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» U90kg southern qual @ Strength-tec (Go to post)12-04-2011 @ 16:30 
some stuff on here has cracked me up. i had an awesome day, and want to say thanks to rob, carl, ash, and the other helpers and well done to everyone else that competed and made it such a close finish.

cant wait to see the video of the log. but its left me with a useless leg and a nice new set of crutches to remind me until its on facebook
» Chase Charity Challenge 2011 (Go to post)01-02-2011 @ 13:21 
yeah sponsor form link is fine
» Chase Charity Challenge 2011 (Go to post)26-01-2011 @ 11:39 
strange1 said:
should be good, im running a navys strongest man in culdrose in march is you fancy it event one will be awesome we are pulling a sea king

sea king sounds good, but im nursing a few injuries currently. navys strongest man.. whats the second event kiss chase? lol.
» Chase Charity Challenge 2011 (Go to post)25-01-2011 @ 21:34 
army vs navy in the intermediates ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
» Chase Charity Challenge 2011 (Go to post)23-01-2011 @ 21:13 
is there anything carl cant do?
» Piriformis syndrome (Go to post)16-01-2011 @ 23:21 
thanks for all the replies lads
» Piriformis syndrome (Go to post)14-01-2011 @ 10:12 
Col_Austin said:
I bet the lads under your command piss themselves when you try to 'identify' with them by talking like that.

identify with the lads? im one of em. but thanks for the positive input col
» Piriformis syndrome (Go to post)13-01-2011 @ 22:13 
thanks bro, stretching will be my new hobby
» Piriformis syndrome (Go to post)13-01-2011 @ 22:06 
im army, i have no tear ducts
» Piriformis syndrome (Go to post)13-01-2011 @ 22:02 
sounds bangin cheers dude. you had it?
» Piriformis syndrome (Go to post)13-01-2011 @ 21:58 
im just stretching the best i can at the minute and laying off what causes me pain. a couple of different physios have suggested dry needling so am going to look into that
» Piriformis syndrome (Go to post)13-01-2011 @ 21:56 
im in the army and the docs have diagnosed it, but they are always slow to act on repair and i need fixing quick.

piriformis syndrome, is when the piriformis muscle compresses against the pciatic nerve causing pain in up underneath the buttocks and down the leg. its stopping me from locking my hips out at the end of a squat, and picking anything up off the floor in front of me.

its caused by heavy weight training and other froms of athletics which i also do. can be made worse by extended periods of no training. and seeing as i have spent over 3 of the last 4 months away with little training im guessing thats causing it.
» Piriformis syndrome (Go to post)13-01-2011 @ 21:44 
i have been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, tried manning the f**k up and it didnt work. has anyone had this before? or got any tricks up their sleeves? i will try anything.
» need help explaining what strongman is (Go to post)13-01-2011 @ 12:08 
true but most of you have herpes too
» need help explaining what strongman is (Go to post)12-01-2011 @ 22:19 
navy cant fight


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