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» 230kg paused bench and 70kg dumbells for 15 reps on incline (Go to post)16-07-2014 @ 22:06 
Sorry bro I meant post op not pre. Keep the crazy strength vids coming
» 230kg paused bench and 70kg dumbells for 15 reps on incline (Go to post)16-07-2014 @ 19:52 
Wow, to think we were chatting a few weeks ago and you were literally pre surgery, lost loads of weight and a bit down mate. I told you you'd be flying in no time mate. Awsome pressing.
» HGH for weight loss?? (Go to post)25-03-2014 @ 22:28 
AdamT said:Carb cycling and cardio cardio cardio and weights. You DO NOT need steroids to get in shape. I'm sure it helps but diet is more important

agree with this completely, diet is key. all though he asked about hgh not steroids.
» scaphoid fracture (Go to post)25-03-2014 @ 20:49 
i fractured my scaphoid when i was 18 playing basketball , went hospital had a cast put on up to wrist and around thumb. was still able to use hand but this was a bad thing as i used it way to much. cast was 4 weeks and when i had it taken off i went straight back to playing ball, big mistake, it aches when cold, hurts when cleaning and doing farmers etc

get it seen to and rest properly mate, plenty of comps to come in future buddie
» Why do bodybuilders get mad when? (Go to post)25-03-2014 @ 20:38 
Billytheold said:I wonder if a male pitbull and a Warlock Doberman see each other in the park and they are not on the chain think each other think they are thinking about each others body type? Are there gay animals also who bench press? I'm happy that I just like lifting heavy objects! Life's so complicated! Good thread!

great response, like it.

what a s**t thread. the words strongman bodybuilder, cage fighter and so over used and incorrectly used. in my eyes your only a bodybuilder if you compete. i am a bodybuilder and know plenty of them and never have i heard them call people who do crossfit gay, and we can all bench wellover 100k
» Giants Live Melbourne 2014 (Go to post)06-03-2014 @ 16:29 
hope big rob does well and stays injury free

unless the american is shaw then thor for a comfortable win
» Bixbys Training Journal (Go to post)04-03-2014 @ 17:50 
hixxy1985 said:
hey big man, long time no speak.
My cuff doesnt bother me on the log, it does a little on axle but not really on a log.
i dont miss being a 105 athlete pal. I am enjoying training more than ever and the challenge of catching the top guys is what drives me.
Would love to press next to eddie. Were good friends but i think it wouldalso make good tv! only problem is its duck walk farmers before the log and i dont see me and him placing together.......

your catching the top guys and at this rate you will be one of them.

as you know edds a good mate of mine but sadly if duck walk and farmers are first and the order goes on the previous event then you 2 definately wont be paired together.

keep the vids coming buddie
» Bixbys Training Journal (Go to post)03-03-2014 @ 18:36 
bloody hell mate what can you do when your shoulders not bad?

a seriously impressive display of pressing and cleans for that matter.

is wasnt that long ago i was still doing strongman and we were all down felixs yard training and i thought hixxys strong for 105kg guy.

unbelievable progress mate, cant wait to see you at the brits hopefully fully fit.

im hoping you and edd get drawn out to press together, be some battle
» Bolton is back (Go to post)03-03-2014 @ 18:26 
terryhollands said:
Me neither unless 420 for reps haha

ha ha you got me there!
» Bolton is back (Go to post)03-03-2014 @ 16:07 
i would never bet against felix in deadlift for reps. absolute iron back
» Benni strongman training (Go to post)03-03-2014 @ 16:02 
Celtsarecool said:lightyears away from the elite guys though

this exactly, fairplay to the guy but could you imagine that yoke run with big tel next to him leaving him for dust or hixxy knocking out one motions for fun on the 140 log
» Eddie Hall 195kg Strict Log (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 11:57 
fantastic idea. brand new jt log for the occassion. get a few of the countrys other big presses. would pay to see that for sure.
» Does anyone ever consider (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 11:40 
i have been lucky enough to compete in bodybuilding and strongman and am not satisfied either way.

strongman was awsome, loved being strong, eating everything and the comps and the fellow competitors, but let my physique slide a little to be heavy and hated it.

im bodybuilding again competing in september and if i may say so im very jacked, the scene isnt as fun and friendly though. im a rep machine but strength is well down and the eating plan is dull.

so to sum up each has its pluses and minuses, ideally we all want to be big jacked and strong but when having to choose 1 id choose jacked as i am a bodybuilder at heart.
» Midlands u105 2014 (Go to post)06-01-2014 @ 08:22 
ursus said:
thanks Gray mate glad you like it . If your free that day it would be great to have you there as some eye candy for the ladies ..........April should be tight vest weather by then mate can even bring your Hoover and safety goggles Wink x

Ha ha your to kind. If im not away then i will come down budie
» world's strongest man (Go to post)31-12-2013 @ 12:39 
heartbreaking to see mr jenkins so ill and far from his best knowing what we now know. did well to get through though.

gutted for edd, so close, had good fortune and bad but just missed out, he doesnt need any 1 to tell him that events like yoke need more work. decent job on fingals fingers though.

i dont think misha could have any more bad luck if he tried, soldiered on though.

great debut by lloyd, competed with him a few times and a real gent, good luck next year buddie

what an awsome couple of weeks of strongman on tv, bring on tonight!

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