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simons quest to become a strong strongman man.

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simon_knowlesIconsimons quest to become a strong strongman man.11-08-2012 @ 22:00 
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SQ 300, BP 170, DL 335
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Post Edited: 11.08.2012 @ 22:03 PM by simon_knowles
this is my third attempt at starting a training log (due to the computer deleting stuff for some unknown reason)

my names simon, im 23 and live near mansfield, in nottinghamshire. i work shifts, so my trainings a bit all over the place, but it generally means i can get a good hour or two in most days.

hopefully this log will help me keep an ongoing record of my training, and to ensure i have some clear and public aims to push for.

current stats are -

height 6ft6in
weight 134KG

squat 200KG
bench 130KG
log 111KG
deadlift 230KG
OHP axle 110KG

IMO these are fairly average numbers for a guy as big as i am, and with properly applied training (which, again hopefully this log will make me stick to) i should be able to push these numbers up fairly significantly by new year.

so here it goes with the aims. been thinking a lot about these. i dont want to set them too low, and be defeatest about it, and in the same vein, i dont wanna be posting numbers ill never achieve.

so by jan 1st 2013 im looking for.....

height 6ft6in (not much i can really do about that)
weight 130KGish (less body fat though)

squat 250KG
bench 150KG (not really a strongman lift, but im gonna get stronger anyway)
log 141KG
deadlift 270KG
OHP axle 135KG

ive done a few novice comps, and i think pushing myself to these numbers will be able to put on a decent showing next year as i move into opens.

i usually train at body and soul gym in mansfield, where i have my JT log and axle, but on the weeks that i cant get to the cauldren i try to get to the warehouse, which is where ill have my first logged session on monday.

ill try not to go on as much then either lol.
fongIcon...11-08-2012 @ 23:03 
really really interesting
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Nice goals, I'll race ya! Will be keeping an eye on your journal mate, best of luck.
simon_knowlesIcon...13-08-2012 @ 21:31 
Member 2785, 205 posts
SQ 300, BP 170, DL 335
805.0 kgs @ 168kgs UnEq

First logged session.

Forgot to mention in my intro, I work a roughly push / pull / legs split, with events thrown in as and when.

Today was a hybrid of push and events.

Started with a seated log warm up into a 1RM

40kg x 10
50kg x 10
60kg x 7
75kg x 4
75kg x 3

Felt alright. I like the fact that with seated it's all press, so you can push more strict without having to clean it first.

Next up there was FTOH log warmed up a few with just the empty log (70kgish) then worked singles up

110kg x 1

I wasn't thrilled with that, but after the first set I wasn't too miffed.

Went for some rack pressing after that, on a normal oly bar started including this in most of my pressing days and I'm feeling the benefit. I use which ever grip feels best at the time, so it was conventional today.

50kg x 15
70kg x 8

The two above sets were strict. Felt ok, but I know there's a lot more in there, I'm still finding my feet with the excercise.

Finished with rack push press

80kg x 3
102.5kg x 3
112.5kg x 1
122.5 x f

Very happy with the pushes. I recon the 122.5kg was very close, one for next time I think.
(the weird weights are to do with the fact that I have some kind of bulls**t mental block on multiples of 100, weird, I know)

Anyway, just for a finisher Fong and I moved onto stones. This was actually my first time using tacky. I've loaded a 120 stone to 54 inches before without, so i wondered how I'd get on.

110kg x 1
120kg x 1
135kg x 1

They all went up really nice and easy, and if I'd have gone for it I recon the 150 would have gone up alright.

All in all a good session. Cheers Fong and Andrew spencer for a decent afternoon training.

Next session is Wednesday, and that's gonna be legs. I love squatting when I actually do it, but I hate the thought of it, so if I put it midweek, I can't "run out of time" to do them.
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