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Who's going to win WSM 2015?

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MJGIcon...18-04-2015 @ 16:31 
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billynomates said:Why's that Donnie, does he have Z, Shaw and Burke in his group?

He has Burke, Belsak and Szcemanski (SP?) All are very good at moving events. I think Hall will make it but it is not a given.
billynomatesIcon...18-04-2015 @ 17:13 
Member 4923, 1795 posts
Post Edited: 18.04.2015 @ 17:14 PM by billynomates
Do you know what events are in that group MJG?
MJGIcon...18-04-2015 @ 17:59 
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Post Edited: 18.04.2015 @ 18:00 PM by MJG

On here,

I think it will come down to the truck pull and Kettle ball throw. Ed is lucky he has the Barbell and not the Dumbbell.
dannyboy73Icon...18-04-2015 @ 20:15 
Mask it or Casket !!
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End of

MJG said:
Hall will make it
billynomatesIcon...18-04-2015 @ 20:17 
Member 4923, 1795 posts
Thanks, well Ed will prob take the deadlift. The circus barbell sounds like the same setup that was in the WSM final in 2013. Burke did really well at that so despite Ed's overhead power Mike might take that one. I don't know too much about the other guys in that group but I'm sure Ed's the second-favourite to qualify after Burke??
LukeIcon...18-04-2015 @ 20:38 
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MJG said:Big Shame for Arsjo. Anyone know who the reserve is? /quote]

Luke Stoltman and Lysenko (arnolds amatuer champ)
donnieIcon...18-04-2015 @ 23:00 
Wee Donnie
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insulina mutant baby Shaw has some easy group as usual
LessThanLukeIcon...18-04-2015 @ 23:58 
his poor male ego must be crushed
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donnie said:
moving events and double points on stones
belsak and burke are favourites in this group for me

With the events I'd favour Caruso above Hall as well tbh.
MJGIcon...19-04-2015 @ 00:39 
Member 5560, 769 posts
donnie said:insulina mutant baby Shaw has some easy group as usual

Group 1 is one of the hardest groups....

Its the only group with 3 finalists from the past 2 years

And he hardly has a history of easy groups

2013 he had Hollands who was 3rd in the final before injury and Wildouer
2012 he had Arsjo, Wildouer and Koklyaev
2011 he had Thor, Felix, Caron and Best
2010 he had Petursson who finished 4th in the final and Felix
2009 he had Big z who won, Felix, Petursson and Wildouer

I agree in 2014 he had an easy group. But before that Shaw has been in a group containing another athlete who made, or who would of made the top 6 in the final if not for injury, 4 times out of 5. The one time he didn't he was in a group with three other past and future finalists.
SouthernBrotherIcon...19-04-2015 @ 01:10 
lazy boy
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Am I right in thinking events start in 20 mins??
MJGIcon...19-04-2015 @ 01:21 
Member 5560, 769 posts
SouthernBrother said:Am I right in thinking events start in 20 mins??

0830 in Malaysia so still pretty early.
SouthernBrotherIcon...19-04-2015 @ 02:02 
lazy boy
Member 1746, 814 posts
MJG said:
0830 in Malaysia so still pretty early.

Ah I thought they were 8hrs ahead.

I saw somewhere 1st event starts at 9:30.
Craig_PfistererIcon...19-04-2015 @ 05:09 
Sugdens 'man' at WSM 2021
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Don't have much but top 3 in group 2 on loading race was Bjornsson, Thigpen and Hicks.

Savickas won group 3 loading race.

Nothing confirmed yet.
deleted2_20210523Icon...19-04-2015 @ 05:52 
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SouthernBrotherIcon...19-04-2015 @ 05:58 
lazy boy
Member 1746, 814 posts
Hicks has put a pic up of bandaged foot saying he dropped a tyre on it.

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