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» Belly Buster (Go to post)23-01-2023 @ 16:17 
Strength doesn’t look too bad Ed👍
What is the barrel/wheelie bin? Freezing water? You crazy kids!
» Belly Buster (Go to post)03-01-2023 @ 19:51 
Happy New Year Ed! Just checking in to make sure you are still training.
Did a massive 90 kilo squat the other day after doing 74 for 20. Be inspired!What a monster!
» Belly Buster (Go to post)10-06-2022 @ 18:21 
Thought of you last weekend Ed-I bench pressed for the first time in years!
I was on a wobbly old bench and had to roll the bar onto me to get started with my daughter spotting, but it felt like coming home😁
I enjoyed it so much, I did some deadlifts as well
» Belly Buster (Go to post)07-05-2022 @ 14:40 
Post Edited: 07.05.2022 @ 15:07 PM by nico
Double post
» Belly Buster (Go to post)07-05-2022 @ 14:40 
Post Edited: 07.05.2022 @ 15:05 PM by nico
EDCLARKE said:ha ha excellent , how are you mate?

Old, weak and broken, but not too bad really. Same as always, training around the stuff that hurts. Looks like you are still plugging away though, so good work!
I have been trying to do something like throw some kettlebells around a couple of times a week and do a bit of fencing which us fun too.
» Belly Buster (Go to post)05-05-2022 @ 11:52 
Post Edited: 05.05.2022 @ 11:52 AM by nico
Right, that is the last time I am ever going on a bike ride with Neil!
» belly or face dilemma of a 40 something (Go to post)06-05-2017 @ 14:05 
Ed, have you been on the same bike ride as Neil?
» belly or face dilemma of a 40 something (Go to post)12-11-2016 @ 12:59 
What's up Ed? I haven't been back in a while but thought I would pop in and see how broken you were!

Looks like you are doing some similar stuff to me-good, solid 'old man' trainingHappy

I have started doing a Krav Maga class with the wife this year and that has been fun. Apart from that, I have been doing a bit of bodyweight stuff (dips, chins and press ups mainly.) I am going to collect my squat bar from a friend's where it has been sitting for about two yearsUnhappy so that should be fun too!

I feel like I should start running and get boar fit, but it is no fun struggling along like an asthmatic chasing a bus for 10 minutes until I just give up!
» belly or face dilemma of a 40 something (Go to post)01-02-2016 @ 09:45 
Hi mate nice to hear from you , hope alls well! I am a yoga convert and the muay thai is just f**king ace fun.
what are you up to ? still training?

Not bad, mate. Same s**t as you probably (kids, wife, job, old age,..)

Still plugging away with training although over the last coupe of years i seemed to have been injured most of the time. I'm finally starting to actually do some stretching/rolling which seems to be helping.
To show you just what a beast i am, I pulled a massive 140 the other day followed up with a 90kg bench! What a monster!

Never tried Muay thai, but I would love to do yoga. My kids actually do it (two of them have back problems so it helps with that). Classes are so expensive though!

If I manage to stay healthy for a few more months i will probably put a journal up. The last couple of times, i fell apart pretty much as soon as I started so i will try to at least have some chance of following through before clogging up the internet any more with rubbish lifting performances!
» belly or face dilemma of a 40 something (Go to post)23-01-2016 @ 20:12 
thought I posted this the other day but apparently Alzheimer has got the better of me! anyway, i check in for my five yearly progress update on your journal and what do I see? Muay Thai and Yoga?!

It's a strange world we live in when that happens Ed.
» Crossfit / weightlifting (Go to post)14-08-2013 @ 19:23 
Post Edited: 14.08.2013 @ 19:23 PM by nico
herman said:
f**king lol, went and watched that vid and saw the spastic comments. Dave Morgan is a beast, he should grow his moustache back.

If I remember, there was some kindly soul who said that his clean technique wasn't old it could/should have been. Grin Right, I'm off to give Andy Bolton a few deadlift pointers because I'm sure he'd love to hear it from me!
» Eggy pumps (Go to post)23-07-2013 @ 15:09 
Ed, if you update even less often than me, something is seriously wrongGrin
» Targets (Go to post)23-07-2013 @ 15:06 
Post Edited: 23.07.2013 @ 15:07 PM by nico
A quick update:
I'm still working steadily on 5/3/1. Nothing earth shattering, but I'm discovering what I found the first time I did a bit of 5/3/1, namely that it is a solid way of organising training for me.

The last week or so was the singles week and I did this (on different days and with a bit of other stuff as well):

Military: 43/7
deads: 112/12
bench: 95/3
squat: 95/4

Certainly not big numbers (even for meGrin ), but things are ticking over nicely. I'll do a "competition" on my own with three attempts on everything at some point towards the end of the year and film it, provided that:

I don't break anything in the next 6 months
my numbers get beyond the 12 year old girl area
I buy some more plates so that I can really test my dead

Realistically, I am probably no better than 130/115/160 currently and even that might be pushing it a bit, but a good few months might see me back to something a bit better.

If memory serves, the best I've done is 165/130/190 (the squat might have been a bit more but the bench was a long way from paused as video proof somewhere a few pages back on this thread or my other journal will undoubtedly showHappy ). Somewhere near there would be a good start by Christmas!
» Targets (Go to post)15-07-2013 @ 10:58 
Keep forgetting to update, but things are progressing ok. I'm still using a 5/3/1 template for everything and progress is slow and steady, which is definitely a good thingHappy

I'll put up anything interesting as and when.
» Targets (Go to post)03-07-2013 @ 16:02 


Db bench


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