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» Little_a..., Titan_Fury, a coincidence!? (Go to post)01-04-2009 @ 11:52 
It was rather blatant to me that 'Titan_Fury' was Andy from the initial offset.

Only Andy would be churlish enough to impersonate a bench press shirt. He clearly has too much spare time on his hands. Maybe if he stopped pratting about, he would be able to jerk as much as me.
» a little interested in training (Go to post)01-04-2009 @ 11:47 
Anyone could out bench Rob - I've seen kittens bench more than him.

However, Rob, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude in allowing me to purchase your business, and for taking the time to dig me up from six foot under the ground in a well hidden copse outside Leeds.
» The Road to Nowhere (Go to post)01-04-2009 @ 11:43 
Cuddles said:
Im just on the South East London/Kent border mate.

Fantastic - I have to pop down there for work every few weeks; I hope it would be OK for me to crash over?
» Sunday Training @ Olympic Strongman (Go to post)01-04-2009 @ 11:42 
Olly, I still haven't forgotten about that time you hid my shoes. You better watch out - I used to work for M15 you know.
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)01-04-2009 @ 11:41 
Will, I have watched some of your deadlift videos on YouTube. Your form is absolutely horrendous - it's like watching a geriatric on Viagra.

Try and keep your back straight, without doing this silly 'leg squat bend' cheat.

The only person you are fooling is your self.
» The Return of Fuzzhead (Go to post)01-04-2009 @ 11:27 
Good luck with the training Hayden.

I'm not sure if our paths ever crossed, but I was also missing-presumed-dead.

Hope to see you soon - I've started a job in Bolton so I'm hoping to get down to the Dungeon. I've always had a calling for strongman - it's just a pity there are so many arrogant people in it, ... with names like 'Trapman' ... HOW arrogant can one person be??
» Events and date for englands strongest man 105 (Go to post)01-04-2009 @ 11:24 
Personally I think those events are absolutely fine.

Anyone who thinks it's a wind up is insufferably arrogant.
» Tokar's Training Log (Go to post)03-01-2008 @ 23:28 

First session after 11 days off (apart from some KBs on Xmas Day), most of which was spent wasting away with various illnesses. But actually it turned out to be a really good session -

60x6, 80x6, 100x6, 120x6, 140x6, 150x6

Bench Press
60x6, 80x6, 90x3, 100x3x5

SLDL off block
60x10, 90x10x3

COC 1.5 - 5 holds for 5 secs, each hand
Sit-up +10x 8, +15x7
Plank +10 x 1min
Side Plank +10 x 40 secs each side

Thought I'd be a bit more systematic with the grip work and start recording it. The reason I'm doing it is to keep my grip strong (or strengthen it) while I'm doing Olympic pulls with straps rather than heavy deadlifts.

Squats were great considering the lay-off; SLDLs felt very light. Things are looking good. Was going through the calendar earlier deciding on the shape of my training over the next few months, and thought I might actually do the NW Unequipped and the Lancs and Cheshire.
» Worlds strongest man super series (Go to post)03-01-2008 @ 23:19 
Rick said:
It seems to me that when you get to the point where events are a race to shave a half-second here and there - as the squats were tonight, and the deadlifts were yesterday - that this is not ideal for a strongman comp. I'd rather see both bigger weights so more competitors don't get them all, and going for reps with the top weight rather than time to the top weight as the main decider.

Of course I'd rather see a rising bar for max weight, too, but I understand that that's probably not as good for TV.

Got to agree with you there Rick. Personally I like the barrel squat / deadlift events because I think they represent a good compromise between reps with a single weight and rising bar to max weight. But I totally agree that they are just not heavy enough now (same goes for the stones these days). I actually think on those events where it's a question of 0.5 seconds here or there, the vagaries of loading the barrels is enough to make the competition unfair.

On the commentary front it was funny to hear Nick Halling say that Jason Bergmann was losing his balance on the log press, only for Colin Bryce to explain gently to him that he was doing split jerks.
» The Assassin (Go to post)03-01-2008 @ 23:10 
Boar said:
like regular rows but you wear a cape

Good stuff. Tongue
» Goals of 2008 Thread (Go to post)03-01-2008 @ 23:09 
BigKen said:
Heres mine:

-Qualify for Scotlands Strongest Man; therefore become the youngest to ever to this.
-5 reps at 250kg squat RAW
-At least a 220/ 230kg front squat RAW
-300kg+ Deadlift RAW
-140kg Log
-400kg Yoke 20m no drops
-Load at least a 180 stone to 56"
-140kg Axel/ 140kg clean and press
-150kg Farmers 20m no drops

You want to front squat your max back squat by the end of the year? 140kg log with a bench PB of 120?? I think I'm with Joni on this - though of course I would love to see these happen! Tongue
» Mendelson 701lbs raw bench (Go to post)03-01-2008 @ 23:07 
philnosko said:
I have to agree with Sivvy that a lot of these huge benches have some fault with them be it the lockout or the pause. However, Mendelson made such light work of it that Im positive he could have done it paused anyway.

I expect so. One of the frustrating things about the US clown feds is that there are some amazing lifters in them, performing their lifts to unenforced rules with lazy judging and ridiculous equipment. I for one would love to see Brian Siders and Ryan Kennelly, for instance, going head to head in IPF competition.
» Is anyone ever actually jealous of another lifter? (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 21:16 
Rob said:
Tokar, I reckon you're really jealous of Andy Bolton.

That joke's been done!
» Is anyone ever actually jealous of another lifter? (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 21:09 
Post Edited: 02.01.2008 @ 21:10 PM
Rick said:
tokar said:
Fatpete said:
I thought one could only be jealous (a negative emotion) of things that belonged to you. You are envious (a positive emotion) of things that belong to others. So I cannot be jealous of Big Jim's 390 squat, for example, as it is his and not mine, but I can be envious of it insomuch as I want one too. But me wanting it in no way deprives him of it. As long as I achieve what I want to achieve it is no concern of mine what others do. Except maybe for inspirational purposes. There are too few of us for any negativity to be allowed.

So I guess "NO" would be my answer

I understand jealousy as wanting something and being resentful of others having (or appearing to have) it, whether you have it or not. So you can jealously guard your own girlfriend, but you can also be jealous of others' achievements. The point is the resentment.

I understand envy as simply wanting something others have. Some people see this as negative. I see it as fairly neutral in itself. You might see it as positive if it's a motivational aid.

Pete is exactly right: if you say "I am jealous of my wife", it means that you fear that other people are envious of you because she's yours. If you say "I am envious of my wife", it means she has something that you want. Envy is a deadly sin, jealousy is not. This distinction was so well understood forty years ago that Fowler's doesn't even mention it, but has been almost completely lost now (even to public-school-and-Oxford linguists Happy).

Leaving the linguistics aside, I happen to think everything else Pete has said here is pretty much right too.

OK, let's not get too far into prescriptive v descriptive linguistics in a thread that wasn't designed for it, but I will just say that what Fowler said (or Lindley or Johnson or any other individual) a word meant is not necessarily what a word means (i.e. how it is used by a linguistic community) now. The fact that there is clearly disagreement (read vagueness) shows that there is no cut and dried definition.

In other words - if the distinction has been lost then, well, it isn't there anymore.
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 21:02 
Olly said:
Hey I wasnt knocking it! I think its a great idea. You have to wear lycra though.

I took the first step on the road to recovery......

I joined a gym.

Where are you living at the moment mate?

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