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lifting and drinking?

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milsyIconlifting and drinking?08-10-2011 @ 11:10 
Ne n coner a fuickex .ay ouse part we .be
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just a few questions do alot of you guys drink and how much does it effect your training?

how often do you guys go out? does this effect your training much

just trying to find a balance in life so i look to sugden for advise as always
shanejerIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:17 
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shanejerIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:17 
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IMO for bodybuilding purposes there's alot of science to show that it does effect muscle growth etc due to the way it effects hormones but for strength I think the only thing it could do is make you feel like death and miss training sessions .. Saying that I've had some great sessions and PBS hungover!

You have to have a social life a good balance is best!
terryhollandsIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:17 
9x WSM finalist!
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I drink every once in a while! maybe 10 times a year! If I take 2 days off after a good session my training isn't really effected. Although I sometimes like to punish myself and go train even if i drank the night before. It makes me not wanna do it again for a while
shanejerIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:19 
Member 1307, 14148 posts
SQ 340, BP 210, DL 350
900.0 kgs @ 99kgs UnEq
Thinking about it i did my best log 130x2 and pulled 300 suited onNa Sunday after a night out !
DomRedshawIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:20 
Uk limbo dancing champion
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i drink on a weekend but usually its only 2 or 3 pints at the pub. i only go clubbing n get wasted about 3 times a year, xmas/new year, birthday and on holiday. thats pretty much it as iv never been a massive fan of drinking, it doesnt effect my training but does effect my diet, i cant really eat with a hangover so i lose about half a stone from vomit n lack of food. 2 days of eating right n its back to normal tho. i wouldnt worry about it tbh m8. i no alot of lifters that piss it up every weekend sometimes fri sat sun, n take all sorts of substances.
vausieIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:24 
in real life im massive like big fridge
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i drink nearly every day and have pulled most pbs hungover but have also had some real s**t sessions hungover
RicoIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:35 
Sugdens very own David Dimbleby
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I try and go out once a week, during the week. Thursdays are popular for at the moment cos i dont have uni on a friday. Usually have a few beers on a wednesday too, but thats literally only 4-5 bottles.
milsyIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:39 
Ne n coner a fuickex .ay ouse part we .be
Member 1425, 4647 posts
SQ 340, BP 227.5, DL 335
902.5 kgs @ 125kgs UnEq
f**k! i think i need to sort my life out Unhappy
drewIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:46 
I thought Joplin choked on a sandwich?
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I tend to binge to complete excess. Spend 2/3 days hungover not eating. Get lots of anxiety. Feel silly. Decide not to do it again. Last about 2 days then think it's a great idea and repeat

Not the best system
RodgerIcon...08-10-2011 @ 11:56 
salad dodger *missing*
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Post Edited: 08.10.2011 @ 12:00 PM by Rodger
Dont go out much now, mrs had been out of work for 2 and a bit months until the other week so were both living on my wage, we've a baby on the way and trying to buy stuff and redecorate house, so money an issue anyway.

However over the last couple of weeks Ive started buying a few bottles of beer to have at home, something I never really did before - must be a sign of getting old!

Plus I suffer like f**k with hangovers especially if I have PINTS and PINTS of lager lol
paul_richardsIcon...08-10-2011 @ 12:10 
I personally prefer the stiffest possible.
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I swear the extra cals from a few beers helps with strength, although i get fat quick from drinking. Drinking heavily effects training badly.
chaosIcon...08-10-2011 @ 12:13 
An amazing human being
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Booze rules! As others have said some if my best PBS have been on a Monday after a super Sunday session. Although I feel proper s**t on a Tuesday!
LuuuuuukeyIcon...08-10-2011 @ 12:24 
Hill sprints are fun!
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I hardly drink anymore. Feel a lot better in general for it. I'm sure this will help my lifting. I'm not a believer in this hangovers=PBs philosophy.
FAT_SAMIcon...08-10-2011 @ 12:33 
more like 'FAT TROLL'
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I don't drink. Haven't since I started getting obsessed with lifting! Not drinking is easy for me because I work Fri and Sat night!


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