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» Better than Nigella? (Go to post)25-10-2010 @ 23:23 
Post Edited: 25.10.2010 @ 23:23 PM by Mr_Ben
Pompy said:
fair play... while we're throwing other ladies in.... how about this? not bad for 65 lol

Sorry but that was going too far and is into deviant old granny teritory. I highly doubt she would be any good in the cooking department either and would definately have her hips shattered from 700lbs of thrust from a horny powerlifter. First bird was hot as hell though and I would settle for a mouthful of fanny juice if she doesnt like the kitchen.
» UFC: LESNAR vs VELASQUEZ - WOW!!! (Go to post)25-10-2010 @ 23:10 
Post Edited: 25.10.2010 @ 23:14 PM by Mr_Ben
Stew said:
The fight was stopped in under a round due to the cuts, long before he had chance to sustain more than superficial damage.
In boxing with the gloves on that damage would have taken much longer to inflict and many more concusive headshots would have had to have been taken in the process, Dont get me wrong I love boxing aswell but with mma the damage fighters take is the damage you see, in boxing its the damage you dont see that's the problem.

This is very true, the constant pounding of the head in boxing is what can cause long term brain damage in some cases. Not knocking boxing just agreeing that MMA doesnt inflict long term damage on the whole except to the ears in many cases Happy Fights can be grueling in MMA and I certainly dont revel in seeing people hurt but these guys are true wariors and command absolute respect for what they choose to do, the guys are tough and then some. Not surprised that Velasquez won as he has been so dangerous from day one, Brocks a tough dude though and I am sure he will continue to fight on regardless.
» Sperm counts (Go to post)24-10-2010 @ 17:10 
d_singh said:apparently that's the path the people in power want us to go by being infertile and reduce population

Government had better start promoting the use of PEDs in that case. I hope my sperms have died off - two kids and completely skint - no need for sperm what so ever.
» 140kg bench challenge - whats yours? (Go to post)19-10-2010 @ 01:59 
Was just wondering what exactly is leg drive, does it mean arching the back or is it some other technique ?
» Todays training, worth a watch for the soundtrack! (Go to post)19-10-2010 @ 01:49 
Very good workout liked the way you locked out the 300kg deadlift without a hitch and the 150kg BTN jerk was very impressive. Your training is very consistant which is commendable and shows you have a strong mind and self discipline areas I am allways trying to improve in.
» 560kg squat... WTF (Go to post)16-10-2010 @ 03:40 
Squat seemed pretty deap quite surprised realy. How tall is this guy ? The camera angle seems to make him look short but he probably isnt. Guy looks very wide so maybe that is doing it.
» another 'bodybuilder' hooked on 'steroids'... (Go to post)15-10-2010 @ 16:12 
BigMacca said:
Yeah - he had some nerve damage to the left side of his body, stopped the muscle contracting properly apparently

Anyone know how this was caused ? Hope he didnt stick a needle in the wrong place and I am being serious when I say that.
» Snail rescue (Go to post)15-10-2010 @ 02:36 
Nice to hear about the snail rescue and I wish shelled moluscs no ill. I allways put spiders out of the window but usualy kill wasps and flies that make loud buzzing sounds. Small moths also have to die as I have an infestation that may be coming from a cupboard in the kitchen that hasnt been cleaned out for many years. I put a light inside my PC and have a clear window in the side, I was very upset to see a moth flying around inside it and hate slugs that invade my kitchen at night. Slugs especialy big ones are aweful and resemble living turds.
» Non-bodybuilders getting physique compliments (Go to post)15-10-2010 @ 02:28 
Just wanted to add my own experience here and say I havent received a compliment for about five years. I hate to imagine the mess I would turn into if I didnt train anymore it would certainly be worse than I am now. I recon everyone that lifts weights has a secret bodybuilder hiding inside though some even have two or three Happy
» another 'bodybuilder' hooked on 'steroids'... (Go to post)15-10-2010 @ 02:05 
Post Edited: 15.10.2010 @ 02:11 AM by Mr_Ben
Bloody hell not another murder by an ex nightclub doorman on steroids this is getting embarasing. I have to work as a doorman myself and try to live my life as a decent human being. Doormen have never had the best reputation but all these cases are not good for the image of the job. The sun takes the piss anyway "17st Monster" isnt that the weight of the average male these days.
» Hom gym requirements (Go to post)11-10-2010 @ 18:44

Cheap new plates on ebay ideal for that home gym.
» deadlift going nowhere (Go to post)11-10-2010 @ 14:19 
Speed is the key imo, move it fast and move it often, providing the weight is heavy enough so the rep is hard but not impossibe, if velocity is there you'll get that weight and more!

I think you are definately correct here, I need to work on speed as my lifting has been sloth like rather than explosive of late - its all going to change !
» deadlift going nowhere (Go to post)11-10-2010 @ 02:14 
5 reps is a good target to stick to, my deadlift has gone to pot due to having no structure in my training. I am going to watch my form now and stick to sets of five reps instead of trying to pull wild singles when I feel like it. Going to get some chalk and stop messing about with straps which has been a recent bad habit.
» Bolton vs Benni - 9th October! (Go to post)11-10-2010 @ 02:04 
Post Edited: 11.10.2010 @ 02:22 AM by Mr_Ben
Dont tell me Benny dont curl, how else does he get thouse crazy gorilla arms?

He probably does curl - with a full olympic bar I hope Happy Hopefully we might see a new world record in the deadlift soon from Andy or Benni but something tells me going over 457.5kg is never going to be easy even for these guys. Things get a bit confusing when guys are lifting using different equipment, wouldn't call Benni's deadlift raw as he had a belt on. Did Andy lift with a double ply shirt on ? I have little knowledge of bench shirts but does Andy lift with a similar shirt to these guys in America benching 1000lb ?
» Borrow something is not ilegal ! (Go to post)08-10-2010 @ 19:23 
the thread has gone nasty,

Some Gina Carano! i wish she'd pull guard on me..

Wish I could borrow her - DIRTY !


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