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» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 21:41 
Cheers fella!
» G.F.H. - Vegan Style - The Year of the Deadlift (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 21:36 
Nice benching big man!
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 21:34 
Yeah im looking forward to it. Theres some top guys competing so hopefully I can learn a bit from them.
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 21:21 
Thanks ken! These are the weights as far as I know:

safelift - 100kg
yoke - 300kg, farmers - 120kg for 20m each or combined im not sure.
tyre flip - 440kg x 5 flips
18''deads - max
incline log - 100kg

The events have changed ALOT so this may not be accurate!
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 21:06 
Thanks for the input guys. Im just going to hit the cardio, keep my diet clean and have a small dose of ephedrine/caffeine every morning and hopefully ill be ok.

Found out the events in the comp have changed slightly to:

tyre flip
incline log

I wasnt going to train again until the comp but ive never done incline log in competition or training so I thought id have a little play.

Training PM:

Incline log press (about 55-60 degrees):

70kg x 5
80kg x 4
90kg x 3
100kg x 2
100kg x 5
100kg x 2
100kg x 3
100kg x 5


BW x 2
BW x 4
BW x 8

The log press was pretty easy. Hopefully ill can get a good few reps with it. Although its short notice I think the change in events suits me. 2 pressing events and no farmers for distance is good news. Im just praying for good weather now as im deparate to do the yoke/farmers and tyre flip events.
» Da Shetland Plan (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 16:07 
Im not quite sure yet. I was going to alternate it with squat and deadlift but after making such good gains on the deads im not sure if I want to be deadlifting @ 50% 1rm for 5 weeks while I do it for squat. Ill probably do a few weeks concentrating on squat along with some not too heavy volume on the deads and then do the routine on deadlift again.
» Da Shetland Plan (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 15:55 
Thing said:
so what do you all think? sorry will for stealling your idea

Sounds like a plan neil! Dont apologise I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 11:11 
Post Edited: 07.01.2008 @ 12:55 PM
104.5 first thing, but it goes up to 105.5 when I start eating/drinking. Which I know is not too bad but I usually eat loads and loads of carbs in the days leading up to a comp and im a bit worried that might push the weight up too much. Ideally id like to be a tad under 104 so Ive got a bit of room to gain.
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 11:00 
Thanks Iain!

Training today:


X Trainer x 55mins

I will be U105 by saturday. I will be U105 by saturday. I will be U105 by saturday.
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)06-01-2008 @ 18:01 
lol. thanks fellas!
» Every man loves a giant set!!! (Go to post)05-01-2008 @ 21:53 
Which/where is that comp jonny?
» Every man loves a giant set!!! (Go to post)05-01-2008 @ 21:23 
Yeah I think it did help but I put most of it down to doing alot of high volume (4x6 and 5x5) sessions. When I do alot of reps I find it easier to work on my technique. And I think the gains ive got over that time I mostly down to technique rather than strength.

I think training log on a 'pressing' day rather than an 'events' day has probably helped too. But like you say thats not possible for you and pete.
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)05-01-2008 @ 21:00 
Nice session jonny. Great farmers in particular.
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)05-01-2008 @ 20:57 
Thanks lads! I stumbled on the yoke and took a heavy step and my low back is caning on that side now. Hopefully itll be ok with a nights rest.

joni - Yeah safelift is fun. slightly dangerous though. I usually find thick bar pressing kinder to my wrists than oly bar TBH.
» Every man loves a giant set!!! (Go to post)05-01-2008 @ 20:48 
Joni said:
yeah i agree with milsy, lets agree on nailing Open comps, not necessarily any particular ones eh?

That comp looks solid, quite doable indeed.

and pete, 125kg log by summer is high grade crackpipe stuff Grin

My goal is 120 and even that has a bit of a peruvian cocaine smell to it.

Whats with all the negativity on the log press goals? I went from 100 to 120 in about 6 months (with time off for injuries) and my other press numbers arent much different from yours. I think if you proritise log over your other pressing exercises for the next few months 120-125 is definately achievable.

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