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» Baldy Smolov (Go to post)24-02-2013 @ 12:56 
90.7kg! Almost not fat on BMI.

Last session before 3 week hols.
Warm up
Snatch pulls off Block: 3x 50, 55, 57, 60, 62, 65, 67, 70, 75, 80 // heavier ones felt better than lighter ones
Rows: 3x15 50kg
Pistol squats arse to bench: 3x5 per leg // brutal
» Calling all Navy sugdenites (Go to post)23-02-2013 @ 11:36 
bryce said:
He set up a rival website and tried to poach sponsers Tongue

Did he succeed? Pompy was solid guy to train with despite his political leanings Wink
» Baldy Smolov (Go to post)22-02-2013 @ 21:41 
Warm up
Power clean and jerk: 50, 60, 65,70,75,80,85, 90 pressed, 90 failed clean // mehhh hoped for better
Incline DB Bench: 3x8 // beach next week.
few attempts at a pistol squat
» Testocompasutium coenzyme (Go to post)21-02-2013 @ 22:51 
If you drop the test and just search for compasutium coenzyme loads of stuff comes up. From my quick look and having no medical knowledge looks like its just a fancy vitamin injection?

Coenzyme compositum contains: Vitamin C D6; Vitamin B1 D6, Vitamin B2 D6, Vitamin B6 D6, Nicotins Kureamid D6; Acidum cis-aconiticum D8, Acidum citricum D8, Acidum fumaricum D8, Acidum a-ketoglutaricum D8, Acidum DL-malicum D8, Acidum succinicum D8, Baryum oxalsuccinicum D10, Natrium oxalaceticum D6, Natrium pyruvicum D8, Cystein D6, Pulsatilla D6, Hepar sulphuris D10, Sulfur D10, ATP (Adenosintriphosphat) D10, Nicotinamid-adenin-dinucleotid D8, Manganum phosphoricum D6, Magnesium oroticum D6, Cerium oxalicum D8, Coenzym A D8, a-Liponskure D6, Beta vulgaris rubra D4.
Vitamins and other active substances activate the tricarbonic acid cycle resulting in activation of enzyme systems. This in its turn stimulates metabolic precesses. Microelements of Coenzyme compositum take part in regulation of enzyme's activity.
» Baldy Smolov (Go to post)21-02-2013 @ 09:51 
Power Snatch: 20kg, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg,55kg, 60kg, 62.5kg, 65kg, Fx67.5kg, 1x67.5kg
Plank: 60 seconds with 15, 25, 40kg // pretty chuffed with 40kg plank.
Pullups: 6,5,5,5,5
» Olympian shoots woman dead? (Go to post)20-02-2013 @ 16:59 
About the alleged banned substances found at the crime scene, the defence team has explained that the drug in question was in fact a testosterone-based permitted herbal medicine called 'testo compositum co-enzyme'.

Anyone heard of this stuff?
» The SMALL Workout log. (Go to post)19-02-2013 @ 19:33 
You got a whole internet full of people waiting to coach you, then you moan about not having a coach and don't video anything.
» The SMALL Workout log. (Go to post)16-02-2013 @ 14:32 
Lets see the video.
» Olympian shoots woman dead? (Go to post)15-02-2013 @ 15:05 
Dan said:Just heard on the radio that he is denying shooting her.
So someone else was there ???

I think his plea was not guilty to premeditated murder.
» Whats the worst thing you have forced yourself to eat? (Go to post)15-02-2013 @ 14:54 
Nattō and durian
» Olympian shoots woman dead? (Go to post)15-02-2013 @ 14:21 
Harry said:The guy has to be thick as dog s**t to do that in South Africa.

A white guy in prison?

Lt Dan he is not, I suggest a rear entry plug.

Racist and homophobic in the same sentence, well done. I think the guy clearly is "thick" but more because he shot someone 4 times and killed them.
I doubt at the time he was thinking about the impact his race would have on his prison life and to be honest I doubt it will have any impact on his prison life.

The fact he is famous however will almost certainly mean he is protect to some extent from the over crowded South African prisons.

Sorry for being defensive but being South African feel I need to stick up for the place.
» Pea Protein (Go to post)12-02-2013 @ 16:32 
JackRevans said:
how do i deal with the excessive "pulping"?

Could be anything, might even be the coffee?
Is your body used to fiber?
Does pea protein even have fiber in it?

Basically I have no idea and never suffered any pulping effects myself.
» Pea Protein (Go to post)12-02-2013 @ 14:20 
no need to make such a fuss about it. Wink

If you mix it with red grape juice normally enough to make it drinkable. Not pleasant but drinkable.

My own horrible shake routine is to neck it, then eat an olive. It instantly takes the taste away.
» Baldy Smolov (Go to post)07-02-2013 @ 09:52 
youngy said:
You might benefit from actively trying to think about stomping your heels down and snapping your arms locked at the same time.

Very good cue, I will use it next time I snatch.

Wednesday; session 2; week 2; cycle 2
Warm up
OH Squats: 5xbw, 2x5 20kg
P Clean and Jerk: 3x60kg, 2x70kg, 2x75kg, 1x80kg, 1 (slight press),1 85kg // jerk feeling ok, going up 2kg a session, leading now with right foot to save left knee. Still managed to bang my knee with a poorly executed clean, going to leave a bruise.
Pullups: 5,5,4,4,4 // left wrist sore, sub optimal
Plank: 90 seconds +5kg, 60 seconds +10kg, 60 seconds 20kg // for the beach
» Baldy Smolov (Go to post)05-02-2013 @ 14:38 
MrSmall said:Did you just get aids between your weighin and the video? Surely you can't be more than 70kg in that vid!!!!

Lack of tan takes off about 20kg, not all of us have been gifted with a glowing turkish complexion. 74kg snatch at 70kg bodyweight would be awesome though, maybe the only shot at bodyweight snatch I will get?

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