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» Sugden Weekly Snatch Thread ! (Go to post)12-04-2014 @ 11:57 
youngy said:
Looks nice mate! Good stuff.

Cheers buddie! It's coming together a lot more now.
» Sciatica & disc bulge/protusion (Go to post)12-04-2014 @ 11:56 
Yeah practise 'hip hinging' so you are flexing but not through your lumbar
» Sciatica & disc bulge/protusion (Go to post)12-04-2014 @ 02:01 
Post Edited: 12.04.2014 @ 02:17 AM by nitsua19
Its normally flexion coupled with rotation that can really exacerbate a bulge/protrusion. You want to limit the range as much as you can and avoid any painful or risky positions; Any Aggressive or repeated movements applied to the spine durig the early stages could make things worse and delay your recovery.

Try to reduce any inflammation first with ice and NSAID's

As for rehab, bracing to start with and sagittal plane movements then progress to anti rotation exercises. You need to alleviate the cause of the problem.

This should be all you consider really for now, basically helping yourself heal.

I have a really good paper on disc herniation if you want it? Its really long but a very interesting read and a massive appendix of possible exercises.
» Sugden Weekly Snatch Thread ! (Go to post)12-04-2014 @ 01:16 
My double from earlier today

» 94kg Hang Snatch @77kg (Go to post)05-04-2014 @ 12:40 
Been a while since I've posted on here; finally stared making some progress again after a back injury last year. Onwards and upwards!

» Guy training with cerebral palsy (Go to post)28-05-2013 @ 10:07 
Amazing attitude
» check out my post training mixture (Go to post)08-08-2012 @ 11:52 
Post Edited: 08.08.2012 @ 11:54 AM by nitsua19
I love my post workout atm so im gonna post again in this thread even though ive just posted it in another...

spoonfull of creatine, straight into mouth washed down with juice

Protein- 1.5 scoops
ready brek - 1 scoop
dextrose - couple of spoonfulls

mix with almond milk or water, depends if ive been shopping.

Use this shake to wash down some dolly mixtures

tastes great and does everything I need
» quick and easy ways to get more veg into your diet? (Go to post)08-08-2012 @ 11:46 
i like the fine beans you can pick up in supermarkets for about 50p, microwave in 3 mins or steam in 5.

There are always offers on and sometimes if you're lucky the discount section has reallly good value veg.
» PWO Nutrition (Go to post)08-08-2012 @ 10:59 
I went through stages, when i first trained i had pre and post workout shakes. This got expensive. In uni i never really bothered about getting a shake in, always tried to make it a meal.

Recently due to my diet (intermittent fasting) I tend to have a shake after every workout as I workout during my fast/undereating phase.

I have protein, ready brek and a little bit of dextrose. Then a handfull of sweets in the car.

Depends what time I workout as to what I eat later on. After my afternoon workouts I go back to low(ish) carb until 7ish then overeat with a big carby meal.

On evening workout days i'll have been low carb all day and stuff the carbs in post workout.

Overall this works best for me I think
» Weightlifting Quotes that wind you up (Go to post)05-08-2012 @ 12:11 
youngy said:Will be watching the rest on mute. So f**king annoying and repetitive!

» Dairy Free (Go to post)29-06-2012 @ 10:48 
JohnGym said:
To the OP. Try dairy free for a month. See how you look, feel and perform then make an informed decision.

That's what is interesting, I've been following the renegade/warrior/paleo diet since i've come back from uni, for the last week I have steered away from dairy (apart from milk in my tea) and I actually do feel a lot better for it. I have more energy for workouts (although earlier this week because of work i couldnt overfeed as much and suffered a little in the gym)

Overall though it all suits me. I've been going to bed earlier too; allows me to Get up early and fast until about 12. Then I'll have some meat/eggs. Workout around half 1 - 2 and have protein/carbs immidiately after. Then within the hour I overfeed with a massive carby salady meaty meal. After which I graze on nuts etc and have more meat/eggs around 8.

I've cut a lot of fat and feel in the best shape of my life. It would be interesting to see what the heavier guys think because maintaining size and strength would be a lot harder (im only around 65-67 atm)
» anybody into house music?? (Go to post)29-06-2012 @ 10:24 
Recently got decks again and decided to do a few mixes to listen to whilst im working out. I know it won't be everyones cup of tea but if you do like house give them a listen!

It only lets me put 2 hours up at a time so if you do enjoy it give it a download because I update them regularly!
» Dairy Free (Go to post)29-06-2012 @ 10:20 
Anyone tried a dairy free diet??

I was talking to a nutirionist who was saying that milk is bad for you. That we are one of the only species who drink milk past infancy and THE only species who drink the milk of another species.

I've done a little bit of research and there are actually quite a lot of studies out there...
» Are you banned from anywhere? (Go to post)29-06-2012 @ 10:08 
Got banned from a club once for a year when i was 17, for using my mates ID Wink
» St Mary's Strength @ University champs. Woking (Go to post)21-05-2012 @ 20:44 
A good day out and we came first overall... everyone hit PB's


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