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» Joe Bullock (Go to post)23-08-2023 @ 09:17 
Very sad news and far too early.

He was a great lifter. I remember enjoying watching his battles with Ian Shaw at the first few competitions I saw. He was always very helpful at Adlington.

RIP Joe.
» Embedding YouTube videos?? (Go to post)17-11-2018 @ 09:07 
Working ok here? Where are you having problems and what device are you using?

» Embedding YouTube videos?? (Go to post)08-11-2018 @ 21:19 
YouTube videos are working again now.
» Sugden BB 12yo (Go to post)27-08-2018 @ 17:35 
Time flies! Happy birthday.
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» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)12-12-2017 @ 10:51 
Congratulations on the 1000 page milestone, Pete.

I must have been reading your log for over a decade now (stretching back to MT), and its always been one of my favourites, a large part of which is due to your candour.

Particular memory? Possibly the Fit Pete saga, though I don't wish to dwell on that one!
» New member approval (Go to post)29-09-2017 @ 04:32 
Hello all.

To answer some of the questions raised;

- The site is regularly backed up and the server is actively managed.

- Validations are processed manually by myself every so often. I'm aware this isn't an ideal method but it was a quick fix introduced a few years ago when we were having issues with serial spammers/trolls.

- A rebuild of the site (with an improved validation system) was started last year but unfortunately put on hold due to other commitments. No estimate yet on when I will be able to resume this.

- All new registrations that hadn't received their validation email (of which there were only a handful) have now been sent them.
» Purple Aki BBC Article (Go to post)12-09-2016 @ 12:39
» A Decade Of Bullshit (Go to post)26-08-2016 @ 17:51 
Happy birthday, Sugden!

10 years! Where have they gone?

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site over the years. Its been a lot of fun, and while personally I'm not in the lifting game anymore, it's great to see so many old faces still are.
» 10 bet with Joni (Go to post)26-08-2016 @ 17:42 
little_a said:Did money change hands or was there a begrudged donation to a charity?

Thanks for pulling this one out of the grave! I certainly lost this bet, whether I ever paid Joni I honestly can't remember. Embarassed

Hayden still owes me a Nandos for one bet he lost.
» Verboten! (Go to post)02-04-2016 @ 17:17 
» Competition: Tell us about your favourite lift, win Protein Dynamix goodies (Go to post)25-11-2015 @ 20:20 
And the winners are....

1st Prize: Tub of Dynamo Pre-Workout, Box of Dynabars, Shaker & T-Shirt
Fatpete - 322.5kg British M2 Squat Record

2nd: Box of Dynabars & T-Shirt
little_a - 182.5kg Clean and Jerk PB

3rd: Box of Dynabars & T-Shirt
Robbo91 - Atlas Stone and Beating Depression

It was a tough decision and there were plenty of other entries that nearly made the list, but we felt these lifts, and the stories behind them, were really inspirational. Fatpete and little_a's lifts were both the culmination of decades of hard graft, whilst Robbo's story showed how lifting can have a really positive impact when things are tough.

Thanks to everyone for entering - and a big thank you to Jon and the team at Protein Dynamix for being good enough to supply the prizes and for being brave enough to sponsor a contest that was a little bit different and didn't just involve harvesting email addresses.

These guys have only been around for just over a year but they're really making a name for themselves, with Eddie Hall one of their main athletes - please do think about giving them a try. Their website is

If the prize-winners could please PM me your address and t-shirt size, Protein Dynamix will get your prizes in the post.
» Competition: Tell us about your favourite lift, win Protein Dynamix goodies (Go to post)24-11-2015 @ 21:47 
Thanks all who entered. Will be confirming the winners in the next few days, stay tuned! Cool

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