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» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)10-02-2020 @ 11:26 
Boar said:he came 10th in the 500m with 1:20.8

and tenth in the 2000m with 6:21 !!!

Also, as the worlds were in France, I think he took the french off !!

Some of the records at different age groups are humbling.
» BSM 2020 (Go to post)20-01-2020 @ 09:59 
Tell you what, Tom S holds 172 KG well, I think he can push 190 without compromising his mobility.
» BSM 2020 (Go to post)16-01-2020 @ 11:12 
Small margins and small mistakes.

3 or 4 could win this year, I think there will be more than 1 guy kicking themselves come Sun night on the mistake they made rather than the rep they missed.

Tom last yr missing his balance point in the frame pickup possibly cost him the overall.

Shaw would have had another world Strongest title if he hadn't taken his eye off the sandbag before it fell off.
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)14-08-2019 @ 09:37 
Martin1956 said:
Hi John, sorry to take so long to answer. I started doing bench in my late 20s, primarily because with my injury I could do little else. Over the years I worked up to a 140 bench in the week of my 40th birthday, but it was always as a gym rat who had no idea about strength training. Shortly after that I stopped lifting. I started up my own gym and it was too much of a busman's holiday. By 2002 I was totally out of shape and decided to start again, got myself a coach, and worked back to 140 over the next year. By 2008 I was doing 165 raw and 200 equipped in competition. As recently as 2013 I was doing 170 raw in the gym, and in 2014 I opened 190 and just missed 203 at the Scottish. It's been a downward spiral since then, because the trapped nerve hit shortly afterwards. Believe it or not it's a golf injury!
I was 52 wen I got my comp pbs, and 58 when I got my gym pb, so I reckon there's plenty of scope for improvement for yourself. The trick is not to seek constant improvement, just put in the work with no great expectations and every so often your experience a wee jump in performance. The trick is putting in the work year in, year out. If you can hit a peak and then improve by 5 kilos a year on bench, that's 25 kilos over the next five years, which would be a good number. It's all about how much you want it...

Well done on the comp Martin, it inspires me to try and compete again next yr.

Interesting points above, you say you hit your comp PB's at 52 as im sitting in the middle of that just now.
By the time I was 21 I could hit a 140 bench, albeit a gym touch and go, but from that day till this ive never failed it on trying, but I feel I now def need to be consistent with both my training and eating to keep beating gravity with 3 blues on the bar. and my base numbers on Sq and DL.
In terms of diet I def agree, and people that say creatine doesn't work, id like to know how they take it or if that are keeping hydrated while taking it, as its pretty useless on a water deficit.
when im forcing the protein down my neck and taking creatine, and using 140 as a, well benchmark, I can pretty much add 70% to my reps at that weight, and with say 100 kg I can add on average about 30% reps within a mth, this is something measurable and repeatable as ive tracked it consistently many dozens of times since probably the early nineties or when creatine first hit the shelves over here, and an early creatine fart could have downed an elephant.

Keep inspiring maybe see you on the platform next year.
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)22-07-2019 @ 11:29 
Somewhere in time Christopher Reeves movie?

Watched this as a kid probably not long after it was released,
Seen a lot of movies in my life, this one has stuck in my mind all these years later.
Maybe I was always been a sentimental fool.
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)11-07-2019 @ 09:59 
Fatpete said:
I have every hope to do just that. Age is a terrible thing but it is denied to many so we should appreciate it. The young cannot comprehend what a difference it makes, but they will find out one day.
When young you can tell your body what to do, when old it starts to tell you. The wisdom lies in accepting the fact that argument is futile, so you listen, listen to every word and act accordingly.

Wise words Pete, and in my experience most people through lifestyle choice,work commitments, family etc, will give up long before they hit this fork in the road. And will forever bask in the their glory years, without ever knowing the frustration that lay just over the hill.

I can now count in one hand the amount of people who regularly and actively lift from the hundreds who have came and went and who at some point or another were a big part of a small moment of time of my life.
For me the train will keep a rollin, just a little slower year on year.
» Benni and his 528kg deadlift prediction. (Go to post)09-05-2019 @ 11:20 
The_Lone_Wolf said:Here is the link to the video...


I think this interview was Benny playing the windup game.

But in the spirit of the game.

And to steal a line from top gun.
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)26-02-2019 @ 12:07 
Martin1956 said:Made my day watching these videos again. What memories...

Does Steve still lift ? that's quite the bench for a then 46 yr old, think the current GBPF M1 -120KG classic record is sitting at 210kg full comp and 222.5 B/O
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)25-02-2019 @ 16:27 
Came across this today and thought you might enjoy.
Page 16, 3 vids, Never met any of you chaps but after many years on Sugden, Addlington barbell never seemed far away from the hearts of many long time members,,-13th...

Hell of a squat by the way.
» Muscle massage guns (Go to post)13-02-2019 @ 09:32 
I made one last year from a WORX cordless jigsaw, 150 well spent,
As Dan mentioned theres a few companies manufacturing attachments you can now retrofit.
» Events for Europe's (Go to post)11-02-2019 @ 09:22 
that's a low pickup for a 400 farmers walk.
» DOH Deadlift Question (Go to post)22-01-2019 @ 09:21 
Well, this thread took a change of direction.....
» Britains Strongest Man (Go to post)20-01-2019 @ 12:36 
BigMacca said:
The floor was carpeted and he picked the frame up with the front tilting down (a common technique as it kind of pulls you forward).
However, it was really tilted and it snagged into the carpet, dug in and stopped him dead.
Then then seemed to struggle with getting strapped back onto the frame and only appeared to manage it with a few seconds to go.
Interestingly, the exact same thing happened to Luke, but he managed to recover relativity quickly.
Had the flooring been smooth, he would have been fine.

As they say Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
Not sure how Tom is in terms of Speed on the frame, but upper middle of the field would have made things intersting.

Hopefully he walks away a slightly wiser athlete, I believe as it stands, the elite of world stromgman now belongs in the land of the Giants, and Tom with a bit more size without requiring to compromise on athletic ability can be in the mix.

Great job to Hix and Bish, Been on this site long enough to watch both of their rises through the ranks.

Hard work does reap rewards.
» Britains Strongest Man (Go to post)20-01-2019 @ 10:18 
What was the deal with the Stoltman frame carry, wrong hand placement on pickup?
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)16-01-2019 @ 21:15 
Martin1956 said:Today's Training.

Dreadful. The wheels may be coming off. Not a full session because I'd trained yesterday. I just wanted to try on the bigger bench shirt.

Cut a long story short, I managed a touch with 60 and couldn't unrack 140 because the trapped nerve has come back with a vengeance.

I might have to pull out of the competition, but I still have ten days. Off for a walk and a good think...

Hi Martin

It takes a certain type of stubborness to continue competing as a master, there are more bad days than good but we soldier on.
Is the nerve issue in shoulder, if so you think it's the localised compression of the shirt causing inflammation of tissue around nerve.?

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