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» Reducing plastic waste (Go to post)19-09-2019 @ 18:43 
Probably won't be long until tinned water.

San Pellegrino are already doing it.
» Reducing plastic waste (Go to post)19-09-2019 @ 18:43 
Get a thermos flask. Metal one. Use this to drink your hot beverage out of.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)17-09-2019 @ 14:58 
PaulSavage said:
I sEeN tHis waS frOm YoU anD dIDn'T BoTHER To ReaD it FIr obvioUS REAsonS bUt did SeE 1600 CaLoRIEs and yeAH your TAlKiNG aBoUt SomEthINg 3 YeaRs AgO when DIeTInG bEfore uK'S.


The Savage is unable to refute this argument, as even The Savage cannot perform the mental gymnastics required to dance his way out of a maze of his own wrongdoing, without fear of being caught in his homespun web of lies at a later date.

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» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)17-09-2019 @ 08:23 
"I'll explain the reality to anyone reading this who thinks Becca is some extreme genetic freak an that's what her results come from. Firstly ive trained with and been around plenty of freaks so I know the difference and what top class genetics are."


"I can sort of understand this thinking with Becca as honestly I thought she was more of a freak when I first met her and she is definitely a freak in the sense that she is freaky tall and big frame wise."

So, you agree, she is a freak in terms of height, mass and size. Especially on - what was it, 1600 calories a day - and she is clearly in the top 1% of size female wise.

"She also doesn't move around like she weighs what she weighs"

So she is not only freakishly big - but also freakishly athletic for her size. That's a freak right there.

"Probably due to her monster calf's."

That's not how it works. but anyway.

"Natural strength though, which obviously is really important here, it's only her calf's that are naturally strong, and that's probably just because they natural hold so much muscle (but loads of people get this)."

Didn't she squat 200kg prior to meeting you? Also top 1% of all females. Freaky, hey?

"The real top genetic freak athletes are born strong, often have muscular or ripped physiques without ever picking up a weight, respond awesome to training, hardly ever get sore, recover really quick etc thats definitely not everyone that she competes against, not at all (but obviously they take gear so that changes things), the genetics are still nowhere near the men's but it comes from hard hard graft and doing the right things consistently over long periods of time, saying genetics is just a cop out."

Schwarzenegger was weak as a kitten when he started lifting. He used his freaky genetics and married it to hard graft. Voila: the Arnie we all know.
The idea that everyone who is a successful strength athlete is Ed Coan, or Andy Bolton, - and put up massive numbers in the first six months of lifting - is simply not true. Most of them graft for it.
Superheavy strength athletes DON'T tend to have muscly/ripped physiques. They're fat, strong and heavy.

I will concur that mentally and emotionally you probably have a positive effect on her.

However, the issue is that because you are so close to her - and have a long and varied history of denying the bleeding obvious (including denying the laws of thermodynamics) - I don';t feel you are able to objectively view any negative effects that your training might have on this freakish athlete.

Mind you, the good thing about freaks, is that they can often out-perform their diet (1,600 calories) and poor/silly training. But even the best can't consistently out train their recovery.

And that is, essentially, linked to their training programming. And the buck stops with whoever does - or does not - do their programming.
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)17-09-2019 @ 07:20
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)17-09-2019 @ 07:15 
Wanted to do car deadlifts.

Warmed up with Farmers Handle pick-ups: everything felt heavy from 35kg onwards.

Got to the car deadlift - and it took three goes to lift it once. FELT AWFUL!!!


Did squats instead.


Paused Cambered Bar Box Squats:

90kg + Light Bands - 2 x 8 sets.

DOH Axle Deadlifts:

165kg - PR. Lord knows where that came from?

Went up so quickly, I tried 175kg: Broke the floor - but nothing after that.

Grin Grin

Axle Rows

Weighted Pull-ups

Weighted Hangs
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)17-09-2019 @ 07:05 
It was quick - but felt like I had done something.
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)15-09-2019 @ 22:18 
Only had 15 minutes to exercise.

Rotator Cuff warm up.

10 x Neutral Grip Incline DB Press s/s 10 x Lat Pulldowns s/s 10 x Banded Facepulls

Added 5kg per DB per set and 10kg for pulldowns. No rest between any sets. Went up to 27.5kg for Presses and 80kg for pulldowns.

Reverse Flye Machine x 12 s/s Tricep Pushdowns x 10: 4 sets of each. Ascending weight.
» Suspend Parliament...Now what ? (Go to post)12-09-2019 @ 23:38 
Post Edited: 12.09.2019 @ 23:39 PM by danbaseley
I for one, as someone who voted remain, have had about enough this whole debacle.

Especially the constant begging for another vote: I like how the reasons for another vote have changed from "You're a stupid racist, who didn't know what they were voting for", to "It's too small a majority", to "It's taken too long". Still want the same thing, just changing tac to find an argument that fits.

Roll on the end of it all.

If we do run out of food, petrol and medicine, it'll be like living in the old days - which many Brexiteers will love - and the constant threat of shortages will allow my fellow Remainers to carry on whinging ad infinitum.

Everyone is happy. Sort of.
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)08-09-2019 @ 10:43 
Post Edited: 10.09.2019 @ 08:48 AM by danbaseley
Warm up

Band and Rotator Cuff stuff.

Seated Axle Pin Press:

Set up the axle so the bottom of it was at collarbone height.

3+ seconds between each rep

35kg x 10
45kg x 5
55kg x 5
65kg x 3
50kg x 15

Incline Neutral Grip DB Press s/s with band facepulls. No rest between sets. 22.5kg x 12 x 3 sets

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns:

30kg x 10
50kg x 10
70kg x 10
90kg x 10

Supersetted with band pull aparts

Vogelpohl Rows: 10 x 3 sets

Seated Cable Row:

20, 40, 60, 80kg x 10

Rope Pressdowns: 10 x 3 sets

Cable forearm curls: 10 x 3 sets

DB Rows up to 60kg x 5

All sets done with an axle, Fat gripz or ropes wherever possible today.

Mmmmm, grippy.
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)07-09-2019 @ 20:54 
That sounds like a badass piece of equipment!!
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)07-09-2019 @ 14:14 
Paused SSB Box Squats: 110kg x 2 x 8 sets

Hammer Strength Base Squat/Deadlift machine:

Did 3 rep sets, adding a plate a side, until there were 6 plates a side. Odd sensation - like a car deadlift, but with the pick up being about 5 inches off the floor.

Leg Press: up to 275kg x 6

Lying Leg Curls: up to a heavy set of 8

Calf Raises up to a heavy set of 8

Weighted Pullups up to 25kg

Paused Back Extensions: 8 x 3 sets

Pullups: 5 x 3 sets
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)03-09-2019 @ 22:56 
Neutral Grip Incline DB Bench:

5kg x 10
10kg x 8
15kg x 8
20kg x 5
25kg x 5
30kg x 8

Did banded facepulls between all sets

Incline Press Ups on those rotating handle things:

8, 10, 10

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns:

Worked up to 90kg x 7, which has hard on this machine

Cable Flyes, bottom to top position:

10 x 3 sets

Weighted Pullups up to BW + 20kg

Reverse Flyes on machine:

10 x 3 sets

Cable Rows up to a heavy set of 6
» The Epic of Gilgamesh (Go to post)03-09-2019 @ 22:50 
Good hanging.

And a very explosive log press.
» Zercher midget's lazy hunt for glory (Go to post)02-09-2019 @ 17:52

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