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AdamTIcon...18-06-2021 @ 00:12 
AKA the great reset
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RDubz said:
If people ain't getting it now after 18 months there's no hope for them.

billynomatesIcon...18-06-2021 @ 09:23 
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AdamT said:
Already setting up another late autumn/winter lockdown
They wheeled whitty out to spread the early scares and this will condition the majority to another full lockdown, rinse and repeat! Let out a little good news and then put out fear. Forever dangling the Carrott.
This is easier to predict than a rocky film

Assuming you're right, why are governments doing this? Some sort of V for Vendetta population control mechanism?
dannyboy73Icon...18-06-2021 @ 14:41 
Mask it or Casket !!
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Who knows?

But with the current 1+1=3 we can guess somethings off, very off.

i dont buy into the planned aspect but I do think the government (moreover, scientists mainly psychologists) have taken advantage of covid.

Lets face it, before covid no one wanted restrictions to save the planet.
To implement enviromental lockdowns, stop people flying (the poor, yes thats you the bottom dwelling 80%ers) ban meat and replace with insects and maggots, reduce living space...all these measures will take draconian, united and centralised world leadership.

This is why we are being softened up...and if you cant see how news blackouts and censorship accross media, a single narrative excluding all other scientific advice, forced vaccine (becoming that way isnt it? even though young healthy people are at no greater risk than flu) mask wearing without evidence except in a clinical setting and people turning on the non-belivers is softening up then there is little hope.

as to the enviromental thing it real or a means toi keep the working class under cosh? Who knows? lets face it, we have had it to good since the 2nd world war.

billynomates said:
Assuming you're right, why are governments doing this? Some sort of V for Vendetta population control mechanism?

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