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» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)14-11-2010 @ 18:33 
17 weeks post-op tomo

last week...

general rehab stuff..

strict press upped it to 65 x5x5 shoulder felt a bit stiff at first then eased up felt ok... supersetted these with bw chins sets of 5.... felt easy but was very conscious about the pec bein stretched at the bottom

then 27.5 seated db shoulder press 3x 8

deadlifts felt s**t on the back... 200 felt like the moon.. so dropped the weight and did stiff legs setsof 5 at 150....

today did squats/front squats both atg narrow stance...

back squats

5x5 at 135

front squats

3 x 5 at 115

then did seated barbel shoulder press supersetted with bench press

40k on both 15 reps on bench/12 reps on shoulders x 4 sets....

pec feeling good!!
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)07-11-2010 @ 18:05 
16 weeks post-op tomorrow....

so last couple of weeks...

deadlifts been up to 4 sets of 210x3 feeling good...

pressing strength/ shoulder integrity improving steadily

can press 20 k dbs at all angles of bench...

getting some shoulder pain still...

db external rotation on knee 10k x 12 reps...

was on holiday last week but found a half decent gym nearby and managed to keep rehab improving...

today worked out shoulders and arms

strict press 60k 5x5 feeling good

seated db press 26 x 8 x 4

finished off with some bis and tris....
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)25-10-2010 @ 16:08 
14 weeks post op

last week... deadlifts up to 200x3.. weight didn't even feel too heavy which i'm pretty pleased with... don't really seem to have lost too much strength....

pressing rehab also going well.... can now press 10k dbs at angles on a bench without any pain... standing barbell press up to 30k for 10 reps.. no pain....

Squats last week 4 x 10 110k atg narrow stance

TODAYS session:

Squats: 5 sets of 8 @ 120 k atg narrow stance

then farmers

60 x 20m drop and turn then


feeling pretty good... on holiday this wednesday.. the holiday i was gonna go on two days after i blew my pec......

tomorrow pressing/rehab
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)17-10-2010 @ 10:01 
13 weeks post op (tomorrow)

last week been doing more and more pressing...

been doing overhead pressing with log bar + 5 (20k)
can do oly bar but hurts my shouldermore...

sets of 10 on each incline of bench with 8k db's... feeling good

assisted chins and othe rowing/back work


decided to bite the bullet and go haevy-ish on deadlifts..

worked up to 180x4

weight felt fine considering havent deadlifted anything heavy in over three months... and pec felt fine...

then some stiff legs and bent over rows....

finished off with rope pulls to face and tricep rope press downs...


thought i'd get up early and do some heavy-ish farmers..

worked up to 90k.... pec felt fine.. although was quite conscious of it...

then 40k farmers 50 metre relays to the park with another guy from the gym.... then step jumps on the railway bridge... then back again..... he had never done farmers walk before....he was broken... ha ha

more pressing/rehab tomorrow...
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)12-10-2010 @ 13:50 
12 weeks post-op yesterday

todays training: upper body and rehab

circuit of 10 reps on each exercise

inverted ring rows/seated db shoulder press got up to 9k/assisted chin ups/standing log bar press (15k)

pec/shoulder feeling good!! no pain

elbow on knee external rotation.. 7k 10reps x 3

lower trap work and rear deltoid flys....

front straight bar cable raises...

surgeon said everything in the right place and looking good, but to take it easy.......
» The Return of The Bull (Go to post)05-10-2010 @ 20:52 
nice defecits..
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)05-10-2010 @ 20:50 
last week or so noticeably better... not getting anywhere near the same little niggles here and there as i was... see surgeon thursday... but feeling really good at the mo..
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)05-10-2010 @ 15:11 
deficit deads (snatch grip) 130 x10 x 4

strict close grip press 6 x 20 x 3 pain free... good times
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)03-10-2010 @ 17:44 
ok so similar to last week...

nearly 11 weeks post-op


45 k farmers to the park taking it in turns jogging 30-40 metres each
all the way to the bridge..

then step jumps/hops and runs

then 10 sets of 50 metre farmers relay

then the same back to the gym taking in turns


squats controlled descent atg

140x 3

lying ham curls..

stack, sets of 5 toes pointed up concentrically pointed away eccentrically 5 second descent

Ez bar close grip shoulder press/ 4k 1 arm db press (bad arm)

flat very close grip bench sets of 6/ press up on smith machine bar at about 1 metre sets of 6

then db on knee external rotation 4 k x3 x 15 bad arm...

feels very good good today......

see surgeon thursday... see what he says...
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)26-09-2010 @ 10:26 

Am: light farmers round robin to the park with two guys i work with... then stair stuff on a railway bridge.. then farmers back

Pm: squats/light fat grip deads/rehab work

just got back from Am session..

40k farmers (jog) for about 50-60 metres each round robin until we got to the park... had about 5 go's each....

got to the bridge.. two flights of 15 steps

1x running up every step

1x running up every other step

1x jumping every step

1x jumping every other step

1x jumping every 3 steps

1x jumping every 4 steps

1x jumping every 5 steps (found my limit here)

then 1 legged hops every step

then 1 legged hops side on to steps

then 5 times up and down running as fast we could (3-4 steps each stride)

then the same farmers jogging back.... took about 30 mins total... great conditioning session.... legs jellified... loving the stair work...

squats in 4.5 hours!!
» how heavy does your music collection go (Go to post)25-09-2010 @ 21:07 
Post Edited: 25.09.2010 @ 21:08 PM by plonker
Meshuggah- Bleed enjoy

lovely stuff, lamb of god, deftones, slayer, mastodon, will haven, dillinger escape plan.....
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)23-09-2010 @ 15:56 
best session so far today...

ez bar close grip bench sets of 50 reps.....

supersetted with rope pulls... sets of 20...

+ some cable external rotation/ bent over cable raises/standing front cable raises..

starting to notice day by day improvement after a 2 week stagnation... another 2-3 weeks of this and i should be well on the way proper training again...

annoying thing is that shoulder pressing actually hurts the pec a little but benching doesn't Confused

joni.... did you have that or?
» John R's journal of 'seeya later pec' (Go to post)20-09-2010 @ 23:02 
9 Weeks post-op

trained yesterday... best session yet....

Squatted properly for the first time.... pec feels fine.. bit of pain in rotator cuff to begin with... eased off though and today feels fine..

got up to 120x5 felt pretty comfy

then did some fat grip DOH deadlifts... these make the width about 2.5" got up to about 120 for 2 or 3 didn't even noticed the pec

floor pressing with 4 k dbs... felt good...

bent over row (narrow neutral grip) got up to 50k... again felt great

then some rope pulls ... shoulder feeling a lot looser....

and today no soreness in shoulder from the session...
» Bish's big bad journal (Go to post)17-09-2010 @ 20:21 
Watch out for that hombre.... i learned the hard way Roll-Eyes
» Bish's big bad journal (Go to post)09-09-2010 @ 21:52 
you're starting to scare me bish Wink

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