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blood vessels rupture in eye

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MadcowdreyIconblood vessels rupture in eye25-05-2010 @ 20:03 
SUGDEN SUCKS! Which is why i am here...
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i keep having this problem when heavy squatting. at my last comp i actually passed out at home after something popped behind my eye... squatted on monday and the white of my eye is red which happens but i also had a pain in my eye and still have it today?????? any help??
ThingIcon...25-05-2010 @ 20:06 
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Get to the doc mate
kingham22Icon...25-05-2010 @ 20:09 
my face was on fire
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Thing said:Get to the doc mate


had blood vessels in the eye and face go before. but no popping sounds or pain
TobyCutlerIcon...25-05-2010 @ 20:11 
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It just means your hardcore Simon lol

But best get it checked out by a doc!
KerridgeIcon...25-05-2010 @ 20:45 
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Could be high blood pressure caused by holding breath under pressure. I burst a blood vessel in my nose last year on a max bench, blood everywhere. The doc took my blood pressure and it was a bit high. Advised me stop training! Idiot. Some get it in the eyelids, others under the eyes.Unless it happens all the time I think its one of the things you have to put up with.
MadcowdreyIcon...25-05-2010 @ 20:56 
SUGDEN SUCKS! Which is why i am here...
Member 370, 1520 posts
SQ 285, BP 185, DL 302.5
772.5 kgs @ 94kgs Eq
my blood pressure is fine but when squating it must go up as i go a nice shade of beetroot red
staplegun16Icon...25-05-2010 @ 21:02 
Even his dad lifts more
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I get it, but never as serious as you are describing, i am normally just left with burst blood vessels in the face and neck and occasionally in the eye which goes after 2-3 days, but never the whole eye. Normally just a bit, i was worried about my eyes so i went to see the doctor who suggested it to be similar to the Valsalva maneuver, in which you purposely cause your blood pressure to go high for a short while,but a more extreme pressure increase.


but from what you are describing... especially the passing out, you should go see a doctor.
MadcowdreyIcon...25-05-2010 @ 21:13 
SUGDEN SUCKS! Which is why i am here...
Member 370, 1520 posts
SQ 285, BP 185, DL 302.5
772.5 kgs @ 94kgs Eq
i passed out after my last comp but the doctor said it was from the strain of the whole day.. she looked at my eye and said i had ruptured it at the back... from squating monday i have ruptured one at the front of my left eye. it happens a lot but this time my eye hurt and still does
luke00Icon...25-05-2010 @ 22:33 
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I have done this. Your BP will be above normal because of certain things Grin . When you squat I am sure you will hold your breath, this increases the pressure even more, temporarily. The vessels in the eye are very fine and are the first to go. The pain will just be irritation. But if it does not go after a couple of days see the Dr.
Are you holding your breath during the whole set ? If so stop, after each rep breathe out and then inhale again and hold. Valsalva maneuver or some s**t.
Wayne_CowdreyIcon...26-05-2010 @ 03:45 
'very impressive' ............ 7 years ago.
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When I first started squatting I used knee wraps all the time and always used to burst blood vessels around my eyes. I switched to raw squatting and it stopped. Haven't had a problem since. Strange but true.
itsyourroundIcon...26-05-2010 @ 11:30 
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I get this after heavy squats, normally tiny red dots all round my eye socket and sometimes on my cheeks, sometimes my eye gets red as well, normally goes away in a day or two and wasn't painful. Would be best get to a doc though if it's painful and get it checked out mate.

P.s i also get this after speaking to huey on the big white telephone after too many vodkas the night before Unhappy
CuddlesIcon...26-05-2010 @ 12:08 
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I get it around my eyes after a ball busting set of pulls. Not really anywhere else although I used to get nose bleeds every now and again.
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