 @ 21:33 
nice craig.... good consistency 4 th out of 14... good work
» Day 1 (Go to post)06-09-2010 @ 21:27 
not trained for a year?? do some high reps.. build a bit of muscle first try GVT 10x10 60 secs rest between sets you won't need a lot of by set 6 your shoulders will be fried... its a bit gay bodybuilder..... and not much good for seasoned trainers (for strength)

but its a good start before upping the intensity with something like 5x5...
» Frontin and stuff (Go to post)06-09-2010 @ 21:20 
nice return from the hole... pretty quick descent, way to take advantage of the stretch reflex....!! Happy
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)05-09-2010 @ 17:10 

Back in the gym using half reasonable weights....

Tried last week (light weight) looping straps around a bar and doing squats holding the straps in front.. (like a makeshift SSB)

Started light and built up doing high-ish reps... sometimes feels a bit unstabel on the back but went really well

Squats oly atg style

110x6 bar felt a bit wobbly so stopped short

Stiff leg deads

pec felt fine but i felt really conscious of it..


then did some more rehab movements trying to get range back and shoulder balanced again (especially getting the rear delt working)

then did some 2k isometric flys... went to about 30 degrees and held for about 30 secs.. felt fine... did that a few times

then did some ridiculously light pec deck.. felt ok but again felt super conscious all the time....

anyway pretty pleased with it especially as now i can squat again

» Block pull and overhead PBs (Go to post)04-09-2010 @ 17:50 
Awesome log mate.... Spongebob.. wicked! Grin
» Tore my pec on weds, what do i do now? (Go to post)04-09-2010 @ 17:37 
bignige1986 said:
Complete detachment would mean you could not move your arm atall and the chest would have retracted right in so you would have a massive void, you may have done the muscle belly but its a bad en if the bruising is how you say !!

Well mine was complete detachment... i could still move my arm...sure the chest retracts a bit.. and gets worse over time... Bane said he had a void and the muscle had bunched... his pics and description are identical to mine... plus bleeding would be more in the chest if the belly was torn rather than the arm...
» Bish's big bad journal (Go to post)04-09-2010 @ 17:23 
yeah dude, nice db press and some seriously heavy yoke work, awesome.!
» Tore my pec on weds, what do i do now? (Go to post)04-09-2010 @ 11:50 
i disagree, sounds exactly the same as mine... bruising mainly on arm (pec insertion point) big void in the armpit.... definitely sounds like tendon detachment to me....

and i don't see why they won't operate on that
» The Return of The Bull (Go to post)03-09-2010 @ 21:35 
joni, how did you find out one of your heads hadn't attached?
» Tore my pec on weds, what do i do now? (Go to post)03-09-2010 @ 20:59 
moz said:As a bencher how the f**k do I stop this happening to me? Don't say stop benching!

Speedy recovery Bane Unhappy

Keep your grip narrower, sure wide grip is stronger, but only because the ROM is shorter and you can use more chest muscle.... don't do flat bench all the time....

plus tendons take longer to adapt than muscles, so you might be able to lift more as the muscle gets stronger through training, but the tendon strength doesn't increase at the same rate... so backing off occasionally and doing high reps for a phase is important.. plus structural balance within the shoulder... subscapularis strength, external rotation strength and scapula stabilizer strength will help avoid tightness and injury.

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