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» MattD's Journal (Go to post)06-05-2013 @ 17:07 
MattD90 said:

vid is not working on mobile dude!
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)02-05-2013 @ 09:12 
i love the fact this vid mostly involves me mincing around in the back ground.
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)30-04-2013 @ 19:32 
All good dude, in your singles take a fraction longer on the set up to get tight before you decend, ( allthough they where all piss easy). i wish i could dead 130 using straps!!!
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)29-04-2013 @ 20:41 
How was the teckers on the squat?
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 19:02 
Training with me this week? thinking of just doing a compound sesh on wednesday if you are up for it?
» Opinion Piece Equipped Powerlifting and What is 'Real' Strength (Go to post)27-04-2013 @ 22:24 
Post Edited: 27.04.2013 @ 22:26 PM by Power_nash
to be honest mate im a bit of a fanny for using knee wraps for heavy squats. lol (worn wraps ever since my knee op ) and yes single ply bud.
» Opinion Piece Equipped Powerlifting and What is 'Real' Strength (Go to post)27-04-2013 @ 22:15 
Thats some decent off topic pics dude ! r.e the topic, some raw lifters seem to get really irate about equiped lifters numbers. personally ( in competition) i believe that eq and non eq are diiferent sports, though they share many aspects of training. When i started 5 years ago, the only route to international and high level national competition for the gbpf was equiped.
Allthough i do most of my training raw i feel that to get to the classic worlds would be to much like starting from scratch. some of my best comp experiencies are lifting against Mike jones ( un-eq) where the focus of the comp is intensity and going bollock out, not the numbers, ironicaly i thought that his 220 raw bench was more impressive than my 300 eq.
For the last 30 years guys have been wearing suits, wraps and ped's etc to make their lifts bigger. I think that each lifter has the choice of how they want to lift and should be free to pursue their preference.
I dont think any reasonable lift shoud be dissmissed out of hand, just judged in relation to the rules under which it is performed.
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)17-04-2013 @ 21:26 
Where the psq fast?
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)16-04-2013 @ 20:06 
Some very special people at your gym matt, both at home and bristol! looking forward to coming back to empire? whens your next comp?
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)14-04-2013 @ 16:29 
bench feeling strong?
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)12-04-2013 @ 21:49 
But my mate dave squatted 400 for 10 ! raw ! lol
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)12-04-2013 @ 21:48 
i get at least 10 kg out of my boxers. lol cant beat them 26 inch deads for a show of true strength! on a serious note where the pulls from the floor really fast?
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)08-04-2013 @ 15:28 
A few days off wont hurt now, just make sure you are fully recovered before you go back to training.
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)07-04-2013 @ 18:40 
s**t! literally
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)06-04-2013 @ 01:40 
It will all get a lot easier when the mid week pulls stop.


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