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» Monday night hang snatch and clean,front squat + jerk. (Go to post)14-11-2012 @ 00:28 
Very strong lads
» Lance Karabel/Ursus squats . (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 20:40 
I would like to get in on that ! looks awesome. think top set was 320.
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 20:26 
MattD90 said:8/10/12

bar x lots
40 x few
60 x a few
80 x 2
90 x 1

95 x 3
100 x 3
100 x 3
102.5 x 3
95 x 3
95 x 3
75 x 11 close grip

Bench is moving no doubt now

Bulls**t straight arm lat pulldown things 5x10
My bicep has been hurting last few days, i've been icing and ibuprofen. I hope it will go away but using my biceps at all seems to make it hurt the next day. It will go. Such a bulls**t exercise, separated from my one true love, weighted pull ups Unhappy

Seated DB pressing 3x5, 1x18
Skullcrushers 3x8

Really coming on there bud, i still would not do multiple same weight sets on warm ups. put a progression instead say 90,95,97.5,100 save the multiple set for work maximum work weight only.
» Belted Squatting vs Beltless Squatting (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 00:05 
for me its honestly more a confidence issue, any thing up to 170 i dont use belt,over i do. I personally think they are good at reducing the chance of hernia's when lifting very heavy.
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)06-11-2012 @ 00:00 
MattD90 said:
bodyweight ratios always favour the lighter lifter though.. 3xBW clean and jerks in the olympics, will a 130kg lifter ever CnJ 390 LOL ? f**k no
160kg is 160kg . imo that's a tonne of weight over anyone let alone someone that's never really trained it !

9 weeks now mate, and i find my self remembering the old mariusz video and thinking 200 kg behind the kneck push press looks good.
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)05-11-2012 @ 23:41 
MattD90 said:
so SO gay. i lifted like a phaggot. I might even say f**k it and hammer strict press for a while just to strict press bodyweight and highlight just how ridiculous this is

lol, i can only just push press my body weight! there is a lot of technique (that i have not got).
» Drug's Failure at the GBPF British Classic Championship 2012 (Go to post)05-11-2012 @ 12:40 
force10 said:
You would know that with the big numbers your caperble of lifting then????

lol you are really quite sad to think that a bench of less than 1.9x bodyweight is impossible with out gear, and at the British i passed my test.
» Drug's Failure at the GBPF British Classic Championship 2012 (Go to post)05-11-2012 @ 11:30 
Bryn said that a number of anabolic agents where found, fu*k me, thats an extreme pre work out shake! i thought they contained banned stimulants?
» COIMBRA (Go to post)04-11-2012 @ 00:12 
just awesome, a beast raw and equipped!
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)01-11-2012 @ 23:52 
It will not be a problem as you get stronger, that squat sesh was spot on, work sets of full squats. followed by sets that target your weakness and some good partial pulls to work on hip drive through lock out.
Oly shoes are down to personal preference, but they should not be used to hide a minor weakness that will be improved with time. I use Olympic shoes for snatch and C+J and front squat, and flat for back squat and dead. but as I said its all personal preference.
» SPOTO full bench meet (Go to post)31-10-2012 @ 20:56 
would be fun to see in person, these guys are proper units!
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)18-10-2012 @ 00:14 
I have never liked lifting my self out even with 60! lol
» steel city gym, middlesbrough (Go to post)16-10-2012 @ 23:10 
Steel city is good for body building but the bars are bent and alot of the weights are in pounds. Ellwoods is good with good bars and plates but when i went there (3 years ago it had no squat rack).
» IPF`s Anibal Coimbra (LUX)(105kg) (Go to post)16-10-2012 @ 12:15 
In person he is pretty big for a 105, by all intensive purposes he was a little buggered/knackard at the classic with only a 5 week prep time.
» Squat Progression - from powerlifting style squat to real squat (Go to post)08-10-2012 @ 20:57 
I personally like squatting with elbows pushed forward under the bar, in that position your chest will automaticly be expanded and you will stay more upright, in that position G/H activation is far more easy in the hole.


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